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The Short Story of Photography

"A Pocket Guide to Key Genres, Works, Themes & Techniques"

by Ian Haydn Smith

ISBN: 9781786272010

Binding: Paperback


The Weekender Portland

by Toby Mitchell

Portland in Oregon explored in a new and unassuming way all through the photographer's fantastic images. ...

ISBN: 9789187815348

Binding: Hardback


The White Horse

by Mary Mccartney

<DIV><P>In Mary McCartney&#39;s largest body of work to date she pays tribute to the extraordinary beauty of her white stallion, Alejandro. Over the course of four seasons McCartney captures the strength and grace of his form against an idyllic ...

ISBN: 9780847858491

Binding: Hardback


Total Excess


It has been said of Michael Zagaris' photographic oeuvre that it is the "last untouched rock archive." Zagaris was responsible for shooting everyone in the rock music scene in San Francisco in the 1970s, including The Clash, Grateful Dead, ...

ISBN: 9781909526402

Binding: Hardback


Towards a Philosophy of Photography

by Vilém Flusser

Media philosopher Vilém Flusser proposed a revolutionary new way of thinking about photography. An analysis of the medium in terms of aesthetics, science and politics provided him with new ways of understanding both the cultural crises of the ...

ISBN: 9781861890764

Binding: Paperback


Trees: Between Earth and Heaven


SyArt Wolfe’s immersive photos capture the wonder humans have felt about trees for millennia. From the biblical Tree of Life to the Native American Tree of Peace, trees have played an archetypal role in human culture and spirituality since time

ISBN: 9781683830825

Binding: Hardback


Underwater Australia

by Darren Jew

Discover the hidden depths of Australia&#39;s oceans through these stunning images full of sparkling coral reefs, diverse plant life and spectacular creatures both large and small. ...

ISBN: 9781741175424

Binding: Hardback



Mugshots from the Roaring Twenties

by Nerida Campbell

<p><i>Underworld</i> features intriguing mugshots of police suspects from 1920s Sydney, documenting the denizens of the criminal underworld, from stone-cold gangsters to wayward youths, and providing a remarkable rogues’ gallery of thugs and ...

ISBN: 9781876991456

Binding: Hardback


Urban Cars


by Douglas Ljungkvist

Since 2007 Douglas Ljungkvist has been photographing vintage cars, mostly in Brooklyn's urban and industrial landscapes. The work has matured into a cohesive typology ready for publication. The project is a study of form, design, and beauty ...

ISBN: 9781911604310

Binding: Hardback


Van Cat Meow: A Lost Man, A Rescue Cat, A Road Trip like No Other

by Richard East

A lost man. A rescued cat. A road trip like no other. People everywhere have fallen in love with Willow, the van cat, as she explores the wilds of Australia with Richard, her devoted owner. Now for the first time, Richard and Willow tell the ...

ISBN: 9780733339561

Binding: Paperback


Vest Pocket Kodak and the First World War


ISBN: 9781781452790

Binding: Hardback


Victoria in Photos

by Chris Groenhout

<DIV>Victoria&rsquo;s landscape is second to none, from the rugged coastline of the Great Ocean Road to the rolling peaks and fresh alpine air of the High Country, from the Warburton Valley&rsquo;s towering redwoods to the pristine beaches and ...

ISBN: 9781741175691

Binding: Hardback


Victorian London Street Life in Historic Photographs


Classic document of social realism contains 37 photographs by famed Victorian photographer John Thomson, accompanied by individual essays - by Thomson himself or social activist Adolphe Smith - that offer sharply drawn vignettes of lower-class ...

ISBN: 9780486281216

Binding: Paperback


Victorian Women's Fashion Photos CD-ROM and Book


This outstanding collection displays the remarkable richness and diversity that make Victorian costume enduringly popular. A fascinating window into the everyday life of the past, it features 239 authentic images from the 1840s through 1900, in ...

ISBN: 9780486997773

Binding: Paperback


Vintage and Retro Caravans Downunder

by Don Jessen

ISBN: 9780995103207

Binding: Hardback


Visualising Human Rights

by Jane Lydon

<p><p>When the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) was proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly in Paris on 10 December 1948, photography was considered a ‘universal language’ that would communicate across barriers of race and ...

ISBN: 9781742589978

Binding: Paperback


Wade Davis Photographs

by Wade Davis

Anthropologist and best-selling author Wade Davis has traveled the world, befriending indigenous peoples on every continent and engaging in their spiritual lives and practices. To him, no culture is primitive--every daily habit, every ritual, ...

ISBN: 9781426219375

Binding: Hardback


We Came From Fire: Photographs of Kurdistan's Armed Struggle Against ISIS

by JOEY L.

ISBN: 9781576878682

Binding: Hardback


Why You Like This Photo

The science of perception

by Brian Dilg

ISBN: 9781781573747

Binding: Hardback


Wide-Angle Photography

Capturing Landscape, Portrait, Street, and Architectural Photographs with Wide-Angle Lenses

by Chris Marquardt

The very thing that makes wide-angle photography so compelling also makes it a challenge: While you're sure to capture a vast scene using a wide-angle lens, it can be difficult to direct the viewer's attention when so many elements are included ...

ISBN: 9781681983837

Binding: Paperback