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Philip's Stargazing Month-by-Month Guide to the Night Sky Britain & Ireland

by Heather Couper

ISBN: 9781849074803

Binding: Paperback


Planet Earth II

by Stephen Moss

"10 years on from the first, groundbreaking, Planet Earth, we use the most incredible advances in technology and scientific discovery to bring you the most exciting and immersive picture of our world's wildlife yet. With over 250 breathtaking ...

ISBN: 9781849909655

Binding: Hardback


Planet Factory: Exoplanets and the Search for a Second Earth

by Elizabeth Tasker

Twenty years ago, the search for planets outside the Solar System was a job restricted to science-fiction writers. Now it 's one of the fastest-growing fields in astronomy with thousands of exoplanets discovered to date, and the number is ...

ISBN: 9781472917737

Binding: Paperback



by Ann Moyal

The extraordinary story of a biological riddle that confounded scientists for nearly ninety years - the beguiling, elusive platypus. ...

ISBN: 9781741757798

Binding: Paperback


Pocket Photo Guide to the Mammals of Sou

by Charles Francis

This compact, easy-to-use identification guide describes 192 species of mammals found in South-east Asia, covering each major genus. The book features thumbnail silhouettes, a regional distribution map, and up-to-date tips on the best wildlife ...

ISBN: 9781472937971

Binding: Paperback


Polar Bears

by Julie Murray

ISBN: 9781617837999

Binding: Hardback


Practical Astronomer The

by DK

An accessible and inspirational astronomy guide that gives you all the knowledge you need to expand your understanding of the night sky.<br><br>This guide explains and demystifies stargazing, teaching you to recognise different objects such as ...

ISBN: 9780241302231

Binding: Hardback


Puppies for Dummies, 3rd Edition

by Sarah Hodgson

<b>Everything you need to train a puppy</b> <p>Bringing home a puppy? This fun, friendly guide to puppies prepares you for this tough but terrific time. From the basics of puppy training?housebreaking, feeding, crating?to the latest on doggie ...

ISBN: 9781118117552

Binding: Paperback


Rabbits for Dummies, 2nd Edition

by Connie Isbell

<p>Now updated?a highly informative guide to the joys of bunny ownership</p> <p>This new edition of Rabbits For Dummies gives readers a well-informed look before hopping headlong into the wonderful world of raising rabbits. From choosing a ...

ISBN: 9780470430644

Binding: Paperback



Dispatches from Earth's most vital frontlines

by Tony Juniper

Rainforests are key to the health of our world - they maintain the water and air cycles, store carbon, and have yielded countless numbers of medical drugs. We have already destroyed half their area. We need urgently to save the half that's left.

ISBN: 9781781256367

Binding: Hardback


Raise Happy Chickens

How to raise healthy chickens and other poultry in your outdoor space

by Victoria Roberts

ISBN: 9781473679481

Binding: Paperback


Reading the Clouds

by Oliver Perkins

Wouldn 't it be useful to be able to accurately predict the weather simply by reading the clouds' Well, with this book, you can!<br> <br>TV forecasts, online predictions and smartphone apps are all based on the same data a number-crunched ...

ISBN: 9781472960184

Binding: Paperback



by Jacky Colliss Harvey

ISBN: 9781579129965

Binding: Hardback


Reed Concise Gd FROGS of Austr

by Marion Anstis

A new title in our existing popular series of the Reed Concise Field Guides to Australian Wildlife. This is the ultimate pocket guide to the country’s frogs. It may be diminutive in size but it punches well above its weight in terms of ...

ISBN: 9781921517907

Binding: Paperback


Reed Concise Guide to Animals of Australia

by New Holland Publishers

Pocket sized.Covers over 200 species of mammal, reptile and amphibian.Contains 250 photographs illustrating key features.Pocket sized Covers over 200 species of mammal, reptile and amphibian.Contains 250 photographs illustrating key ...

ISBN: 9781921517549

Binding: Paperback


Retired Racing Greyhounds for Dummies

by Lee Livingood

ISBN: 9780764552762

Binding: Paperback



by Richard Milne

<div>Has a group of plants ever inspired such love in some, and such hatred in others, as rhododendrons? Their propensity towards sexual infidelity makes them popular with horticultural breeders, and early plant collectors faced mortal peril to ...

ISBN: 9781780238159

Binding: Hardback


Risso's Dolphins

by Kristin Petrie

Have you ever watched a group of Dolphins doing tricks? How do they do it? Dolphins azre among the smartest animals on Earth. In this series, readers discover the secret to the special way dolphins communicate. Find out where dolphins live, and ...

ISBN: 9781596793033

Binding: Hardback


RSPB Spotlight Hedgehogs

by James Lowen

Much loved ... but about to be lost' The Hedgehog regularly tops polls of the UK 's favourite animal, yet numbers in our countryside have halved this century. Generations of children have been captivated by Beatrix Potter 's <i>The Tale of Mrs

ISBN: 9781472950086

Binding: Paperback


RSPB Spotlight Swifts and Swallows

by Mike Unwin

People all over Britain and Europe have long welcomed the arrival of swifts and swallows as a promise of summer being just around the corner. And with their similar long wings and dashing flight, it is perhaps understandable that we often ...

ISBN: 9781472950116

Binding: Paperback