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What is Epistemology?

by Stephen Hetherington

<p>Epistemology is the philosophical study of knowledge. Epistemologists seek to understand knowledge&rsquo;s nature and availability. What is knowledge? There are competing theories. Can we really have knowledge? Challenges abound.</p> <p>In ...

ISBN: 9781509529513

Binding: Paperback


What is Good?

The Search for the Best Way to Live

by A.C. Grayling

ISBN: 9780753817551

Binding: Paperback


What Is Philosophy for?

by Mary Midgley

Why should anybody take an interest in philosophy? Is it just another detailed study like metallurgy? Or is it similar to history, literature and even religion- a study meant to do some personal good and influence our lives?<br> <br>In her last ...

ISBN: 9781350051072

Binding: Paperback


What Love Is

And What It Could Be

by Carrie Jenkins

ISBN: 9780465098859

Binding: Hardback


What Would Nietzsche Do?

How the greatest philosophers would solve your everyday problems

by Marcus Weeks

ISBN: 9781844039265

Binding: Paperback


Why the World Does Not Exist

by Markus Gabriel

<p>Where do we come from? Are we merely a cluster of elementary particles in a gigantic world receptacle? And what does it all mean?</p> <p>In this highly original new book, the philosopher Markus Gabriel challenges our notion of what exists ...

ISBN: 9780745687575

Binding: Paperback


Why We Do The Things We Do

Psychology in a Nutshell

by Joel Levy

<DIV><DIV><DIV><DIV><P>Can you really tell a criminal by the bumps on his head? What does a memory look like? Can a machine think? Why are some people shy? Is it better not to feel so much? These are some of the many questions that have troubled

ISBN: 9781782437857

Binding: Paperback


Why We Think The Things We Think

Psychology in a Nutshell

by Alain Stephen

<DIV><DIV><DIV><DIV><P>Have you ever found yourself alone with your thoughts? Have you ever been asked if the glass is half full or half empty? Do you wonder what true happiness is or how to attain it? Or maybe nothing really matters if ...

ISBN: 9781782437840

Binding: Paperback



The Ethics of Secrecy and Exposure

by Christian Cotton

<div>WikiLeaks is famous — or infamous — for publishing secret material, including classified government documents, confidential videos and emails, and information leaked by whistleblowers, some of them anonymous, others revealing their ...

ISBN: 9780812699883

Binding: Paperback


Will to Power


Throughout his career, 19th-century philosopher Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche explored the concept of the will to power, interpreting it variously as a psychological, biological, and metaphysical principle. This posthumously published volume ...

ISBN: 9780486831664

Binding: Paperback



A History of Philosophy in English

by Jonathan Ree

In <i>Witcraft </i>Jonathan Ree offers compelling intellectual portraits of celebrated British and American philosophers such as Locke, Hume, Emerson, Mill and James. But he also does much more. He draws attention to the philosophical work of ...

ISBN: 9780713999334

Binding: Hardback


Without God, Is Everything Permitted?

The 20 Big Questions in Ethics

by Julian Baggini

ISBN: 9781780875972

Binding: Paperback


Wittgensteins Antiphilosophy

by Alain Badiou; Bruno Bosteels

Alain Badiou takes on the standard bearer of the "linguistic turn" in modern philosophy, and anatomizes the "anti-philosophy" of Ludwig Wittgenstein, in his <i>Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus</i>. Addressing the crucial moment where Wittgenstein ...

ISBN: 9781844672240

Binding: Paperback


Women and Power

A Manifesto

by Mary Beard

Mary Beard's feminist manifesto. ...

ISBN: 9781788160605

Binding: Hardback



An Introduction to the History and Philosophy of Science

by Richard DeWitt

ISBN: 9781119118893

Binding: Paperback