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Dissenting Words

by Battista edited by Emiliano Battista

<i>Dissenting Words</i> is a lively and engaging collection of interviews that span the length of Jacques Ranci re 's trajectory, from the critique of Althusserian Marxism and the work on proletarian thinking in the nineteenth century to the ...

ISBN: 9781350024700

Binding: Paperback



by Mari Ruti

Distilling into concise and focused formulations many of the main ideas that Mari Ruti has sought to articulate throughout her writing career, this book reflects on the general state of contemporary theory as it relates to posthumanist ethics, ...

ISBN: 9781501333781

Binding: Paperback


Divergent and Philosophy

The Factions of Life

by Courtland Lewis

<p>Courtland Lewis has scoured the planet to bring together the most talented faction members, factionless, and even a few from the Bureau to discuss the philosophy of&nbsp;<i>Divergent</i>.<br><br><i>Divergent and Philosophy</i>&nbsp;begins by ...

ISBN: 9780812699029

Binding: Paperback


Do Central Banks Serve the People?

by Peter Dietsch

ISBN: 9781509525768

Binding: Hardback


Do Central Banks Serve the People?

by Peter Dietsch

ISBN: 9781509525775

Binding: Paperback


Do They Think You're Stupid?

100 Ways of Spotting Spin and Nonsense from the Media, Celebrities and Politicians

by Julian Baggini

Banish bad arguments and woolly rhetoric! More addictive mental work-outs from the author of the bestselling The Pig that Wants to be Eaten. ...

ISBN: 9781847080837

Binding: Paperback


Doctor Strange and Philosophy

The Other Book of Forbidden Knowledge

by William Irwin

ISBN: 9781119437949

Binding: Paperback


Doctors and Healers

by Tobie Nathan

ISBN: 9781509521869

Binding: Paperback


Doing Good Better

Effective Altruism and a Radical New Way to Make a Difference

by William MacAskill

A radical reassessment of how we can most effectively help others by a rising star of philosophy and leading social entrepreneur. ...

ISBN: 9781783350513

Binding: Paperback


Doing Philosophy

How Philosophers Think

by Timothy Williamson

ISBN: 9780198822516

Binding: Hardback


Doing Race

by Hazel Rose Markus

A collection of new essays by an interdisciplinary team of authors that gives a comprehensive introduction to race and ethnicity. <p> Doing Race focuses on race and ethnicity in everyday life: what they are, how they work, and why they matter. ...

ISBN: 9780393930702

Binding: Paperback


Dream Of Enlightenment, The

by Anthony Gottlieb

In a short period - from the early 1640s to the eve of the French Revolution - Descartes, Hobbes, Spinoza, Locke, Leibniz, and Hume all made their mark on Western thought. <i>The Dream of Enlightenment </i>tells their story and that of the birth

ISBN: 9780141000664

Binding: Paperback


Dune and Philosophy

Weirding Way of the Mentat

by Jeffrey Nicholas

Frank Herbert?s <i>Dune</i> is the biggest-selling science fiction story of all time; the original book and its numerous sequels have transported millions of readers into the alternate reality of the Duniverse. <i>Dune and Philosophy</i> raises ...

ISBN: 9780812697155

Binding: Paperback


Dungeons and Dragons and Philosophy

Read and Gain Advantage on All Wisdom Checks

by Christopher Robichaud

<p>Do demons and devils have free will? Does justice exist in Menzoberranzan? What?s the morality involved with player characters casting necromancy and summoning spells?</p> <p><i>Dungeons & Dragons and Philosophy</i> probes the rich terrain of

ISBN: 9781118397626

Binding: Paperback


Duns Scotus: Philosophical Writings

by John Duns Scotus

ISBN: 9780872200180

Binding: Paperback


Duttons Orthopedic Survival Guide Managing Common Conditions

by Mark Dutton

ISBN: 9780071715102

Binding: Paperback


Early Greek Philosophy

by Jonathan Barnes

Democritus' atomic theory of matter, Zeno's dazzling 'proofs' that motion is impossible, Pythagorean insights into mathematics, Heraclitus' haunting and enigmatic epigrams - all form part of a revolution in human thought which relied on ...

ISBN: 9780140448153

Binding: Paperback


Early Modern Aesthetics

by J. McQuillan

ISBN: 9781783482115

Binding: Hardback


Echographies of Television

Filmed Interviews

by Jacques Derrida

In this important new book, Jacques Derrida talks with Bernard Stiegler about the effect of teletechnologies on our philosophical and political moment. Improvising before a camera, the two philosophers are confronted by the very technologies ...

ISBN: 9780745620374

Binding: Paperback


Ecology Of Wisdom

by Arne Naess

<b>'The smaller we come to feel ourselves compared with the mountain, the nearer we come to participating in its greatness.'</b><BR><b></b><BR>Philosopher, mountaineer, activist and visionary, Arne Naess's belief that all living things have ...

ISBN: 9780241257197

Binding: Paperback