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Evidence-based Clinical Chinese Medicine - Volume 16: Atopic Dermatitis

by Charlie Changli Xue

ISBN: 9789811206115

Binding: Hardback


Evidence-based Clinical Chinese Medicine - Volume 9: Vascular Dementia

by Charlie Changli Xue

ISBN: 9789811204944

Binding: Hardback


Evidence-Based Practice for Occupational Therapists

by M. Clare Taylor

Evidence-based practice (EBP) is one of the driving forces in current healthcare practice. Occupational therapists recognise the need for research and for an evidence-based approach to interventions, but can need guidance on how to do this. This

ISBN: 9781405137003

Binding: Paperback


Examining Tuskegee: The Infamous Syphilis Study and Its Legacy

by Susan M Reverby

ISBN: 9781469609720

Binding: Paperback



Fear Cure: Cultivating Courage As Medicine For The Body, Mind And Soul,The

by Lissa Rankin

Not many people in the medical world are talking about how being afraid can make us sick-but the truth is that fear, left untreated, becomes a serious risk factor for conditions from heart disease to diabetes to cancer. Now Lissa Rankin, M.D., ...

ISBN: 9781401944278

Binding: Paperback


First Aid For The Pediatrics Clerkship

by Ganti

ISBN: 9781259834318

Binding: Paperback


First Aid For The Usmle Step 1 2019, 29E

by Le

ISBN: 9781260143676

Binding: Paperback


Fitness For Dummies

by Suzanne Schlosberg

<b>The latest and greatest in getting fit and staying that way!</b> <p><i>Fitness For Dummies, 4th Edition,</i> provides the latest information and advice for properly shaping, conditioning, and strengthening your body to enhance overall ...

ISBN: 9780470767597

Binding: Paperback


Fluorine Magnetic Resonance Imaging

by Ulrich Flogel

<P>Over the past decade, fluorine (<SUP>19</SUP>F) magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) has garnered significant scientific interest in the biomedical research community owing to the unique properties of fluorinated materials and the <SUP>19</SUP>F ...

ISBN: 9789814745314

Binding: Hardback


Fogoros' Electrophysiologic Testing

by Richard N. Fogoros MD

<p><b>The classic guide to applying, performing and interpreting EP tests, updated for the latest trends and developments in the field</b></p> <p><i>For more than thirty years,</i><i> Electrophysiologic Testing</i> has been a trusted ...

ISBN: 9781119235804

Binding: Paperback


Food & Nutrition For Dummies

by Dr. Lily Stojanovska

<span><span style="font-size:"><span style="font-family:"><b>Achieve and maintain a healthy weight and lifelong good eating habits</b></span></span></span> <p><i>Food & Nutrition For Dummies</i>, Australian & New Zealand Edition, shows you how ...

ISBN: 9780731405961

Binding: Paperback


For the Term of His Natural Li

by Clarke Marcus

First published in 1874, a powerful tale of an Australian penal settlement, which originally appeared in serial form in a Melbourne paper. It follows the story of Rufus Dawes, a young man transported for a murder which he did not commit. The ...

ISBN: 9781741106886

Binding: Paperback


From Bacteria To Bach And Back

by Daniel C. Dennett

What is human consciousness and how is it possible? These questions fascinate thinking people from poets and painters to physicists, psychologists, and philosophers. This is Daniel C. Dennett's brilliant answer, extending perspectives from his ...

ISBN: 9780141978048

Binding: Paperback


From Bioimaging to Biosensors

Noble Metal Nanoparticles in Biodetection

by Chau Lai-Kwan

<P>This book provides a comprehensive overview of the use of noble metal nanoparticles for bioimaging and biosensing. It starts with a review on the synthesis, characterization, optical properties, and bioconjugation of noble metal ...

ISBN: 9789814267243

Binding: Hardback


Fundamental OSCE Guide in Ophthalmology

by Val Jun Rong Phua

ISBN: 9789811201448

Binding: Paperback


Gender and Sexuality in Chinese Medicine

by Catherine J. Lumenello

ISBN: 9781848193796

Binding: Hardback


General Practice Cases at a Glance

by Carol Cooper

<p><i>General Practice Cases at a Glance</i> is a workbook of clinical scenarios, ideal for those working in general practice, on their GP rotations, or looking to improve their history-taking, diagnostic and management planning skills. Written ...

ISBN: 9781119043782

Binding: Paperback


General Surgery: Correlations and Clinical Scenarios

by Conrad Fischer

ISBN: 9780071828550

Binding: Paperback


Geometrical And Visual Optics

by Schwartz

ISBN: 9781260121094

Binding: Paperback