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News, The

by Alain De Botton

ISBN: 9780241972694

Binding: Paperback


Nietzsche?s Search for Philosophy

by Keith Ansell Pearson

No Marketing Blurb ...

ISBN: 9781474254700

Binding: Paperback




"I know of no religious writer more pertinent to our time." - T. S. Eliot, Introduction to Pensees "Men despise religion. They hate it and are afraid it may be true," declared Pascal in his Pensées. "The cure for this," he explained, "is first ...

ISBN: 9780486821504

Binding: Paperback


Philosophy of Nature

by Feyerabend

ISBN: 9780745651606

Binding: Paperback


Philosophy: A Historical Survey With Essential Readings

by Stumpf

ISBN: 9780078119095

Binding: Paperback


Picnic Comma Lightning: In Search of a New Reality

by Laurence Scott

<b>A RADIO 4 BOOK OF THE WEEK</b><br><b><b><br></b>A spellbinding examination of the nature of reality, by one of the brightest thinkers of today.</b><br><br>Cognitive science proposes that we have evolved to build mental maps of the world not ...

ISBN: 9781785151118

Binding: Hardback


Portraits of Wittgenstein

by F.A., Ground, Ian Flowers III

<i>Portraits of Wittgenstein </i>is a major collection of memoirs and reflections on one of the most influential and yet elusive personalities in the history of modern philosophy, Ludwig Wittgenstein. Featuring a wealth of illuminating and ...

ISBN: 9781350046634

Binding: Paperback


Problems From Philosophy

by James Rachels

ISBN: 9780073535890

Binding: Paperback


Pulmonary Physiology 8/E

by Michael Levitzky

ISBN: 9780071793131

Binding: Paperback


Robot Ethics 2.0

From Autonomous Cars to Artificial Intelligence

by Patrick Lin

ISBN: 9780190652951

Binding: Hardback


Roots for Radicals

by Edward T. Chambers

The successor to the legendary activist Saul Alinsky, Edward T. Chambers pioneered a set of principles and practices that have guided community organizations throughout the US and the world. <i>Roots for Radicals</i><b> </b>remains his ...

ISBN: 9781350043121

Binding: Paperback


Schaum's Outline Of Introduction To Philosophy

by William James Earle

ISBN: 9780070187832

Binding: Paperback


Scriptures Of The Worlds Religions

by Fieser

ISBN: 9780078119156

Binding: Paperback


Short History Of Decay A

by E. M. Cioran

The fanatic is incorruptible- if he kills for an idea, he can just as well get himself killed for one; in either case, tyrant or martyr, he is a monster.' <br><br><i>A Short History of Decay </i>(1949) is E. M. Cioran's nihilistic and witty ...

ISBN: 9780241343463

Binding: Paperback


Smiling Mind

Mindfulness Made Easy

by Jane Martino

<DIV><P>Mindfulness has become a popular tool to help people manage anxiety and stress and to increase focus and productivity in the busy modern world.<BR /><BR /><B>Smiling Mind</B><I>&#160;</I>provides personal insight from the perspective ...

ISBN: 9781743794005

Binding: Paperback


Stand Up for Yourself

The Kids' Book of Courage

by Anders Hanson

ISBN: 9781624032974

Binding: Hardback


Sw Vanders Human Physiology + Cnct 15E

by Windmaier

ISBN: 9781760423537

Binding: Mixed media product


The Amateur

by Andy Merrifield

Modern life is being destroyed by experts and professionals. We have lost our amateur spirit and need to rediscover the radical and liberating pleasure of doing things we love.<br>In <i>The Amateur</i>, thinker Andy Merrifield shows us how the ...

ISBN: 9781786631077

Binding: Paperback


The Art of Losing Control

A Philosopher's Search for Ecstatic Experience

by Jules Evans

A wise, witty and dynamic guide to the philosophy of human ecstasy from the leading expert in the modern science of ecstatic experience. ...

ISBN: 9781782118787

Binding: Paperback


The Bloomsbury Research Handbook of Indi

by Shyam Ranganathan

Featuring leading scholars from philosophy and religious studies, <i>The Bloomsbury Research Handbook of Indian Ethics</i> dispels the myth that Indian thinkers and philosophers were uninterested in ethics.<br>This comprehensive research ...

ISBN: 9781350077171

Binding: Paperback