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100 Geometric Games


There are three loops in a tangle of rope. How many are independent, and how many are interlocked?Two knights stand on a chessboard. How many other knights must you add so that each square is occupied or threatened by a knight?Among six ...

ISBN: 9780486789569

Binding: Paperback


100 Great Problems of Elementary Mathematics


ISBN: 9780486613482

Binding: Paperback


100 Numerical Games


Follow the hour hand and minute hand of a clock for 24 hours. How many times do they form a right angle?Timothy's house has several rooms, each of which has an even number of doors, including doors that lead outside. Is the number of outside ...

ISBN: 9780486789583

Binding: Paperback


101 Dilemmas for the Armchair Scientist

How Do Headphone Wires Get So Tangled?

by Joel Levy

Is running always faster than walking? If you froze your hand in liquid nitrogen and hit it with a hammer, would it shatter? Could you survive in a falling elevator by jumping as it hit the ground? Why can't a fly get out of the toilet? ...

ISBN: 9780857625076

Binding: Hardback


30-Second Anatomy

The 50 Most Important Structures and Systems in the Human Body, Each Explained in Half a Minute

by Gabrielle M. Finn

The 50 most important structures and systems in the human body, each explained in half a minute. ...

ISBN: 9781782405139

Binding: Paperback


500 Act Math Questions To Know By Test Day

by Inc. Anaxos

ISBN: 9781260108347

Binding: Paperback


536 Puzzles and Curious Problems


For two decades, self-taught mathematician Henry E. Dudeney wrote a puzzle page, ""Perplexities,"" for The Strand Magazine. Martin Gardner, longtime editor of Scientific American's mathematical games column, hailed Dudeney as ""England's ...

ISBN: 9780486796864

Binding: Paperback


A Basic Course in Statistics

by Geoffrey M. Clarke

Expanded and revised to include new computing exercises using actual data along with tips, solutions and a set of updated questions. Computer use is encouraged to facilitate analysis of data sets too large to be done by hand; to assist in the ...

ISBN: 9780470973875

Binding: Paperback


A First Course in Finite Elements

by Jacob Fish

<p>eloped from the authors, combined total of 50 years undergraduate and graduate teaching experience, this book presents the finite element method formulated as a general-purpose numerical procedure for solving engineering problems governed by ...

ISBN: 9780470035801

Binding: Paperback


A General Introduction to Data Analytics

by João Moreira

ISBN: 9781119296249

Binding: Hardback


A Guide to Business Statistics

by David M. McEvoy

<p>Featuring an intuitive approach to statistics, this book uniquely fills a gap in the current literature by presenting a comprehensive introduction to the fundamental statistics concepts with in the fields of business and economics. The author

ISBN: 9781119138358

Binding: Paperback


A History of Mathematics

by Carl B. Boyer

<b>The updated new edition of the classic and comprehensive guide to the history of mathematics</b> <p>For more than forty years, <i>A History of Mathematics</i> has been the reference of choice for those looking to learn about the fascinating ...

ISBN: 9780470525487

Binding: Paperback


A Panorama of Statistics

Perspectives, Puzzles and Paradoxes in Statistics

by Eric Sowey

<p>A Panorama of Statistics: Perspectives, Puzzles and Paradoxes in Statistics</p> <p> </p> <p><i>Eric Sowey, School of Economics, The University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia</i></p> <p><i>Peter Petocz, Department of Statistics, ...

ISBN: 9781119075820

Binding: Paperback


About Vectors


From his unusual beginning in ""Defining a vector"" to his final comments on ""What then is a vector?"" author Banesh Hoffmann has written a book that is provocative and unconventional. In his emphasis on the unresolved issue of defining a ...

ISBN: 9780486604893

Binding: Paperback


Absolute Differential Calculus (Calculus of Tensors)


Written by a towering figure of twentieth-century mathematics, this classic examines the mathematical background necessary for a grasp of relativity theory. Tullio Levi-Civita provides a thorough treatment of the introductory theories that form ...

ISBN: 9780486634012

Binding: Paperback


Abstract Algebra

by David S. Dummit

Widely acclaimed algebra text. This book is designed to give the reader insight into the power and beauty that accrues from a rich interplay between different areas of mathematics. The book carefully develops the theory of different algebraic ...

ISBN: 9780471433347

Binding: Hardback


Abstract Algebra and Solution by Radicals


This advanced undergraduate-level text was recommended for teacher education by The American Mathematical Monthly and praised as a ""most readable book."" An ideal introduction to groups and Galois theory, it provides students with an ...

ISBN: 9780486477237

Binding: Paperback


Abstract Analytic Number Theory


""This book is well-written and the bibliography excellent,"" declared Mathematical Reviews of John Knopfmacher's innovative study. The three-part treatment applies classical analytic number theory to a wide variety of mathematical subjects not ...

ISBN: 9780486663449

Binding: Paperback


Abstract and Concrete Categories


This up-to-date introductory treatment employs the language of category theory to explore the theory of structures. Its unique approach stresses concrete categories, and each categorical notion features several examples that clearly illustrate ...

ISBN: 9780486469348

Binding: Paperback


Abstract Lie Algebras


Solid but concise, this account of Lie algebra emphasizes the theory's simplicity and offers new approaches to major theorems. Author David J. Winter, a Professor of Mathematics at the University of Michigan, also presents a general, extensive ...

ISBN: 9780486462820

Binding: Paperback