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A Portrait of Connemara

by Mark Joyce

<p>A Portrait of Connemara is a photographic exploration of one of Ireland’s most beautiful regions. A stunning and wonderful new perspective of wild landscapes, intimate portraits and untamed mountains from photographer Mark Joyce. </p> ...

ISBN: 9781782188681

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A Whole World Blind

War and Life in Northern Syria

by Nish Nalbandian

<p><i></i><p>Nalbandian spent the last three years covering the war in Northern Syria and the refugees in Turkey. A Whole&nbsp;<span style="line-height: 1.45em;">World Blind entwines documentary photography and portraiture with oral testimony, ...

ISBN: 9781942084259

Binding: Hardback



Portraits of Courage

by KK Ottesen

A speech on the radio.<BR /> A high school literature class.<BR /> A promise made to a mother.<BR /><BR /> Activism begins in small ways and in unexpected places. In this inspiring book, over forty activists recount the experiences that sparked ...

ISBN: 9781452182773

Binding: Hardback


Alright Darling?:The Contemporary Drag Queen Scene

The Contemporary Drag Queen Scene

by Bailey Greg

ISBN: 9781786272874

Binding: Paperback


Apple Pie & White People


by Jacadra W. Young

<p>Whats the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the phrase all-American? In Apple Pie and White People, author and photographer Jacadra Young shares a collection of her photographs showcasing Americans from every walk of life, ...

ISBN: 9781480858817

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Around the World in Cut-Outs

by Paperboyo

<p><strong>See the world differently...</strong></p> <p><strong>'Paperboyo sees things other people don’t see, in places they wouldn’t dream to look … He’s ace!'</strong> – Rankin, British portrait and fashion ...

ISBN: 9781473539884

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Berlin Portrait of a City

by Adam Hans-Christian

Berlin has survived two world wars, was divided by a wall during the Cold War, and after the fall of the wall was reunited. The city emerged as a center of European power and culture. From 1860 to the present day, this book presents the story of

ISBN: 9783822814451

Binding: Hardback


Berlin Portrait of a City

by Adam Hans Christian

The spirit of Berlin. This is a photographic journey into the city's history. Berlin has survived two world wars, was divided by a wall during the Cold War, and after the fall of the Wall was re-united. The city emerged as a center of European ...

ISBN: 9783836532181

Binding: Paperback


Betty Kuhner

The American Family Portrait

by Kate Kuhner

A monograph of the groundbreaking photography of Betty Kuhner (1916-2014), who was the first to take midcentury family portraits of the affluent social set out of the studio and into the environment. Groundbreaking photographer Betty Kuhner ...

ISBN: 9781423651789

Binding: Hardback


Beyond Portraiture

by Bryan Peterson

<p>Great portraits go beyond a mere record of a face. They reveal one of the millions of intimate human moments that make up a life. In <em>Beyond Portraiture</em>, renowned photographer Bryan Peterson shows how to spot those “ah-ha!” moments ...

ISBN: 9780817400279

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Chilly Billy Winters:The Boy Who Wouldn't Wrap Up Warm

The Boy Who Wouldn't Wrap Up Warm

by illustrated Barron Peter

ISBN: 9781908211545

Binding: Paperback


Community In-Between / Urur Dhex Dhexad Ah

Portraits of Somali-Americans in Columbus

by Ruth M. Smith & Qorsho Hassan

<p>*Community In-Between / Urur Dhex Dhexad Ah: Portraits of Somali-Americans in Columbus *by Qorsho Hassan and Ruth M. Smith is a collection of stories and portraits of fifteen young Somali Americans involved in community building in Columbus, ...

ISBN: 9780814275740

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Cosplay Photography

by Marc Whipple

<p>Here&apos;s how to tell if this book is for you:</p><p>Do you like cosplay? Do you like taking pictures of cosplay? Would you like to be better at taking pictures of cosplay, but when you try to learn, somebody starts talking like... ...

ISBN: 9781311047601

Binding: Kobo eBook

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Darcey Bussell: Evolved

by Darcey Bussell

The first book from Darcey Bussell in over six&#160;years, retired darling of the British Ballet and beloved judge&#160;of Strictly Come Dancing, this publishing extravaganza coincides with the the superstar ballerina&#39;s 50th birthday.<BR ...

ISBN: 9781784881795

Binding: Hardback


Dust & Grooves

Adventures in Record Collecting

by Eilon Paz

<p><strong>A photographic look into the world of vinyl record collectors—including Questlove—in the most intimate of environments—their record rooms.</strong></p> <p>Compelling photographic essays from photographer Eilon Paz are paired with ...

ISBN: 9781607748700

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Emblems of the Passing World

Poems after Photographs by August Sander

by Adam Kirsch

<p><strong>August Sander’s photographic portraits of ordinary people in Weimar Germany inspire this uncanny new collection of poems by one of America’s most celebrated writers and critics</strong></p> <p>Through his portraits of ordinary ...

ISBN: 9781590517352

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Encounters with Peggy Guggenheim

An intimate collection of behind-the-scenes photos featuring the legendary art collector

by stefan moses

<DIV>Born into a wealthy New York family in 1928, Marguerite &#39;Peggy&#39; Guggenheim&#160;one of the greatest art collectors of the 20th century. Using her inheritance to open her first art gallery, Peggy&#39;s love of art lead to to ...

ISBN: 9781784881870

Binding: Hardback


Enduring Love

Inspiring Stories of Love and Wisdom at the End of Life

by Mary Landberg

<p>As a hospice nurse and photographer, Mary Landberg has the honor to witness and capture in photographs the unwavering expression of love that endures between people living with terminal illness and their loved ones. She has had the privilege ...

ISBN: 9781940468051

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Faces of Edinburgh

by Manel Quiros

<p>Scotland’s capital, one of Europe’s most beautiful cities, has long been a magnet for visitors who come here in their droves to witness its spectacular setting and unique atmosphere, especially in July and August when it plays host to the ...

ISBN: 9781445659787

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Faces of the Civil War Navies

An Album of Union and Confederate Sailors

by Ronald S. Coddington

<p>During the American Civil War, more than one hundred thousand men fought on ships at sea or on one of America’s great inland rivers. There were no large-scale fleet engagements, yet the navies, particularly the Union Navy, did much to define ...

ISBN: 9781421421377

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