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Doctor You

Revealing the science of self-healing

by Jeremy Howick

ISBN: 9781473654228

Binding: Paperback


Drawing Together To Develop Self-Control

by Marge Heegaard

ISBN: 9781577491019

Binding: Paperback


Drug Delivery Nanosystems

From Bioinspiration and Biomimetics to Clinical Applications

by Natassa Pippa

<P></P> <P>Nanotechnology seeks to exploit distinct technological advances controlling the structure of nanoscale biomaterials at a nanodimensional scale approaching individual molecules and their aggregates or supramolecular structures. The ...

ISBN: 9789814774925

Binding: Hardback


Dutton's Orthopaedic Examination Evaluation and Intervention 4/E (BOOK)

by Dutton

ISBN: 9781259583100

Binding: Hardback


Dying For A Chat: Penguin Special

by Ranjana Srivastava

<b>Winner of the 2013 Human Rights Literature Award</b><br> Medical oncologist Ranjana Srivastava contends that the best medicine begins with a good chat, to guide the decision-making of both doctors and patients. <br><br>Increasingly, people ...

ISBN: 9780143569640

Binding: Paperback


Elderly Care Medicine

by Claire G. Nicholl

<i>Elderly Care Medicine</i> <i>Lecture Notes</i> provides all the necessary information, within one short volume, for a sound introduction to the particular characteristics and needs of elderly patients. <p>Presented in a user-friendly format,

ISBN: 9780470654545

Binding: Paperback


Embalming History Theory And Practice 5/E

by Robert Mayer

ISBN: 9780071741392

Binding: Hardback


Emergency Medicine Procedures 3E

by Reichman

ISBN: 9781259861925

Binding: Paperback


Energetic Boundaries

How to Stay Protected and Connected in Work, Love, and Life

by Cyndi Dale

Just as our physical body is protected by our skin, our psyche and spirit have energetic boundaries that keep out harmful influences. These boundaries, invisible to the naked eye, are more than just defenses according to Cyndi Dale, these ...

ISBN: 9781604075618

Binding: Paperback


Energy Healing: Unlock Your Potential as a Healer and BringHealing intoYour Everyday Life

by Abby Wynne

Full of practical exercises and simple techniques, this book guides the reader on how they can use energy healing in their everyday life, to heal themselves and others!<BR><BR>Learn how to-<BR><BR>- ground and centre yourself<BR>- release heavy ...

ISBN: 9781781804759

Binding: Paperback


Environmental Science

Society, Nature, and Technology

by Takashiro Akitsu

<P>This book presents the current aspects of environmental issues in view of chemical processes particularly with respect to two facets: social sciences along with chemistry and natural sciences. The former facet explores the environmental ...

ISBN: 9789814774963

Binding: Hardback


Epidemiology Kept Simple

An Introduction to Traditional and Modern Epidemiology

by B. Burt Gerstman

<p><i>Epidemiology Kept Simple</i> introduces the epidemiological principles and methods that are increasingly important in the practice of medicine and public health. With minimum use of technical language it fully explains terminology, ...

ISBN: 9781444336085

Binding: Paperback


Essential Medical Statistics

by Betty R. Kirkwood

ISBN: 9780865428713

Binding: Paperback


Essential Neonatal Medicine

by Sunil Sinha

<p>Providing a comprehensive yet concise guide for trainee doctors, neonatal nurses and midwives, <i>Essential Neonatal Medicine </i>continues to be an indispensable resource that combines the depth and breadth of a textbook with the efficiency ...

ISBN: 9781119235811

Binding: Paperback


Essential Oils for Healing

by Vannoy Gentles Fite

All over the world, people are turning toward homeopathic and alternative medicines. <i><b>Essential Oils for Healing</b></i> is an easy-to-use guide for anyone who wants to learn how to use essential oils to heal a multitude of ills. Ailments ...

ISBN: 9781250082602

Binding: Paperback


Essential Oils: A Comprehensive Handbook for Aromatic Therapy 3ed

by Jennifer Peace Peace Rhind

ISBN: 9781787752290

Binding: Hardback


Essential Respiratory Medicine

by Shanthi Paramothayan

<p><b>A succinct yet comprehensive overview of respiratory medicine, written for students and professionals</b></p> <p><i>Essential Respiratory Medicine </i>is an indispensable text offering an understanding of respiratory conditions and their ...

ISBN: 9781118618349

Binding: Paperback


Evaluation in a Nutshell 2E

by Adrian Bauman

ISBN: 9780071016209

Binding: Paperback


Everything Is ConnectedAt A Time

by Keri Smith

No matter how hard we try, everyday life always becomes predictable. From the toothpaste we use and the clothing we wear, to the way we talk and what we do in our free time, we follow the same habits, most likely because someone told us to, or ...

ISBN: 9780141977447

Binding: Paperback


Evidence-based Clinical Chinese Medicine - Volume 12: Post Stroke Shoulder Complications

by Charlie Changli Xue

ISBN: 9789811207594

Binding: Hardback