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The Dream Of Enlightenment

by Anthony Gottlieb

In a short period - from the early 1640s to the eve of the French Revolution - Descartes, Hobbes, Spinoza, Locke, Leibniz, and Hume all made their mark on Western thought. <i>The Dream of Enlightenment </i>tells their story and that of the birth

ISBN: 9780141000664

Binding: Paperback


The Ego Tunnel

The Science of the Mind and the Myth of the Self

by Thomas Metzinger

ISBN: 9780465020690

Binding: Paperback


The Elements Of Moral Philosophy 9E

by Rachels

ISBN: 9781260091670

Binding: Paperback


The Empathy Exams


by Leslie Jamison

A powerful yet refreshing essay collection centred around themes of confession, illness, violence and sentimentality from an exciting new American talent. ...

ISBN: 9781847088420

Binding: Paperback


The Emperor's New Mind

Concerning Computers, Minds, and the Laws of Physics

by Roger Penrose

ISBN: 9780198784920

Binding: Paperback


The Existentialist's Guide to Death, the Universe and Nothingness

by Gary Cox

ISBN: 9781350029729

Binding: Paperback


The Great Philosophers

by Ray et al Monk

ISBN: 9780753811368

Binding: Paperback


The Happy Life: The Search of Contentment in the Modern World: Quarterly Essay 41

by David Malouf

In the first <i>Quarterly Essay</i> for 2011, David Malouf returns to one of the most fundamental questions and gives it a modern twist- what makes for a happy life? With grace and profundity, Malouf discusses new and old ways to talk about ...

ISBN: 9781863955195

Binding: Paperback


The Hidden Pleasures of Life

A New Way of Remembering the Past and Imagining the Future

by Theodore Zeldin

ISBN: 9780857053695

Binding: Paperback


The History of Philosophy

by A C Grayling

The story of philosophy is an epic tale- an exploration of the ideas, views and teachings of some of the most creative minds known to humanity. But since the long-popular classic, Bertrand Russell's <i>History of Western Philosophy</i>, first ...

ISBN: 9780241304556

Binding: Paperback


The Honor Code

How Moral Revolutions Happen

by Kwame Anthony Appiah

<p>In this groundbreaking work, Kwame Anthony Appiah, hailed as "one of the most relevant philosophers today" (New York Times Book Review), changes the way we understand human behavior and the way social reform is brought about. In brilliantly ...

ISBN: 9780393340525

Binding: Hardback


The Illustrated Walden: Thoreau Bicentennial Edition

by Henry David Thoreau

In 1897, thirty-five years after Thoreau's death, Houghton Mifflin issued a two-volume "Holiday Edition" of <i>Walden</i> illustrated with thirty remarkable engravings, daguerreotypes, and period photographs. In 1902 the publisher collected the ...

ISBN: 9780143129264

Binding: Hardback


The Joy of Missing Out

The Art of Self-Restraint in an Age of Excess

by Svend Brinkmann

<p>&lsquo;Because you&rsquo;re worth it&rsquo;, proclaims the classic cosmetics ad. &lsquo;Just do it!&rsquo; implores the global sports retailer. Everywhere we turn, we are constantly encouraged to experience as much as possible, for as long as

ISBN: 9781509531578

Binding: Paperback


The Joyous Science

by Friedrich Nietzsche

<i>The Joyous Science</i> is a liberating voyage of discovery as Nietzsche's realization that 'God is dead' and his critique of morality, the arts and modernity give way to an exhilarating doctrine of self-emancipation and the concept of eternal

ISBN: 9780141195391

Binding: Paperback


The Kindness Pact

8 Promises to Make you Feel Good About Who You Are and the Life You Live

by Domonique Bertolucci

<DIV>Most people are terribly unkind to themselves. They make harsh judgements, engage in endless self-criticism and are unforgiving of even the smallest of failings. At the same time these people are often loving and kind parents, generous and ...

ISBN: 9781743793893

Binding: Hardback


The Life of Plants

A Metaphysics of Mixture

by Emanuele Coccia

<p>We barely talk about them and seldom know their names. Philosophy has always overlooked them; even biology considers them as mere decoration on the tree of life. And yet plants give life to the Earth: they produce the atmosphere that ...

ISBN: 9781509531530

Binding: Paperback


The Little Book of Philosophy

by DK

Learn everything you need to know about the world of philosophy- from the key thinkers to modern concepts in a brand new portable size.<BR><BR>To the complete novice learning about philosophy can be daunting - <i>The Little Book of Philosophy ...

ISBN: 9780241341179

Binding: Paperback


The Many Futures of a Decision

by Jay Lampert

Combining two a central topics in philosophy in the 20th Century, this book considers the ethics and impact of decision-making alongside the philosophy of time.<br>When we make simple decisions, like the decision to wake up at 8 a.m. tomorrow, ...

ISBN: 9781350047792

Binding: Paperback


The Metamorphoses of Apuleius: On Making an Ass of Oneself

by Carl C Schlam

ISBN: 9780807865880

Binding: Paperback


The Method of Equality

Interviews with Laurent Jeanpierre and Dork Zabunyan

by Jacques Rancière

The development of Rancière&rsquo;s philosophical work, from his formative years through the political and methodological break with Louis Althusser and the lessons of May 68, is documented here, as are the confrontations with other thinkers, ...

ISBN: 9780745680637

Binding: Paperback