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Running is My Therapy NEW EDITION

by Scott Douglas

ISBN: 9781615195817

Binding: Paperback


Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering

Biological Design, Materials, and Fabrication

by Claudio Migliaresi

<P>Scaffolds for tissue engineering are devices that exploit specific and complex physical and biological functions, <I>in vitro </I>or <I>in vivo</I>, and communicate through biochemical and physical signals with cells and, when implanted, with

ISBN: 9789814463201

Binding: Hardback


Schwartz's Princples Of Surgery 11E, 2-Vol Set

by Brunicardi

ISBN: 9781259835353

Binding: Mixed media product


Science Behind Tapping

A Proven Stress Management Technique for the Mind and Body

by Peta Stapleton

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT or tapping) is a growing field in the self-help area, but only in the last decade has it become the focus of clinical and scientific trials to test its effectiveness. This book offers the missing piece of this ...

ISBN: 9781401955748

Binding: Paperback


Seeley's Essentials Of Anatomy And Physiology

by Vanputte

ISBN: 9780078097324

Binding: Hardback


Self-Assembled Peptide Nanostructures

Advances and Applications in Nanobiotechnology

by Jaime Castillo

<P>The self-organization of bionanostructures into well-defined functional machineries found in nature has been a priceless source of ideas for researchers. The molecules of life, proteins, DNA, RNA, etc., as well as the structures and forms ...

ISBN: 9789814316941

Binding: Hardback


Sherlock's Diseases of the Liver and Biliary System

by James S. Dooley

ISBN: 9781119237549

Binding: Hardback



The Japanese Way of Forest Bathing for Health and Relaxation

by Yoshifumi Miyazaki

ISBN: 9781912023516

Binding: Hardback



The Diet for the Mind

by Philippe Tahon

ISBN: 9781912023868

Binding: Paperback


Simon's Emergency Ortho

by Sherman

ISBN: 9781259860829

Binding: Hardback


Skogluft (Forest Air): The Norwegian Secret to Bringing the Right PlantsIndoors to Improve Your Health and Happiness

by Jorn Viumdal

Why do we spend so much time indoors, which is not our natural habitat? Why have trends such as forest-bathing become so popular? The answer to the last question lies in the proven benefits we obtain from our connection with nature &#8211; from ...

ISBN: 9780008317447

Binding: Hardback


Smith's Patient Centered Interviewing Evi-Based Method 4E

by Fortin

ISBN: 9781259644627

Binding: Paperback


Sports Injuries Guidebook 2ed

by Robert Gotlin

ISBN: 9781492587095

Binding: Paperback


Start Where You Are: A Journal for Self-Exploration

by Meera Lee Patel

Every answer is inside you.<BR><BR>This thoughtful journal pairs insightful quotes with prompts that spark reflection through writing, drawing, list making, and more. Wherever you're headed, these pages will help you get there - and gain a ...

ISBN: 9781846149191

Binding: Paperback


Staying Sharp For Dummies

by American Geriatrics Society (AGS)

<b>Insight and actionable information on keeping your brain sharp as you age</b> <p>Your brain controls who you are&mdash;how you think, feel, and act. As you age, it's not uncommon to want to remain as sharp and "with it" as you were in your ...

ISBN: 9781119187790

Binding: Paperback


Stick This Book

by #globalgoals

Is it wrong that half of the world's wealth is owned by just 85 people? Should we all have a chance to enjoy peace, food, water, and an education? The world is off-track for ending poverty, tackling inequality and avoiding dangerous climate ...

ISBN: 9781405921992

Binding: Paperback


Stop Pain: Relieve Inflammation For An Active Life

by Vijay Vad

Do you feel trapped by chronic pain? Do you avoid going places and doing things you once loved, because getting there simply hurts too much? If you are one of the estimated 3.2 million Australians who suffer with chronic pain, you know ...

ISBN: 9781401925260

Binding: Paperback


Stress Management For Dummies

by Allen Elkin

<b>Tired of letting stress have a negative impact on your life? Easy.</b> <p>It's impossible to get through life without encountering stress. And unfortunately, most of us learn the incorrect ways to cope with it. Thankfully, <i>Stress ...

ISBN: 9781118523926

Binding: Paperback


Stroke For Dummies

by John R. Marler

<b>Features tons of advice for recovery and rehabilitation</b> <p><b>Get the latest on the symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of stroke</b></p> <p>Have questions and concerns about strokes? This reassuring guide provides invaluable information ...

ISBN: 9780764572012

Binding: Paperback