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Photography and Japan

by Karen M. Fraser

What defines Japanese photography? Is there a distinctive Japanese photographic aesthetic? In Photography and Japan, Karen Fraser argues that the diversity of styles, subjects and functions of Japanese photography precludes easy categorization ...

ISBN: 9781861897978

Binding: Paperback


Photography and Tibet

by Clare Harris

Mysterious and often inaccessible, Tibet has been a source of fascination to outsiders for centuries and a troublesome and resistant subject for photographers. Even today, photography of Tibet often remains embroiled in debates about Tibets ...

ISBN: 9781780236520

Binding: Paperback


Photography of Crisis: The Photo Essays of Weimar Germany

by Daniel Magilow

ISBN: 9780271067070

Binding: Paperback


Photos from the Road

by Kate Jermain Armstrong

ISBN: 9781741175271

Binding: Hardback


Picturing Atrocity

Photography in Crisis

by Nancy K. Miller

Ever since the landmark publication of Susan Sontags On Photography, it has been impossible to look at photographs, particularly those of violence and suffering, without questioning our role as photographic voyeur. Are we desensitized by the ...

ISBN: 9781861898722

Binding: Paperback


Place - Australian Photographic Gallery

by Peter Eve

ISBN: 9781760063825

Binding: Hardback


Posing for Posterity: Royal Indian Portraits

by Pramod Kumar And Shriji Arvind Singh Mewar

ISBN: 9781780762494

Binding: Hardback


Pricing Photography

The Complete Guide to Assignment and Stock Prices

by Michal Heron

A trade reference tool that provides photographers with information on everything from estimating prices, identifying pricing factors, negotiating fair deals, and more. It includes chapters with information on the economics of photography, ...

ISBN: 9781581158885

Binding: Paperback




by Tyler Shields

PROVOCATEUR brings together in a single lavish volume several of the L.A.-based photographers collections, including a series of retro-style glamour portraits, ethereally decadent Marie Antoinette-inspired visions, an acrobatically-inspired ...

ISBN: 9781943876297

Binding: Hardback


Queen, On Camera, Off Guard

by Mark Hayward

A compelling pictorial journey from the formation of Queen in 1969 to the height of their career at Live Aid in 1985 From their first top Of the Pops to out-takes from It's My Life, QUEEN: ON CAMERA, OFF GUARD includes a fantastic selection of ...

ISBN: 9781862059078

Binding: Hardback


Quiet New York

by Siobhan Wall

Quiet New York reveals the hidden, tranquil places in one of the world's liveliest cities. ...

ISBN: 9780711234765

Binding: Paperback


Real Life Family Photography

by Amy Drucker

ISBN: 9781781572979

Binding: Paperback


Rembrandt's House: Exploring the world of the great master

by Anthony Bailey

ISBN: 9781780769240

Binding: Paperback


Road Trip - Australian Photographic Gallery

by David Marks

In Road Trip David Marks has captured the cool road trip of our collective imagination. For the journey, he had two ideal travelling companions: the Diana and Polaroid cameras. Take a hypnotic trip along memory's lanes and highways with these ...

ISBN: 9781760067281

Binding: Hardback


Russell's Civil War Photographs


ISBN: 9780486242835

Binding: Paperback


Sanctity Pictured: The Art of the Dominican and Franciscan Orders in Renaissance Italy

by Trinita Kennedy

ISBN: 9781781300268

Binding: Hardback


Saucer Country

by Paul Cornell

THEY'RE UP THERE... Meet Arcadia Alvarado, Governor of New Mexico and Presidential hopeful. She's dealing with immigration policy, budget cuts, an alcoholic ex--and she was abducted by aliens. Or was she?Shadowy organizations, hypno-regression ...

ISBN: 9781684050956

Binding: Paperback



by Mark Laita

ISBN: 9780733630767

Binding: Hardback


Self Styled

Dare to be Different

by Anthony Lycett

A truly inspiring photographic project that celebrates alternative fashion, the joy of dressing and diversity through over 200 individual looks and styles. ...

ISBN: 9781910254752

Binding: Hardback


Selfish Revised and Expanded Edition

by Kim Kardashian West

ISBN: 9780789332806

Binding: Hardback