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Faction Man: Bill Shorten's Pursuit of Power

by David Marr

"In Faction Man, David Marr traces the career of a Labor warrior. In dazzling style, he shows how this brilliant recruiter and formidable campaigner mastered first the unions and then the party in pursuit of an ambition he set himself in ...

ISBN: 9781863958196

Binding: Paperback


Fall of the Turkish Model

by Cihan Tugal

Just a few short years ago, the 'Turkish Model' was being hailed across the world. The New York Times gushed that prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his Justice and Development Party (AKP) had 'effectively integrated Islam, democracy, and ...

ISBN: 9781784783327

Binding: Paperback


False Choices: The Faux Feminism of Hillary Rodham Clinton

by Liza Featherstone

Hillary Clinton presents her campaign for the presidency and her long career in public life as a triumph of feminism. But an all-star lineup of American feminists here says, "It's not that simple." In a history of proposals and policies on ...

ISBN: 9781784784614

Binding: Paperback


Family: Where Fundamentalism, Power and Politics Meet The

by Sharlet Jeff

A journalist's penetrating and controversial look at the untold story of Christian fundamentalism's most elite organisation- a self-described 'invisible' global network dedicated to a religion of power for the powerful. They are 'the Family' - ...

ISBN: 9780702236945

Binding: Paperback


Farewell Kabul: From Afghanistan to a More Dangerous World

by Christina Lamb

A gripping expose of the Allied Forces occupation of Afghanistan Twenty-seven years ago, Christina Lamb left Britain to become a journalist in Pakistan. She crossed the Hindu Kush into Afghanistan with mujaheddin fighting the Russians and fell ...

ISBN: 9780007256938

Binding: Paperback


Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas

by Hunter S Thompson

Stylish reissue of a classic first published in the 1970s: Hunter S Thompson's ether-fuelled, savage journey to the heart of the American Dream. ‘We were somewhere around Barstow on the edge of the desert when the drugs began to take ...

ISBN: 9780007204496

Binding: Paperback


Fear of Abandonment: Australia in the world since 1942

by Allan Gyngell

In Fear of Abandonment, expert and insider Allan Gyngell tells the story of how Australia has shaped the world and been shaped by it since it established an independent foreign policy during the dangerous days of 1942. Gyngell argues that the ...

ISBN: 9781863959186

Binding: Paperback


Feminism and Nationalism in the Third Wo

by Kumari Jayawardena

No Marketing Blurb ...

ISBN: 9781784784294

Binding: Paperback


Fight for Liberty and Freedom

The Origins of Australian Aboriginal Activism

by John Maynard

Here John Maynard explores the first successful all-Aboriginal activist group, the Australian Aboriginal Progressive Association (AAPA) in the early 20th century. Their demands centred on Aboriginal rights to land, citizenship, preventing ...

ISBN: 9780855755508

Binding: Paperback


Fighting Chance A

by Elizabeth Warren

ISBN: 9781925106701

Binding: Paperback


Five Ideas to Fight For: How Our Liberty is Under Threat and Why it Matters

by Anthony Lester

Human Rights - Equality - Freedom of Expression - Privacy - The Rule of Law.These five ideas are vitally important to the way of life we enjoy today.The battle to establish them in law was long and difficult, and Lord Anthony Lester was at the ...

ISBN: 9781780747613

Binding: Hardback


Food 2E

by Jennifer Clapp

We all need food to survive, and forty percent of the world s population relies on agriculture for their livelihood. Yet control over food is concentrated in relatively few hands. Turmoil in the world food economy over the past decade - ...

ISBN: 9781509500802

Binding: Paperback


For the Muslims

by Edwy Plenel

There is aproblem with Islam in France,' a respected member of the prestigious Academie Fran aise recently proclaimed, regretting that this concern for civilization' should be abandoned to the Front National'. In response to the intellectual ...

ISBN: 9781784784867

Binding: Paperback


Foucault - the Birth of Power

by Elden

ISBN: 9781509507269

Binding: Paperback


Foucault's Last Decade

by Stuart Elden

On 26 August 1974, Michel Foucault completed work on Discipline and Punish, and on that very same day began writing the first volume of The History of Sexuality. A little under ten years later, on 25 June 1984, shortly after the second and third

ISBN: 9780745683911

Binding: Hardback


Foucault's Last Decade

by Elden

ISBN: 9780745683928

Binding: Paperback


Four Classic Quarterly Essays on Australian Politics: What's Left? Clive Hamilton, Groundswell - Amanda Lohrey, Rleaxed & Comfortable - Judith Brett, Breach of Trust - Raimond Gaita

by Hamilton Clive & Lohrey Amanda

A perfect election-year book- four groundbreaking Quarterly Essays on the people and ideas at the centre of Australian politics.In What's Left?, Clive Hamilton challenges the Labor Party to find a new way of talking to affluent Australia. In ...

ISBN: 9781863954075

Binding: Paperback


Four Futures: Life After Capitalism

by Peter Frase

'It is easier to imagine the end of the world,' the theorist Fredric Jameson has remarked, 'than to imagine the end of capitalism.' Jacobin editor Peter Frase argues that technological advancements and environmental threats will inevitably push ...

ISBN: 9781781688137

Binding: Paperback


Fractured Continent Europe's Crises and the Fate of the West

by Drozdiak

ISBN: 9780393608687

Binding: Hardback


Free Speech

Ten Principles for a Connected World

by Timothy Garton Ash

Leading political writer Timothy Garton Ash presents ten guiding principles for freedom of expression in the digital age, which are the result of a unique global conversation on the website: www.freespeechdebate.com ...

ISBN: 9781848870925

Binding: Hardback