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Do They Think You're Stupid?

100 Ways of Spotting Spin and Nonsense from the Media, Celebrities and Politicians

by Julian Baggini

Banish bad arguments and woolly rhetoric! More addictive mental work-outs from the author of the bestselling The Pig that Wants to be Eaten. ...

ISBN: 9781847080837

Binding: Paperback


Does Anything Really Matter?

Parfit on Objectivity

by Peter Singer

In the first two volumes of On What Matters Derek Parfit argues that there are objective moral truths, and other normative truths about what we have reasons to believe, and to want, and to do. In defending his view, Parfit argues that if there ...

ISBN: 9780199653836

Binding: Hardback


Doing Good Better

Effective Altruism and a Radical New Way to Make a Difference

by William MacAskill

A radical reassessment of how we can most effectively help others by a rising star of philosophy and leading social entrepreneur. ...

ISBN: 9781783350513

Binding: Paperback


Don't Get Fooled Again

The Sceptic's Guide to Life

by Richard Wilson

Turned off by pseudo-science, moral panics, conspiracy theories or 1,001 ways to discover the inner you? Richard Wilson offers a balm - sceptics of the world, unite! ...

ISBN: 9781848310148

Binding: Hardback


Draw Your Weapons

by Sarah Sentilles

In<i> Draw Your Weapons</i>, Sarah Sentilles offers an impassioned defence of life lived by peace and principle. Through a dazzling combination of memoir, history, reporting, visual culture, literature and theology, Sentilles tells the true ...

ISBN: 9781925498622

Binding: Paperback


Dream Of Enlightenment The

by Anthony Gottlieb

In a short period - from the early 1640s to the eve of the French Revolution - Descartes, Hobbes, Spinoza, Locke, Leibniz, and Hume all made their mark on Western thought. <i>The Dream of Enlightenment </i>tells their story and that of the birth

ISBN: 9780141000664

Binding: Paperback


Dream Of Enlightenment, The

by Anthony Gottlieb

"" ...

ISBN: 9780713995442

Binding: Hardback


Dream Of Reason, The

by Anthony Gottlieb

"The definitive introduction to early Western philosophy, now fully revised and updated. Already a classic, this landmark account of early Western thought now appears in a new edition with expanded coverage of the Middle Ages.<i>The Dream of ...

ISBN: 9780141983844

Binding: Paperback


Dungeons & Dragons and Philosophy

Read and Gain Advantage on All Wisdom Checks

by Christopher Robichaud

<p>Do demons and devils have free will? Does justice exist in Menzoberranzan? What?s the morality involved with player characters casting necromancy and summoning spells?</p> <p><i>Dungeons & Dragons and Philosophy</i> probes the rich terrain of

ISBN: 9781118397626

Binding: Paperback


Early Greek Philosophy

by Jonathan Barnes

Democritus' atomic theory of matter, Zeno's dazzling 'proofs' that motion is impossible, Pythagorean insights into mathematics, Heraclitus' haunting and enigmatic epigrams - all form part of a revolution in human thought which relied on ...

ISBN: 9780140448153

Binding: Paperback


Ecology Of Wisdom

by Arne Naess

"The smaller we come to feel ourselves compared with the mountain, the nearer we come to participating in its greatness' Philosopher, mountaineer, activist and visionary, Arne Naess's belief that all living things have value made him one of ...

ISBN: 9780241257197

Binding: Paperback



by Jurgen Neffe

Albert Einstein is an icon of the twentieth century. Born in Ulm, Germany, in 1879, he is most famous for his theory of relativity, which is considered the founding principle of modern physics. He also made enormous contributions to quantum ...

ISBN: 9780745642215

Binding: Paperback



by Soren Kierkegaard

In <i>Either/Or</i>, using the voices of two characters - the aesthetic young man of part one, called simply 'A', and the ethical Judge Vilhelm of the second section - Kierkegaard reflects upon the search for a meaningful existence, ...

ISBN: 9780140445770

Binding: Paperback


Elements of Mind

An Introduction to the Philosophy of Mind

by Tim Crane

'... an immensely well-informed an up-to-date discussion... Replete with controversial and original insights, it is sure to stimulate the interest of students and specialists alike.' THESThis book provides an accessible lively introduction to ...

ISBN: 9780192892973

Binding: Paperback


Emmanuel Levinas and Maurice Blanchot: Ethics and the Ambiguity of Writing

by William Large

ISBN: 9781903083338

Binding: Paperback



by Carolyn Price

<p>Emotion is at the centre of our personal and social lives. To love or to hate, to be frightened or grateful is not just a matter of how we feel on the inside: our emotional responses direct our thoughts and actions, unleash our imaginations, ...

ISBN: 9780745656366

Binding: Paperback



by Derek Matravers

<p>How can we understand another person s feelings, thoughts, words or behaviour? Through empathy, it is hoped, we might use our imaginations to shift our perspective into another person s, thereby grasping their thoughts and emotions.<br /><br ...

ISBN: 9780745670744

Binding: Hardback



by Derek Matravers

<p>How can we understand another person s feelings, thoughts, words or behaviour? Through empathy, it is hoped, we might use our imaginations to shift our perspective into another person s, thereby grasping their thoughts and emotions.<br /><br ...

ISBN: 9780745670751

Binding: Paperback



by Roman Krznaric

"Influential popular philosopher Roman Krznaric argues our brains are wired for social connection- empathy is at the heart of who we are. It's an essential, transforming quality we must develop for the 21st Century. Through encounters with ...

ISBN: 9781846043857

Binding: Paperback


Endocrine Physiology 4/E

by Patricia Molina

ISBN: 9780071796774

Binding: Paperback