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Make Better Pictures

Truth, Opinions, and Practical Advice

by Henry Horenstein

ISBN: 9780316230889

Binding: Paperback



A celebration of the classic Australian hairstyle

by Isabella Moore

ISBN: 9780733640926

Binding: Paperback


Myths of Venice: The Figuration of a State

by David Rosand

ISBN: 9780807856635

Binding: Paperback


National Geographic Rarely Seen

by National Geographic

This <i>New York Times</i> bestseller features striking images of places, events, natural phenomena, and manmade heirlooms seldom seen by human eyes. It's all here- 30,000-year-old cave art sealed from the public; animals that are among the last

ISBN: 9781426219795

Binding: Hardback


National Geographic Spectacle

by National Geographic

In life, there are certain sights that are as beautiful as they are unforgettable--from a majestic supercell to the secrets of a deep blue ice cave to the world's largest library. These fascinating spectacles shock us in their diversity, their ...

ISBN: 9781426219689

Binding: Hardback


New York City on Instagram

by Dan Kurtzman

<DIV>From gorgeous skylines and jaw-dropping aerials to hidden treasures, this timely collection showcases 300 striking images of NYC by more than 40 acclaimed Instagram photographers. New York City has become the most photographed city in the ...

ISBN: 9781599621395

Binding: Hardback


Now and Then: England 1970-2015

by Daniel Meadows

ISBN: 9781851245338

Binding: Hardback


Outback Mates

by Daniel McIntosh

A celebration of outback Australia and the bonds of friendship that are forged living and working on the land. In March 2013, Dan McIntosh launched the Facebook page Station Photos simply to share his photos of life on the land with friends and

ISBN: 9780733338618

Binding: Hardback


Outback Stations: Life on the Land By the People Who Live There

by Daniel McIntosh

A pictorial celebration of Australia as seen through the eyes of people working on the land. In March 2013, Dan McIntosh had an idea. A station cook and keen photographer, he wanted to share the pictures he had taken of the outback life he ...

ISBN: 9780733333439

Binding: Hardback



by Martin Parr

ISBN: 9780198724414

Binding: Hardback


Panda Love

The secret lives of pandas

by Ami Vitale

<DIV><B>Panda Love</B><I>&#160;</I>is a collection of incredible images of these gentle giants. Ami Vitale&#39;s stunning photographs, taken&#160;on location in China, document the efforts to breed pandas and release them back into the wild. Ami

ISBN: 9781784881276

Binding: Hardback


Photo Hacks

Simple Solutions for Better Photos

by Imogen Dyer

ISBN: 9781781575666

Binding: Paperback


Photographing Men, 2nd Edition

Posing, Lighting, and Shooting Techniques for Portrait and Fashion Photography

by Jeff Rojas

<p>More and more businesses and potential clients are seeking out great portrait, commercial, and fashion photography featuring men. For working photographers, photographing men may be one of today's greatest new opportunities. But, while there ...

ISBN: 9781681984605

Binding: Paperback


Photography A Visual Companion

by DK

Introducing you to the art, history, and culture of photography, this fascinating all-in-one guide shows you how to take better pictures. <BR><BR>A comprehensive guide to all things photographic, <i>Photography</i> opens with a gallery of more ...

ISBN: 9780241363607

Binding: Hardback


Photography and Australia

by Helen Ennis

The striking images featured in <i>Photography and Australia</i>, in the new 'Exposures' series, documents the iconic sights of the rugged Australian landscape such as the imposing Uluru, or Ayers Rock, as well as documentary photographs, ...

ISBN: 9781861893239

Binding: Paperback


Photography Visionaries

by Marien Warner

ISBN: 9781780674759

Binding: Paperback


Planet Earth

Inspirations and thoughts from a planet warrior

by Bob Brown

In his first speech in the Senate, Bob Brown raised the threat posed by climate change. It has taken 10 years for politicians to finally begin to acknowledge the causes and effects of climate change.<BR /><BR /> Since 1996, Bob has ...

ISBN: 9781743795743

Binding: Hardback


Pygmalion's Power: Romanesque Sculpture, the Senses, and Religious Experience

by Thomas E. A. Dale

ISBN: 9780271083452

Binding: Hardback


Real Life Family Photography

by Amy Drucker

ISBN: 9781781572979

Binding: Paperback


Really Good Dog Photography

by Hoxton Mini Press

Dogs and photography have gone hand in paw almost since the medium was invented and our passion remains undiminished, with pictures of adorable, bright-eyed dogs all over the internet. The photographs in this book offer an alternative to all the

ISBN: 9781846149429

Binding: Hardback