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Cronin's Key Guide to Australian Wildlife

by Leonard Cronin

Beautifully illustrated and a wonderful introduction to identifying Australian plants and animals. ...

ISBN: 9781741750751

Binding: Paperback


Crystal Guide: Identification, Purpose, Powers and Values


Crystals have been used as items of great spiritual significance and powerful personal adornments for thousands of years. Whether collected for their beauty, for research, or as tools in healing practices, The Crystal Guide provides a ...

ISBN: 9781440247187

Binding: Paperback


Curious Encounters with the Natural World: From Grumpy Spiders to Hidden Tigers

by Michael Jeffords

ISBN: 9780252082665

Binding: Paperback


Curious Minds

The Discoveries of Australian Naturalists

by Peter Macinnis

Curious Minds: The Discoveries of Australian Naturalists looks at the long line of naturalists who have traversed Australia in search of new plants and animals. Identifying and classifying the unfamiliar plants and animals was their biggest ...

ISBN: 9780642277541

Binding: Paperback


Curious Nature Guide


With dozens of simple prompts and exercises, best-selling author, naturalist, and artist Clare Walker Leslie invites you to step outside for just a few minutes a day, reignite your sense of wonder about the natural world, and discover the peace ...

ISBN: 9781612125091

Binding: Paperback


Curvilinear Designs


Originally published in the early Victorian era, this decorative tour de force marks the shift of popular taste from Neoclassicism, foreshadowing the development of Art Nouveau. An eclectic assembly of forty-seven engraved plates includes ...

ISBN: 9780486489766

Binding: Paperback


Dark Emu

Black seeds agriculture or accident?

by Bruce Pascoe

Dark Emu puts forward an argument for a reconsideration of the hunter-gatherer tag for precolonial Aboriginal Australians. The evidence insists that Aboriginal people right across the continent were using domesticated plants, sowing, ...

ISBN: 9781922142436

Binding: Paperback


Days of the Dinosaurs Poster


Wildlife illustrator Matthew Kalmenoff created this gripping scene from prehistoric life, in which a pair of tyrannosaurs stalk two duck-billed dinosaurs. Printed on heavy stock and laminated, this high-quality poster will enliven any room. ...

ISBN: 9780486390000

Binding: Poster



by John Fletcher

The Celts called them fairy cattle and the Greeks associated them with the hunter-goddess Artemis, but for most people today deer are seen as cute, like Bambi, or noble, like the Monarch of the Glen. Deer appear on coats of arms, in fine art and

ISBN: 9781780230887

Binding: Paperback


Desert Fishing Lessons

adventures in Australia's Rivers

by Adam Kerezsy

I spend an inordinate amount of time grubbing around muddy waterholes and rivers, thinking about the why and how of fish that live in specific areasFish and deserts are unusual bedfellows, but thats the way it is. In Desert Fishing Lessons, ...

ISBN: 9781742582528

Binding: Paperback



by Brad Purcell

Many present-day Australians see the dingo as a threat and a pest to human production systems. An alternative viewpoint, which is more in tune with Indigenous culture, allows others to see the dingo as a means to improve human civilisation. The ...

ISBN: 9780643096936

Binding: Paperback




Dense vegetation, churning seas, and eerie lighting form the backdrops to dramatic scenes filled with prehistoric beasts. Award-winning nature artist Jan Sovak vividly portrays more than 20 different species of dinosaurs in a variety of poses: ...

ISBN: 9780486448824

Binding: Paperback


Do Birds Have Knees?: All Your Bird Questions Answered

by Stephen Moss

Ever looked at a bird and thought, 'I wonder why birds sing...'? Find the answer to this and many more intriguing questions about birds here. How do ducks on frozen ponds stop their feet from freezing solid in winter?Do birds sleep standing ...

ISBN: 9781472932358

Binding: Paperback


Do Dogs Dream? Nearly Everything Your Dog Wants You to Know

by Stanley Coren

ISBN: 9780393338126

Binding: Paperback


Do Unto Animals

by Tracey Stewart

A heartfelt and richly illustrated guide to the animals in our world—pets at home, wildlife in the backyard, and livestock on the farm—that encourages readers to interact with animals in a more caring and thoughtful way.Part ...

ISBN: 9781579656232

Binding: Paperback


Dog Training for Dummies, 3rd Edition

by Jack Volhard

With more than 25 percent updated content, readers can discover the power of motivational training as well as: A new chapter on common health issues that affect behavior and training, and how to avoid them with a little preventative care Update

ISBN: 9780470600290

Binding: Paperback


Dog Whisperer:Essential Guide to Raising a Happy Dog

by J & Cole, L Richardson

"Compehensive and effective, The Dog Whisperer is the essential guide to training your canine companion. Based on the premise that the modern dog still shares many of the behavioural characteristics of its ancestor, the wolf, this book will show

ISBN: 9781864366983

Binding: Paperback


Dog Years

Faithful Friends, Then & Now

by Amanda Jones

Dog Years is a one-of-a-kind look at the lives and stories of 30 dogs. Photographer Amanda Jones reveals the unique spark of personality that lasts a lifetime in portraits of each dog at young and old ages. These beautiful images of breeds ...

ISBN: 9781452137452

Binding: Hardback


Dogs in Action

Working Dogs and Their Stories

by Maria Alomajan

In this book, Maria Alomajan shows that dogs should be revered for their remarkable achievements in improving human life. She tells the stories of a great variety of dogs, from their initial selection for work to their training, work experiences

ISBN: 9781927187999

Binding: Paperback


Dogs in Cars

by Lara Jo Regan

ISBN: 9781581572797

Binding: Hardback