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Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights: International and Regional Jurisprudence

by Ben Saul

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ISBN: 9781901362404

Binding: Paperback


International Business Law

by Bryan Mercurio

International Business Law provides thorough coverage of the major legal issues affecting Australian businesses involved in international trade, enabling students to understand both the law itself and its applications. The authors have combined ...

ISBN: 9780195560176

Binding: Paperback


International Law Theories

An Inquiry into Different Ways of Thinking

by Andrea Bianchi

ISBN: 9780198725114

Binding: Hardback


Introduction to Competition Law

by Piet Jan Slot and Martin Farley

This book is intended to serve as a first acquaintance with competition law. It aims to reach a broad range of readers- students, teachers in further and higher education, officials and practising lawyers who are not usually faced with ...

ISBN: 9781849461801

Binding: Paperback


Justice: A Beginner's Guide

by Raymond Wacks

When it comes to justice, humanity is in a state of flux. On the upside, world poverty and malnutrition have fallen since the turn of the century, and average life expectancies and literacy rates have risen. On the downside, extremes of wealth ...

ISBN: 9781786070456

Binding: Paperback


Law Alive

The New Zealand Legal System in Context

by Grant Morris

Law Alive: The New Zealand Legal System in Context 3rd edition is an innovative introduction to the New Zealand legal system, adopting a law in context approach that will encourage students to see the law as a living part of the political, ...

ISBN: 9780195585247

Binding: Paperback


Law in Perspective

Ethics, critical thinking and research

by Michael Head

This expanded new edition of Law in Perspective focuses on a range of powerful critical thinking tools drawn from logic, science, ethics, and political and social theory.  Information on terrorism and refugee law has been fully updated, ...

ISBN: 9781742234540

Binding: Paperback


Legitimate Expectations in the Common La

by Matthew;Weeks, Greg Groves

The recognition and enforcement of legitimate expectations by courts has been a striking feature of English law since R v North and East Devon Health Authority; ex parte Coughlan (2001) 3 QB 213. Although the substantive form of legitimate ...

ISBN: 9781849467780

Binding: Hardback


Letters to a Young Lawyer

by Alan Dershowitz

ISBN: 9780465016334

Binding: Paperback



A History of Civil Liberties in Australia

by James Waghorne

Civil liberties are central to the freedoms that Australians value. They affirm the rights of all to protection from arbitrary authority and enable minorities to flourish; but they have also frequently been disputed. From arguments over ...

ISBN: 9781742232652

Binding: Hardback


Mental Health Law

Policy and Practice

by Peter Bartlett

ISBN: 9780199661503

Binding: Paperback


Nationalism and Globalisation

by Stephen Tierney

This book addresses a seemingly paradoxical situation. On the one hand, nationalism from Scotland to the Ukraine remains a resilient political dynamic, fostering secessionist movements below the level of the state. On the other, the competence ...

ISBN: 9781849466745

Binding: Hardback


New Perspectives on Land Registration: Contemporary Problems and Solutions

by M;Goymour, A;Watterson, S Dixon

The Land Registration Act 2002 (LRA 2002) has been in force for almost 12 years. When enacted, the legislation, which replaced the LRA 1925, was intended to offer a clear and lasting framework for the registration of title to land in England and

ISBN: 9781509906031

Binding: Hardback


One Law For All? Aboriginal people and criminal law in early South Australia

by Alan Pope

In the planned colony of South Australia, Aboriginal people were to be British subjects, held accountable for their actions by English law, but fully entitled to its protection. However, the reality failed to meet the high expectations of ...

ISBN: 9780855757489

Binding: Paperback


Personal Injury Compensation in Victoria

by CCH Australia

This comprehensive and practical guide contains a detailed analysis of the most commonly encountered statutory provisions in the Accident Compensation Act 1985 and the Transport Accident Act 1986 and the concepts that underpin them. Covering ...

ISBN: 9781922042866

Binding: Paperback


Philosophy of Law: A Very Short Introduction

by Raymond Wacks

The concept of law lies at the heart of our social and political life. Legal philosophy, or jurisprudence, explores the notion of law and its role in society, illuminating its meaning and its relation to the universal questions of justice, ...

ISBN: 9780199687008

Binding: Paperback


Renegotiating Sex and Sexual Violation i

by Tanya Palmer

What is the difference between sex and sexual violation? This book explores the boundary between these two concepts via a theoretical examination of the values and interests at stake in sexual encounters, combined with empirical research into ...

ISBN: 9781849465175

Binding: Hardback


Residential Tenancies

by Laura Farrell

Residential Tenancies provides a clear and comprehensive statement of the law regulating private and social leases of dwellings in Ireland and explains the dispute resolution mechanisms of the Residential Tenancies Board, appeals, and ...

ISBN: 9781784517410

Binding: Hardback


Revenue Law: Principles and Practice

by Natalie Lee

Now in its 34th edition, this highly respected work is a leading textbook for students and an invaluable first point of reference for practitioners. Its impressive list of contributors provide a clear and detailed explanation of the law, with a ...

ISBN: 9781784513788

Binding: Paperback


Soft Law and Public Authorities

by Greg Weeks

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ISBN: 9781782256885

Binding: Hardback