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It's Never Too Late

174 Simple Acts to Change Your Life

by Patrick Lindsay

It's never too late... To stop the world... To enjoy the rain...to be curious...to sing...to find peace. It's a much-proven adage that it's never too late to do all those things for ourselves that we keep meaning to do, but put off because of ...

ISBN: 9781740665032

Binding: Hardback


Jacques Rancière

by Oliver Davis

This book is a critical introduction to contemporary French philosopher Jacques Rancière. It is the first introduction in any language to cover all of his major work and offers an accessible presentation and searching evaluation of his ...

ISBN: 9780745646541

Binding: Hardback


Jimi Hendrix and Philosophy

Experience Required

by Theodore G. Ammon

<p>In his brief career Jimi Hendrix transformed rock music, established himself as the greatest guitarist of all time, and left a rich legacy of original songs and dazzling recordings. In <i>Jimi Hendrix and Philosophy</i>, philosophers come to ...

ISBN: 9780812699562

Binding: Paperback


John McDowell

by Maximilian de Gaynesford

John McDowell has set the philosophical world alight with a revolutionary approach to the subject, illuminating old problems with dazzling particularity. In this welcome introduction to his work, Maximilian de Gaynesford puts writing within ...

ISBN: 9780745630373

Binding: Paperback


Joyous Science, The

by Friedrich Nietzsche

<i>The Joyous Science</i> is a liberating voyage of discovery as Nietzsche's realization that 'God is dead' and his critique of morality, the arts and modernity give way to an exhilarating doctrine of self-emancipation and the concept of eternal

ISBN: 9780141195391

Binding: Paperback


Judaism and Contemporary Philosophy

by Jill Wright

ISBN: 9780745616506

Binding: Hardback


Judaism and Contemporary Philosophy

by Jill Wright

ISBN: 9780745616513

Binding: Paperback


Judged: The Value of Being Misunderstood

by Ziyad Marar

Everyone worries about being judged. One foolish tweet can destroy a career, one careless image can ruin a reputation. Yet judgement is inescapable; we cannot be social beings without judging and being judged. We're stuck with judgement and all ...

ISBN: 9781350113169

Binding: Paperback


Just the Arguments

100 of the Most Important Arguments in Western Philosophy

by Michael Bruce

<b>Does the existence of evil call into doubt the existence of God? Show me the argument.</b> Philosophy starts with questions, but attempts at answers are just as important, and these answers require reasoned argument. Cutting through dense ...

ISBN: 9781444336375

Binding: Hardback



by Howard Caygill

By challenging many of the assumptions, misguided presuppositions and even legends that have surrounded the legacy and reception of Franz Kafka's work during the 20th century, Howard Caygill provides us with a radical new way of reading Kafka. ...

ISBN: 9781472595423

Binding: Hardback



The Three Critiques

by Andrew Ward

Immanuel Kants three critiques the Critique of Pure Reason, the Critique of Practical Reason and the Critique of Judgment are among the pinnacles of Western Philosophy. This accessible study grounds Kants philosophical position in the context of

ISBN: 9780745626192

Binding: Hardback


Kant: A Complete Introduction: Teach Yourself

by Robert Wicks

ISBN: 9781444191264

Binding: Paperback


Key Writings

by Henri Lefebvre

ISBN: 9781350041677

Binding: Paperback



by Ian Evans

Introductions to the theory of knowledge are plentiful, but none introduce students to the most recent debates that exercise contemporary philosophers. Ian Evans and Nicholas D. Smith aim to change that. Their book guides the reader through the ...

ISBN: 9780745650531

Binding: Paperback


Knowledge and Human Interests

by Jürgen Habermas

Habermas describes <i>Knowledge and Human Interests</i> as an attempt to reconstruct the prehistory of modern positivism with the intention of analysing the connections between knowledge and human interests. Convinced of the increasing ...

ISBN: 9780745604596

Binding: Paperback


Knowledge, Mind & the Given

by Willem A. DeVries

ISBN: 9780872205505

Binding: Paperback



by John P. Burgess

Saul Kripke has been a major influence on analytic philosophy and allied fields for a half-century and more. His early masterpiece, <i>Naming and Necessity</i>, reversed the pattern of two centuries of philosophizing about the necessary and ...

ISBN: 9780745652849

Binding: Hardback



Philosopher of Scientific Revolutions

by Wes Sharrock

Thomas Kuhn's shadow hangs over almost every field of intellectual inquiry. His book <i>The Structure of Scientific Revolutions</i> has become a modern classic. His influence on philosophy, social science, historiography, feminism, theology, and

ISBN: 9780745619293

Binding: Paperback


Languages of Art

An Approach to a Theory of Symbols

by Nelson Goodman

ISBN: 9780915144341

Binding: Paperback


Last Days Of Socrates, The

by Plato

Chronicling the life and death of the father of western philosophy, and charting his influence on the most influential ancient Greek philosophers, Plato's <i>The Last Days of Socrates </i>is translated from the Greek by Hugh Tredennick, revised ...

ISBN: 9780140449280

Binding: Paperback