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Problems With A Point: Exploring Math And Computer Science

by William Gasarch

ISBN: 9789813279971

Binding: Paperback


Quantitative Momentum

A Practitioner's Guide to Building a Momentum-Based Stock Selection System

by Wesley R. Gray

<b>The individual investor's comprehensive guide to momentum investing</b> <p><i>Quantitative Momentum</i> brings momentum investing out of Wall Street and into the hands of individual investors. In his last book, <i>Quantitative Value</i>, ...

ISBN: 9781119237198

Binding: Hardback


R Projects For Dummies

by Joseph Schmuller

<p><b>Make the most of R&rsquo;s extensive toolset</b></p> <p><i>R Projects For Dummies</i> offers a unique learn-by-doing approach. You will increase the depth and breadth of your R skillset by completing a wide variety of projects. By using ...

ISBN: 9781119446187

Binding: Paperback


Real Number System


Concise but thorough and systematic, this categorical discussion of the real number system presents a series of step-by-step axioms, each illustrated by examples. The highly accessible text is suitable for readers at varying levels of knowledge ...

ISBN: 9780486827643

Binding: Paperback


Research Methodologies for Beginners

by Kitsakorn Locharoenrat

<P>This textbook introduces the general points of view of research methodology in the scientific and engineering fields of studies and presents an overview of the technical and professional communication needed for article publication in ...

ISBN: 9789814745390

Binding: Hardback


Riemann's Zeta Function


Superb high-level study of one of the most influential classics in mathematics examines landmark 1859 publication entitled On the Number of Primes Less Than a Given Magnitude, and traces developments in theory inspired by it. Topics include ...

ISBN: 9780486417400

Binding: Paperback


SAS for R Users

A Book for Data Scientists

by Ajay Ohri

ISBN: 9781119256410

Binding: Paperback


Schaum's Outline Of College Algebra, 5E

by Spiegel

ISBN: 9781260120769

Binding: Paperback


Schaum's Outline Of College Mathematics 4/E

by Philip Schmidt

ISBN: 9780071626477

Binding: Paperback


Schaum's Outline of Differential Equations, 4/E

by Richard Bronson

ISBN: 9780071824859

Binding: Paperback


Schaum's Outline Of Geometry

by Rich

ISBN: 9781260010572

Binding: Paperback


Schaums Easy Outline Of Calculus 2/E

by Elliott Mendelson

ISBN: 9780071745826

Binding: Paperback



by Haym Kruglak

ISBN: 9780071611596

Binding: Paperback


Schaums Outline Of Advanced Calculus 3/E

by Robert Wrede

ISBN: 9780071623667

Binding: Paperback


Schaums Outline Of Calculus 6/E

by Frank Ayres

ISBN: 9780071795531

Binding: Paperback


Schaums Outline Of Complex Variables 2/E

by Murray Spiegel

ISBN: 9780071615693

Binding: Paperback


Schaums Outline Of General Topology Revised

by Seymour Lipschutz

ISBN: 9780071763479

Binding: Paperback


Schaums Outline Of Precalculus 3/E

by Fred Safier

ISBN: 9780071795593

Binding: Paperback


Speed Math for Kids

Helping Children Achieve Their Full Potential

by Bill Handley

Popular Australian author and inspirational teacher, Bill Handley, has developed and, over the years, refined methods of teaching mathematics and learning strategies that have achieved amazing results. His best-selling book, Speed Mathematics ...

ISBN: 9780731402274

Binding: Paperback


SPSS Statistics for Dummies

by Keith McCormick

<p>The ultimate beginner's guide to SPSS and statistical analysis SPSS Statistics For Dummies is the fun and friendly guide to mastering SPSS. This book contains everything you need to know to get up and running quickly with this ...

ISBN: 9781118989012

Binding: Paperback