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Introductory Lectures On Aesthetics

by Georg Hegel

No philosopher has held a higher opinion of art than Hegel, yet nor was any so profoundly pessimistic about its prospects - despite living in the German golden age of Goethe, Mozart and Schiller. For if the artists of classical Greece could find

ISBN: 9780140433357

Binding: Paperback


Intuition Pumps And Other Tools For Thinking

by Daniel C. Dennett

Thinking is hard. A few of us may be natural geniuses; others are blessed with reserves of willpower. Then there are the rest of us- not prodigies and short on time, but still aspiring to understand the world. What can we do? Acclaimed ...

ISBN: 9780241954621

Binding: Paperback


It's Never Too Late

174 Simple Acts to Change Your Life

by Patrick Lindsay

It's never too late... To stop the world... To enjoy the rain...to be curious...to sing...to find peace. It's a much-proven adage that it's never too late to do all those things for ourselves that we keep meaning to do, but put off because of ...

ISBN: 9781740665032

Binding: Hardback


Jimi Hendrix and Philosophy

Experience Required

by Theodore G. Ammon

<p>In his brief career Jimi Hendrix transformed rock music, established himself as the greatest guitarist of all time, and left a rich legacy of original songs and dazzling recordings. In <i>Jimi Hendrix and Philosophy</i>, philosophers come to ...

ISBN: 9780812699562

Binding: Paperback


Knot Bible: The complete guide to knots and their uses

The complete guide to knots and their uses

by Bloomsbury

The complete and definitive bible of knots for seafarers. Featuring all the knots, hitches, bends, splices, whipping and decorative knotwork that you would find on a boat, this comprehensive bible of knots will help those who go to sea master ...

ISBN: 9781408154762

Binding: Hardback


Last Days Of Socrates, The

by Plato

Chronicling the life and death of the father of western philosophy, and charting his influence on the most influential ancient Greek philosophers, Plato's <i>The Last Days of Socrates </i>is translated from the Greek by Hugh Tredennick, revised ...

ISBN: 9780140449280

Binding: Paperback


Last Days Of Socrates, The

by Plato

Euthyphro/Apology/Crito/Phaedro <b><i>'Consider just this, and give your minds to this alone- whether or not what I say is just'</i></b> Plato's account of Socrates' trial and death (399 BCE) is one of the most significant moments in western

ISBN: 9780140455496

Binding: Paperback


Law of Attraction

by Michael Losier

ISBN: 9780733624384

Binding: Paperback


Less is More

101 Ways to Simplify Your Life

by Domonique Bertolucci

<DIV><B>Less Is More </B>is a collection of inspirational messages and advice that encourages the reader to enjoy life more by living a little more simply. Trying to do it all, be it all and have it all is exhausting &ndash; and all too often, ...

ISBN: 9781743793909

Binding: Hardback


Lessons in Stoicism

What Ancient Philosophers Teach Us about How to Live

by John Sellars

What aspects of your life do you really control? What do you do when you cannot guarantee that things will turn out in your favour? And what can Stoicism teach us about how to live together?<BR><BR>In the past few years, Stoicism has been making

ISBN: 9780241382776

Binding: Paperback


Letters From A Stoic

by Coralie Seneca;Bickford-Smith

Selected from the <i>Epistulae Morales ad Lucilium</i>, Seneca's <i>Letters from a Stoic</i> are a set of 'essays in disguise' from one of the most insightful philosophers of the Silver Age of Roman literature. This Penguin Classics edition is ...

ISBN: 9780141395852

Binding: Hardback




Written during a moment in English history when the political and social structures as well as methods of science were in flux and open to interpretation, Leviathan played an essential role in the development of the modern world. Thomas Hobbes, ...

ISBN: 9780486821535

Binding: Paperback


Light on Life

The Yoga Journey to Wholeness, Inner Peace and Ultimate Freedom

by B.K.S. Iyengar

ISBN: 9781529319774

Binding: Paperback


Like a Splinter in Your Mind

The Philosophy Behind the Matrix Trilogy

by Matt Lawrence

<i>Like a Splinter in Your Mind</i> leads readers through the myriad of philosophical themes within the Matrix trilogy, helping them to gain a better understanding of the films and of philosophy itself. <br /> <ul> <li style="list-style: ...

ISBN: 9781405125246

Binding: Paperback



A Very Short Introduction

by Graham Priest

Logic is often perceived as having little to do with the rest of philosophy, and even less to do with real life. In this lively and accessible introduction, Graham Priest shows how wrong this conception is. He explores the philosophical roots of

ISBN: 9780198811701

Binding: Paperback


Lukacs and Brecht

by David Pike

ISBN: 9780807865811

Binding: Paperback



A Very Short Introduction

by Peter Singer

ISBN: 9780198821076

Binding: Paperback


Marx and Art

by Ali Alizadeh

ISBN: 9781786610126

Binding: Paperback


Marx: A Complete Introduction: Teach Yourself

by Gill Hands

ISBN: 9781473608696

Binding: Paperback



The quest to understand matter from Greek atoms to quantum fields

by Jim Baggott

ISBN: 9780198759713

Binding: Hardback