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Hong Kong's Court of Final Appeal

The Development of the Law in China's Hong Kong

by Professor Simon N. M. Young & Professor Yash Ghai

<p>In the years since it was established on 1 July 1997, Hong Kong's Court of Final Appeal has developed a distinctive body of new law and doctrine with the help of eminent foreign common law judges. Under the leadership of Chief Justice Andrew ...

ISBN: 9781107272361

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How to Use Limited Liability Companies & Limited Partnerships

Getting the Most Out of Your Legal Structure

by Garrett Sutton

ISBN: 9781944194147

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Human Rights Acts

The Mechanisms Compared

by Kris Gledhill

<p>There are now a number of statutes in different parts of the world that offer non-constitutional protection for human rights through mechanisms such as strong interpretive obligations, quasi-tort actions and obligations on legislatures to ...

ISBN: 9781782254843

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Human Rights and Judicial Review in Australia and Canada

The Newest Despotism?

by Dr Janina Boughey

<p>It is commonly asserted that bills of rights have had a 'righting' effect on the principles of judicial review of administrative action and have been a key driver of the modern expansion in judicial oversight of the executive arm of ...

ISBN: 9781509907878

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Human Rights in the UK and the Influence of Foreign Jurisprudence

by Dr Hélène Tyrrell

<p><em>Human Rights in the UK and the Influence of Foreign Jurisprudence</em> represents the first major empirical study of the use of foreign jurisprudence at the UK Supreme Court. This book focuses on the patterns of use and non use of rulings

ISBN: 9781509904952

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Ideological Conflict and the Rule of Law in Contemporary China

Useful Paradoxes

by Samuli Seppänen

<p>This book studies ideological divisions within Chinese legal academia and their relationship to arguments about the rule of law. The book describes argumentative strategies used by Chinese legal scholars to legitimize and subvert China's ...

ISBN: 9781316692004

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Impacts of Faith-Based Decision Making on the Individual-Level Legislative Process

Emerging Research and Opportunities

by Karla Drenner

Increased diversity and shifting social identities have created significant effects on contemporary legislative systems. These shifts have altered how legislative bodies conduct, implement, and pass various policies and bills. Impacts of ...

ISBN: 9781522523901

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Imperial Justice

Africans in Empire's Court

by Bonny Ibhawoh

<p>Imperial Justice explores the imperial control of judicial governance and the adjudication of colonial difference in British Africa. Focusing on the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council and the colonial regional Appeal Courts for West ...

ISBN: 9780191643187

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In Brown's Wake

Legacies of America's Educational Landmark

by Martha Minow

<p>What is the legacy of <em>Brown vs. Board of Education</em>? While it is well known for establishing racial equality as a central commitment of American schools, the case also inspired social movements for equality in education across all ...

ISBN: 9780199779789

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Independence and Legitimacy in the Institutional System of the European Union

by Dominique Ritleng

<p>As EU non-majoritarian bodies such as the European Commission, the Court of Justice of the European Union, and the European Central Bank grow in political influence, many have identified the pressing need to keep these bodies accountable to ...

ISBN: 9780191082450

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Independent Agencies in the United States

Law, Structure, and Politics

by Professor Marshall J. Breger & Professor Gary J. Edles

<p>It is essential for anyone involved in law, politics, and government to comprehend the workings of the federal independent regulatory agencies of the United States. Occasionally referred to as the &quot;headless fourth branch of ...

ISBN: 9780190266820

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Injustice On Appeal

The United States Courts of Appeals in Crisis

by William M. Richman & William L. Reynolds

<p>The United States Circuit Courts of Appeals are among the most important governmental institutions in our society. However, because the Supreme Court can hear less than 150 cases per year, the Circuit Courts (with a combined caseload of over ...

ISBN: 9780199367054

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Institutions as Conscious Food Consumers

Leveraging Purchasing Power to Drive Systems Change

by Sapna Elizabeth Thottathil & Annelies Goger

<p>Institutions like schools, hospitals, and universities are not well known for having quality, healthy food. In fact, institutional food often embodies many of the worst traits of our industrialized food system, with long supply chains that ...

ISBN: 9780128136188

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International Courts and the Performance of International Agreements

A General Theory with Evidence from the European Union

by Clifford J. Carrubba & Matthew J. Gabel

<p>Nations often turn to international courts to help with overcoming collective-action problems associated with international relations. However, these courts generally cannot enforce their rulings, which begs the question: how effective are ...

ISBN: 9781316164037

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Interparliamentary Cooperation in the Composite European Constitution

by Professor Nicola Lupo & Dr. Cristina Fasone

<p>This collection analyses the place and the functioning of interparliamentary cooperation in the EU composite constitutional order, taking into account both the European and the national dimensions. The chapters join the recent scholarship on ...

ISBN: 9781782256984

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Interpreting the Constitution

by Kent Greenawalt

<p>This third volume about legal interpretation focuses on the interpretation of a constitution, most specifically that of the United States of America. In what may be unique, it combines a generalized account of various claims and possibilities

ISBN: 9780190606473

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Interwoven Cities

by Liam Magee

<p>Proposing a renovation of the metaphor of the urban fabric, Interwoven Cities develops an analysis of how cities might be woven into alternative patterns, to better sustain social and ecological life.</p> ...

ISBN: 9781137546166

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Judge and Jurist

Essays in Memory of Lord Rodger of Earlsferry

by Andrew Burrows, David Johnston, QC & Reinhard Zimmermann

<p>Lord Rodger of Earlsferry was a distinguished judge and scholar. He was a Justice of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom and the author of many high quality law journal articles and two books. Written in memory of Lord Rodger, this ...

ISBN: 9780191668517

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Judges and Generals in the Making of Modern Egypt

How Institutions Sustain and Undermine Authoritarian Regimes

by Mahmoud Hamad

<p>Why do authoritarian regimes survive? How do dictators fail? What role do political institutions play in these two processes? Many of the answers to these questions can be traced to the same source: the interaction between institutions and ...

ISBN: 9781108644563

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Judges on Trial

The Independence and Accountability of the English Judiciary

by Shimon Shetreet & Sophie Turenne

<p>The second edition of Judges on Trial articulates the rules, assumptions and practices which shape the culture of independence of the English judiciary today. Enhanced by interviews with English judges, legal scholars and professionals, it ...

ISBN: 9781107460621

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