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Kosciuszko Alpine Flora: Field Edition

by A. B. Costin

<h2><br></h2><p><b>Reprint coming soon.</b></p><p>Around Australia’s highest mountain lies a rare ecosystem, an alpine area of outstanding beauty and diversity, strikingly different from other alpine ecosystems of the world but with common ...

ISBN: 9780643065215

Binding: Paperback


Lake Superior

by John F Prevost

Surveys the origin, geological borders, climate, water, plant and animal life, and economic and ecological aspects of Lake Superior. ...

ISBN: 9781577651048

Binding: Hardback


Lake Victoria

by Cari Meister

Surveys the origin, geological borders, climate, water, plant and animal life, and economic and ecological aspects of the world's second largest lake. ...

ISBN: 9781577651055

Binding: Hardback


Last Horse Standing

by Michael Keenan

"An amazing true story of courage and survival in the outback by the bestselling author of <i>The Horses Too Are Gone.</i> In 1971 bushman Jack Camp went mustering wild cattle - 'cleanskins' - in a vast and isolated stretch of the Kimberley ...

ISBN: 9781863255790

Binding: Paperback


Lesser Beasts

A Snout-to-Tail History of the Humble Pig

by Mark Essig

ISBN: 9780465052745

Binding: Hardback


Life In The Sloth Lane

Slow Down and Smell the Hibiscus

by Lucy Cooke

<DIV><P>Is there a reason sloths are always smiling? Yes! They&rsquo;ve mastered the art of living slow in a world whose pace is making everyone crazy. Along with being the &ldquo;it&rdquo; animal &ndash; &ldquo;sloths are the new kittens&rdquo;

ISBN: 9780761193227

Binding: Hardback



by Marylou Morano Kjelle

Around the world, skilled animals hunt and catch their prey. Learn more about the lion and the special characteristics that make it such an excellent predator. This title takes you on the hunt with well-researched, clearly written informational ...

ISBN: 9781617839504

Binding: Hardback


Little Brown Bats

by Jill C Wheeler

Bats are mammals. But unlike all the other mammals on Earth, bats can fly. In this series, find out all about this fascinating animal. Learn how to identify different bats, and where they live. Discover the amazing way bats fly in the dark, ...

ISBN: 9781596793255

Binding: Hardback


Little Penguins

by New Holland Publishers

The Little Penguin, Blue Penguin or Fairy Penguin ... whichever name you give it, this fascinating bird lives an extraordinary life. It is the world’s smallest penguin species, found all around the coasts of New Zealand and the southern half of ...

ISBN: 9781921517969

Binding: Paperback


Livinia Nixon's Discover the Weather

by Livinia Nixon

Livinia Nixon, Channel 9 personality and weather presenter, has created a fantastic and fun guide to discovering how weather works. Discover interesting facts about weather and answer your questions in this bright and informative book. ...

ISBN: 9781760454371

Binding: Hardback


Mammals of Europe, North Africa and the Middle East

by S,Haffner, Patrick,Mitchell-J Aulagnier

Covering over 400 species, this work presents all of the terrestrial mammal species of the Western Palearctic, serving as an excellent guide to the great wealth of fauna in this region. Species accounts are concise and authoritative, giving ...

ISBN: 9781472960993

Binding: Hardback



A New View of the Red Planet

by Giles Sparrow

ISBN: 9781848664616

Binding: Hardback


Meetings With Remarkable Trees

by Thomas Pakenham

ISBN: 9780753802373

Binding: Paperback


Mountains Of The Mind

A History Of A Fascination

by Robert Macfarlane

A new cover edition of this bestselling classic of nature writing. ...

ISBN: 9781783784509

Binding: Paperback



by Georgie Carroll

<p>An animal worshipped, slaughtered, loved and loathed, the mouse is a&nbsp;<span style="line-height: 1.45em;">beguiling part of our culture and environment. Mouse&nbsp; explores in rich&nbsp;</span><span style="line-height: 1.45em;">detail the

ISBN: 9781780233390

Binding: Paperback


Mrs Moreau's Warbler

How Birds Got Their Names

by Stephen Moss

<i>Guardian</i> columnist & Springwatch expert Stephen Moss combines detective work, natural history, folklore and first hand observations to explore how birds got their names and our long and eventful relationship with the natural world. ...

ISBN: 9781783350902

Binding: Hardback


My Encounters With Minibeasts From Purple Moonbeams to Itchy Cows

From Purple Moonbeams to Itchy Cows

by New Holland Publishers

My Encounters with Minibeasts is a collection of stories about insects and spiders by naturalist Densey Clyne, who is internationally known for her writing, photography and nature documentaries. The 35 chapters comprise personal recollections of

ISBN: 9781925546170

Binding: Paperback


Natural History

by The Elder Plinny

ISBN: 9780140444131

Binding: Paperback


Natural History Book, The

by Kindersley Dorling

<p>A monumental and extraordinarily beautiful guide to the Earth's natural wonders<br /><br />Five years in the making, covering over 5,000 species, <i>The Natural History Book</i> is one-of-a-kind; the only book to offer a complete survey ...

ISBN: 9781405336994

Binding: Hardback


Natural Wonders of the World

by DK

A continent by continent journey around Earth's most beautiful, spectacular, and captivating landscapes. Discover which of Earth's wonders should definitely make it onto your bucket list with this unparalleled survey of the world's incredible ...

ISBN: 9780241276297

Binding: Hardback