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100 Years of British Music

by Omnibus Press

From Sir Edward Elgar to Adele, great composers and songwriters have been at the heart of the musical landscape for the last 100 years.<br/><br/><i>100 Years Of British Music</i> is a lavish photo book, specially commissioned by PRS for Music in

ISBN: 9781783235650

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20th Century Photographers: Interviews on the Craft, Purpose, and the Passion of Photography

by Schaub, Grace

<P>This book is a compilation of interviews and essays that cover a broad range of photographers and photographic disciplines. Each photographer profiled made a living by concentrating on a specific aspect of the craft, but in doing so ...

ISBN: 9781317554042

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50 Photo Icons The Story Behind the Pictures

by Koetzle Hans-Michael

No Marketing Blurb ...

ISBN: 9783836526937

Binding: Hardback


A Beautiful Ghetto

by Devin Allen

Allen asks us to see beyond the the violence and poverty that all too often defines the "ghetto." ...

ISBN: 9781608467594

Binding: Hardback


Across the Arctic Ocean

Original Photographs from the Last Great Polar Journey

by Sir Wally Herbert

ISBN: 9780500252147

Binding: Hardback


Aestheticizing Public Space

Street Visual Politics in East Asian Cities

by Lu Pan

Lu Pan is Assistant Professor in the Department of Chinese Culture at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. ...

ISBN: 9781783204557

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Photography and U.S. Foreign Policy

by Liam Kennedy

<div>In 2005, photographer Chris Hondros captured a striking image of a young Iraqi girl in the aftermath of the killing of her parents by American soldiers. The shot stunned the world and has since become iconic—comparable to the infamous photo

ISBN: 9780226337432

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An African Family: Nozuko's Story

by Winters, Susan

This is what photojournalism is about. The war was over. On April 23, 1994, in a remote South African village, eighteen-year-old Nozuko Ngcaweni, her infant daughter Nqobile tied to her back with a blanket and her beloved granny at her side, ...

ISBN: 9781482804751

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Another Great Day at Sea

Life Aboard the USS George H.W. Bush

by Chris Steele-Perkins

Visual Editions is delighted to announce Another Day at Sea by Geoff Dyer, the much-anticipated first title from Writers in Residence; a collectable set of books that bring together some of the greatest writers and photographers on the planet to

ISBN: 9780956569264

Binding: Paperback


Another London

by Helen Delaney

ISBN: 9781849760256

Binding: Hardback


Arctic Voices

Resistance at the Tipping Point

by Subhankar Banerjee

<p><b>"One of the great strengths of <i>Arctic Voices</i> is that it shows how Alaska and the Arctic are tied to the places where most of us live. In this impassioned book, Banerjee shows a situation so serious that it has created a movement, ...

ISBN: 9781609803865

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Audrey in Rome

by Ludovica Damiani

Assembled by Audrey Hepburn's son Luca Dotti, Audrey in Rome is an intimate collection of almost two hundred candid photographs of the beloved actress and much-imitated style icon during the twenty-year period she made Rome her home.A private ...

ISBN: 9780062238825

Binding: Hardback


Bad Man's Corner - Cameraman in a Liberian War.

by Alistair Lyne

<p data-version="1.1">362 Pages, 53 000 words, 240 clip frames, 20 maps / graphics / photographs, 13 short stories, 4 chapters.</p><p>“You gonna die today white boy, Krahn are gonna eat out your heart”. Nothing like encouragement from locals to ...

ISBN: 9780992222154

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Balancing Acts

Three Prima Ballerinas Becoming Mothers

by Lucy Gray

There are few jobs more rarefied or as physically and mentally demanding as prima ballerina. And yet, despite very real professional risks, three dancers from the world-class San Francisco Ballet all decided to have children at the pinnacle of ...

ISBN: 9781616894269

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Batavia in 19th Century Photographs

by Scott Merrillees

ISBN: 9789813018778

Binding: Hardback


Beyond the Mountains of Darkness

by Eliezer Ya'ari

'Beyond the Mountains of Darkness' documents the life of the Palestinian community in Jerusalem through the prism of an Israeli Jew who crosses the unseen border between the two communities. With 300 different pictures and 100 compelling stories

ISBN: 9789657558096

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Blood on the Lens

by Jim Burroughs

Murder is an effective way to gain power over others. Kill its leaders, and a country can be yours. Kill the people or ruthlessly intimidate them, and you can control their territory. Kill the journalistsor the storyand the truth of what is ...

ISBN: 9781612343716

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By a Maine River

A Year of Looking Closely

by Thomas Mark Szelog & LeeAnn Szelog

In this book, the authors document in photos and words the experience of looking closely, through the passage of one year, at their 70 acres of Maine woods. Readers who loved Our Point of View will learn how the couple fared when they moved from

ISBN: 9781461745013

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by Bruce Ansley

"A magnificent celebration of New Zealand's long, complex, varied coastline, written by one of the country's finest writers, and with photographs by one of its most distinguished photographers. B everal times in 2012 and 2013, acclaimed New ...

ISBN: 9781869799434

Binding: Hardback


Conflict Time Photography

by Simon Baker

ISBN: 9781849763202

Binding: Paperback