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Rusted Off: Why country Australia is fed up

by Gabrielle Chan

ISBN: 9780143789284

Binding: Paperback


Sharks Never Sleep

First-hand encounters with killers of the sea

by Brendan McAloon

<DIV><P>Following a year of record numbers of shark attacks, <B>Sharks Never Sleep</B><I>&#160;</I>takes us around the world to meet shark-attack survivors, shark lovers and shark hunters, who tell us of the primal fear of being eaten alive by a

ISBN: 9781743793701

Binding: Paperback



by Philip Armstrong

<p>The Egyptians worshipped them, the Romans dressed them in fitted coats, the Christians made the shepherd synonymous with their divine saviour. In Sheep, Philip Armstrong traces the natural and cultural history of both the wild and domestic ...

ISBN: 9781780235936

Binding: Paperback


Siberian Huskies for Dummies

by Diane Morgan

ISBN: 9780764552793

Binding: Paperback


Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History

by Elizabeth Kolbert

Over the last half a billion years, there have been five mass extinctions of life on earth. <br> <br> Scientists around the world are currently monitoring the sixth, predicted to be the most devastating extinction event since the asteroid impact

ISBN: 9781408851241

Binding: Paperback


Skimming Stones

and other ways of being in the wild

by Rob Cowen

ISBN: 9781444735994

Binding: Paperback


Snow Farmer, The

by Sally Rae

"<b><b>One man's dream to breathe life into a sleepy Central Otago valley has brought high-adrenaline adventure to millions in a spectacularly beautiful part of New Zealand.</b></b> Heavily illustrated with historic and scenic images, this book

ISBN: 9781775538851

Binding: Paperback


Snow On the Lindis

by Dawson,Madge Sn

"<b>A station matriarch recounts a life lived on the famous Morven Hills Station. </b> <i></i> <i>Snow on the Lindis</i> is Madge Snow s story of living at Morven Hills Station on the Lindis Pass. Morven Hills is one of New Zealand s most ...

ISBN: 9781775537922

Binding: Paperback


Space is Cool as Fuck

by Kate Howells

With a little help from her friends in the community (including legendary Bill Nye the Science Guy), Kate Howells has put together this kid 's book for adults, where everything you thought you could never understand about the universe is ...

ISBN: 9781921997969

Binding: Hardback


Spaceport Earth

by Joe Pappalardo

The twenty-first century space industry is changing drastically where private sector companies (e.g. Richard Branson 's Virgin Galactic SpaceshipOne and Elon Musk 's SpaceX) are building a dizzying array of new space crafts and rockets, not ...

ISBN: 9780715652848

Binding: Hardback



by Kristin Petrie

ISBN: 9781624036637

Binding: Hardback


Star-Nosed Moles

by Marcia Zappa

ISBN: 9781624037788

Binding: Hardback


Steve Backshall's Deadly 60

by Steve Backshall

From lethal beauties to killer beasts, from the unseen to the unexpected, the one thing these creatures have in common is that they are all deadly to other animals. Steve's encounters range from famous killers such as the Black Mamba and the ...

ISBN: 9781472911735

Binding: Hardback


Still in the Bush

by Len Beadell

Laden with trig poles, theodolites and porridge Beadell and his team built roads, laid out town sites and undertook an enormous survey programme in order to prepare a test launching area in one of the most isolated parts of the world. The ...

ISBN: 9781864367836

Binding: Paperback


Storms Over Blackpeak

by Holly Ford

"<b>Will love weather the storms in this high-country romance?</b> In the shadow of Black Peak, Carr Fergusson's grand old homestead is in need of a housekeeper. When shy, city-bred Cally Jones arrives at Glencairn Station to take the reins, ...

ISBN: 9781775537731

Binding: Paperback


Streak of Tigers

: Animal Groups in the Jungle

by Alex Kuskowski

This book takes a look at the types and behavior of animal groups that live in the jungle. ...

ISBN: 9781617835421

Binding: Hardback


Sunburnt Country: The History and Future of Climate Change in Australia

by Jo?lle Gergis

What was Australia's climate like before official weather records began? How do scientists use tree-rings, ice cores and tropical corals to retrace the past? What do Indigenous seasonal calendars reveal? And what do settler diary entries about ...

ISBN: 9780522871548

Binding: Paperback



by Stephen Harris

<div>Sunflowers are the most recognizable members of the world's largest family of plants, Asteraceae, which includes lettuce, chrysanthemums, asters, dahlias and weeds. The sunflower family is found in almost all habitats, from the driest ...

ISBN: 9781780239262

Binding: Hardback


Superstar Dogs

Easy tricks that will give your pet the spotlight they deserve

by Julie Tottman

ISBN: 9781409174929

Binding: Hardback


Tadpoles and Frogs of Australia

by Marion Anstis

The identification of the eggs and tadpoles of Australian frogs has been a study waiting to happen for a very long time. Marion Anstis began the process of addressing this with her first book Tadpoles of South eastern Australia: a guide with ...

ISBN: 9781925546019

Binding: Hardback