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Field Gd to Useful Native Plan

by Caton JM & Hardwick RJ

Detailed descriptions of over 150 useful plants from the temperate eco region.• More than 600 colour photos and drawings for ease of identification, as well as maps of localand Australia wide distributions.• Information on a wide range of uses ...

ISBN: 9781922134608

Binding: Paperback


Field Guide to Australian Tree

by Ivan Holliday

This book covers more than 400 species, representing some 80 different genera.Ivan Holliday's A Field Guide to Australian Trees has been reprinted numerous times and become a classic guide. This 3rd revised edition includes four additional ...

ISBN: 9781876334796

Binding: Paperback


Field Guide to the Grasses, Sedges, and Rushes of the United States


With its clear, easy-to-use format, accurate line drawings, and concise descriptions, Edward Knobel's Field Guide can help make you an expert at identifying the common grasses, sedges, and rushes of the United States. Over 370 of the most common

ISBN: 9780486235059

Binding: Paperback


Field Guide to the Rattans of Africa

by Terry Sunderland

ISBN: 9781842461808

Binding: Paperback


Field Guide to the Wild Flowers of the Algarve

by Chris Thorogood

This is the first comprehensive identification guide to the rich Mediterranean flora of the Algarve region of southern Portugal, including the Cape St. Vincent Peninsula National Park, an area of immense botanical importance with numerous ...

ISBN: 9781842464977

Binding: Hardback


Field Guide to the Wild Flowers of the Western Mediterranean

A Guide to the Native Plants of Andalucia

by Tony Hall

Field Guide to the Wild Flowers of the Western Mediterranean is the most comprehensive and up-to-date plant identification guide to the area. An ideal companion for wildlife and plant enthusiasts, this guide will enable you to reliably identify ...

ISBN: 9781842466162

Binding: Hardback


Field Guide to the Wild Plants of Oman

by Helen Pickering

Designed for outdoor enthusiasts, this will also be valued by those with more specialised botanical interests. The main sections cover 250 common species, and each account is enhanced by fascinating colour photographs which enable quick ...

ISBN: 9781842461778

Binding: Hardback


Fifty Animals that Changed the Course of History

by Eric Chaline

A fascinating and beautifully presented guide to the animals that have had the greatest impact on human civilisation through the ages. ...

ISBN: 9781742377131

Binding: Hardback


Fifty Bales of Hay


Roger Evans faces each day on his dairy farm in Shropshire with a wonderful mixture of dry humour, sharp observation and a delight in the natural world and the animals around him. This latest book of his popular diary entries takes his fans ...

ISBN: 9781910723302

Binding: Hardback


Fifty Minerals that Changed the Course of History

by Eric Chaline

A fascinating compendium of the metals, rocks, organic materials, and gems that have had the greatest impact on the development of human civilisation from prehistory to the present day. ...

ISBN: 9781742379500

Binding: Hardback


Fifty Plants that Changed the Course of History

by Bill Laws

A beautifully crafted book that uncovers the fascinating stories of some of the world's best-known plants. ...

ISBN: 9781742372181

Binding: Hardback


Fifty Years Among the Bees


One of the few people of his time who actually made a living from bees, C. C. Miller made beekeeping his sole business, beginning as a hobby in 1861 and continuing until his death in 1920, following a long and distinguished career that produced ...

ISBN: 9780486447285

Binding: Paperback


Five Acres and Independence


ISBN: 9780486209746

Binding: Paperback


Flocks of Colour

by Penny Olsen

<p>What name could be a more apt description of Australia than ‘The Land of Parrots’, a name inspired by late sixteenth-century maps showing a southern region labelled ‘Psittacorum regio’? This beautiful book takes a close look at parrots in ...

ISBN: 9780642278067

Binding: Paperback



by Sandra Knapp

<i>Flora</i> is an enchanting voyage of discovery capturing the excitement and wonder of plant exploration through art. ...

ISBN: 9781760110116

Binding: Hardback


Flora & Fauna of the Bible

by Peter Goodfellow

An engaging and informative study of all the most important plants and animals mentioned in the Bible, relating the references both to Bible times and to wildlife in the Holy Land now and, where appropriate, explaining the message or symbolism ...

ISBN: 9781909612549

Binding: Paperback


Flora of New South Wales Volume 2

by G Harden

ISBN: 9780868406091

Binding: Hardback


Flowering Plants A Concise Pictorial Guide

by Leon Gray

This book graphically illustrates over 100 of the most important plant families that shape our lives and environment. ...

ISBN: 9781842464380

Binding: Hardback


Flowers of Crete

by John Fielding

This sumptuous and authoritative book covers over 800 species, lavishly illustrated in colour. ...

ISBN: 9781842460795

Binding: Hardback


Flowers, Butterflies and Insects


The splendid engravings in this historic book combine beautiful images of roses, butterflies, tulips, caterpillars, and other specimens of plant and insect life in elegant full-page compositions. Representing a notable achievement from a great ...

ISBN: 9780486266367

Binding: Paperback