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Personal Vision

by Adger Cowans

The monograph from master American photographer Adger Cowan, whose 40-plus year career spans documentary style, street journalism, portraiture and self-portrayals, still-lifes, and experimental work, with contributions from luminaries such as ...

ISBN: 9780986250064

Binding: Hardback


Photo by Martin Kantor

by Richard Guilliatt

He seemed to be always at watch, scanning the immediate environs for anything that might make for an interesting image, anything that was out of sync with ‘the norm’ Martin Kantor approached his photography with an emotional ...

ISBN: 9781743793374

Binding: Hardback


Photographic Sketch Book of the Civil War


Second only to Mathew Brady as the foremost early American photographer was Alexander Gardner, the one-time manager of Brady's Washington salon and Brady's chief photographer in the field during the early days of the Civil War. Indeed, ...

ISBN: 9780486227313

Binding: Paperback


Photographic Theory - an Historical Anthology

by Andrew E. Hershberger

Hershberger is the winner of a 2015 Insight Award from the Society for Photographic Education for his work on this book and for his overall contributions to the field! Photographic Theory: An Historical Anthology presents a compendium of ...

ISBN: 9781405198639

Binding: Paperback


Photographing Egypt: Forty Years Behind the Lens

by John Feeney

ISBN: 9789774248917

Binding: Paperback


Photographs by Man Ray


Rich selection of various techniques include over and under exposure, shooting through fabric, superimposing images, and zeroing in on tiny details. Photographs are divided into general subjects, female figures (mainly nudes); women's faces ...

ISBN: 9780486238425

Binding: Paperback


Photography After Postmodernism: Barthes, Stieglitz and the Art of Memory

by David Bate

ISBN: 9781845115029

Binding: Paperback


Photography and Australia

by Helen Ennis

The striking images featured in Photography and Australia, in the new 'Exposures' series, documents the iconic sights of the rugged Australian landscape such as the imposing Uluru, or Ayers Rock, as well as documentary photographs, wilderness ...

ISBN: 9781861893239

Binding: Paperback


Photography and China

by Claire Roberts

Photography and China is the first overview of the subject to be published in English, providing a comprehensive account of this previously neglected relationship. Spanning the period from the inception of photography until the present, the book

ISBN: 9781861899118

Binding: Paperback


Photography and Collaboration: From Conceptual Art to Crowdsourcing

by Daniel Palmer

Photography and Collaboration offers a fresh perspective on existing debates in art photography and on the act of photography in general. Unlike conventional accounts that celebrate individual photographers and their personal visions, this book ...

ISBN: 9781350008311

Binding: Paperback


Photography and Humour

by Louis Kaplan

The ticklish subject of humour is often on the sidelines of writing about photography, yet photos often entertain us with their wit and visual jokes. Photography and Humour  remedies this situation by providing a history of photographic ...

ISBN: 9781780236513

Binding: Paperback


Photography and Japan

by Karen M. Fraser

What defines Japanese photography? Is there a distinctive Japanese photographic aesthetic? In Photography and Japan, Karen Fraser argues that the diversity of styles, subjects and functions of Japanese photography precludes easy categorization ...

ISBN: 9781861897978

Binding: Paperback


Photography and Tibet

by Clare Harris

Mysterious and often inaccessible, Tibet has been a source of fascination to outsiders for centuries and a troublesome and resistant subject for photographers. Even today, photography of Tibet often remains embroiled in debates about Tibets ...

ISBN: 9781780236520

Binding: Paperback


Photography of Crisis: The Photo Essays of Weimar Germany

by Daniel Magilow

ISBN: 9780271067070

Binding: Paperback


Photography, Humanitarianism, Empire

by Jane Lydon

With their power to create a sense of proximity and empathy, photographs have long been a crucial means of exchanging ideas between peoples across the globe. This book explores the role of photography in shaping ideas about race and difference ...

ISBN: 9781474235501

Binding: Hardback


Photos from the Road

by Kate Jermain Armstrong

ISBN: 9781741175271

Binding: Hardback


Picturing Atrocity

Photography in Crisis

by Nancy K. Miller

Ever since the landmark publication of Susan Sontags On Photography, it has been impossible to look at photographs, particularly those of violence and suffering, without questioning our role as photographic voyeur. Are we desensitized by the ...

ISBN: 9781861898722

Binding: Paperback


Place - Australian Photographic Gallery

by Peter Eve

ISBN: 9781760063825

Binding: Hardback


Posing for Posterity: Royal Indian Portraits

by Pramod Kumar And Shriji Arvind Singh Mewar

ISBN: 9781780762494

Binding: Hardback


Pricing Photography

The Complete Guide to Assignment and Stock Prices

by Michal Heron

A trade reference tool that provides photographers with information on everything from estimating prices, identifying pricing factors, negotiating fair deals, and more. It includes chapters with information on the economics of photography, ...

ISBN: 9781581158885

Binding: Paperback