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Cock and Bull Stories

by Peter;Jerram, Peter; Anderson

"Humorous heartland stories from two New Zealand country vets. Peter Anderson and Peter Jerram have rounded up a selection of highly entertaining yarns about the animals, and owners, they've come across during their more than thirty years in ...

ISBN: 9781869795191

Binding: Paperback


Cooking for Two: Your Dog & You!

Delicious Recipes for You and Your Favorite Canine

by Brandon Schultz

<p>Share a meal with your best furry friend! With&nbsp;<i>Cooking for Two: Your Dog and You</i>, canines and their humans can enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner together! In this two-species cookbook, Brandon Schultz has adapted dozens of ...

ISBN: 9781510714953

Binding: Hardback


Dalai Lama's Cat And The Art Of Purring, The

by David Michie

What makes you purr? Of all the questions in the world, this is the most important. It is also the great leveler. Because no matter whether you are a playful kitten or a sedentary senior, a scrawny alley Tom or a sleek-coated ...

ISBN: 9781401943271

Binding: Paperback


Dalai Lama's Cat And The Power Of Meow, The

by Michie David

<i>'If you ever doubted that your feline companion has her own inner life, just watch what happens when she falls asleep, and loses conscious control of her physical being . . . a twitching of limbs, a quivering of the jaw, sometimes, perhaps, a

ISBN: 9781401946241

Binding: Paperback


Dognitive Therapy

by Laura Vissaritis

<b>Training your dog starts with you.</b> In this friendly and comprehensive guide, expert dog behaviourist Laura Vissaritis teaches you how to better understand your dog?s behaviour and, more importantly, how to change it. Your bond with your ...

ISBN: 9780143783497

Binding: Paperback


Dogs of Courage

When Britain s Pets Went to War 1939 45

by Clare Campbell

ISBN: 9781472115676

Binding: Paperback


Energy Healing for Animals

A Hands-on Guide for Enhancing the Health, Longevity, and Happiness of Your Pets

by Joan Ranquet

Natural healing for pets has emerged into the mainstream veterinarians across the nation are now providing acupuncture, chiropractic, and other alternative methods. With <i>Energy Healing for Animals</i>, acclaimed animal communicator Joan ...

ISBN: 9781604076714

Binding: Paperback


Everything Dog Training and Tricks Book: All you need to turn even the most mischievous pooch into a well-behaved pet

by Gerilyn J Bielakiewicz

Synopsis coming soon....... ...

ISBN: 9781605500225

Binding: Paperback


Everything New Puppy Book: Choosing, raising, and training your new bestfriend

by Amy Ammen

Synopsis coming soon....... ...

ISBN: 9781605500430

Binding: Paperback


Fat Cat Art: Famous Masterpieces Improved by a Ginger Cat with Attitude

by Svetlana Petrova

Internet meme meets classical art in Svetlana Petrova's brilliant <i>Fat Cat Art</i>. Featuring her twenty-two-pound, ginger-colored cat Zarathustra, rightfully restored to some of the greatest artworks of all time, Petrova's paintings are ...

ISBN: 9780399174780

Binding: Paperback


Favourite Pets - Read It Yourself with Ladybird Level 1

by Ladybird

Rabbits, gerbils, cats and dogs! Learn all about your favourite pets in this delightful non-fiction reader, perfect for beginners taking their first steps in reading. Read it yourself with Ladybird is one of Ladybird's best-selling reading ...

ISBN: 9780241237328

Binding: Paperback


Fit Cat

Tips and tricks to give your pet a longer, healthier, happier life

by Arden Moore

Tips and tricks to give your pet a longer, healthier, happier life. ...

ISBN: 9781760111700

Binding: Paperback


Fit Dog

Tips and Tricks to Give Your Pet a Longer, Healthier, Happier Life

by Arden Moore

Tips and tricks to give your pet a longer, healthier, happier life. ...

ISBN: 9781760111694

Binding: Paperback


Four-Legged Therapy

How fur, scales and feathers can make life worth living

by Dept Ltd

ISBN: 9781912023660

Binding: Hardback


Fun & Games for a Smarter Dog

50 Great Brain Games to Engage Your Dog

by Max Wainewright

<i>Fun & Games for a Smarter Dog</i> offers dozens of options to help you build your bond wth your dog, work on his obedience, boost his thinking skills, and ramp up his fitness levels. ...

ISBN: 9781782404057

Binding: Paperback


Gabby: The Little Dog that had to Learn to Bark

by Barby Keel

ISBN: 9781409182306

Binding: Paperback


Get Fit with your Dog

20 Ways to Active Health Together

by Karen Sullivan

<i>Get Fit with Your Dog</i> does what it says on the tin. It is a blueprint for health, for you and your dog. ...

ISBN: 9781782404682

Binding: Paperback


Goodbye Pet, and See You in Heaven

A Memoir of Animals, Love and Loss

by Bel Mooney

<p>When her beloved small dog died, Bel Mooney was astonished at the depth of her ongoing sorrow. Sharing her loss online and in a newspaper article brought a deluge of responses, spurring Bel to explore these feelings further. Why do humans ...

ISBN: 9781785902338

Binding: Paperback


Happy Hens

by Organic Gardener Magazine

All you need to know to keep your chooks healthy and content from the popular ABC Organic Gardener magazine. Whatever size your backyard, you can keep hens and collect fresh eggs every day! Featuring the best of Organic Gardener magazine's ...

ISBN: 9780733334498

Binding: Paperback


Horse Manual

The complete step-by-step guide to owning a horse or pony

by Carolyn Henderson

Whether you are learning to ride, are a novice horse owner or a parent with a pony-mad child, the Horse Manual, now available in paperback, will give you authoritative and practical guidance on all aspects of horse care. Written in a clear, ...

ISBN: 9780857334893

Binding: Paperback