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Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights: International and Regional Jurisprudence

by Ben Saul

ISBN: 9781901362404

Binding: Paperback


Intellectual Property: Dictionary on Legal Terms: English-Chinese / Chinese-English

by Moller

Over the last few decades the exchange of goods and services between the industrialised countries and China has increased rapidly. It has become one of the main sources of growth both in Europe and the US. As a consequence, intellectual property

ISBN: 9781849469999

Binding: Hardback


International Human Rights Law: Returning to Universal Principles 2ed

by Mark Gibney

ISBN: 9781442249097

Binding: Hardback




by Lord Dyson

This selection of essays, speeches and personal reflections, draws on the analysis of one of the leading lawyers of a generation. Lord Dyson as Master of the Rolls and Head of the Civil Justice System oversaw a period of reform of both law and ...

ISBN: 9781509918805

Binding: Hardback


Justice: A Beginner's Guide

by Raymond Wacks

When it comes to justice, humanity is in a state of flux. On the upside, world poverty and malnutrition have fallen since the turn of the century, and average life expectancies and literacy rates have risen. On the downside, extremes of wealth ...

ISBN: 9781786070456

Binding: Paperback


Law and Identity in Mandate Palestine

by Assaf Likhovski

ISBN: 9781469614908

Binding: Paperback


Law and Justice in Australia 3e & Australian Law Dictionary 3e Value Pack

by Prue Vines

This value pack contains Law and Justice in Australia 3rd edition and the Australian Law Dictionary 3rd edition.Law and Justice in Australia takes a historical, critical and contextual approach to law and justice and offers ...

ISBN: 9780190026417

Binding: Mixed media product


Law in Perspective

Ethics, critical thinking and research

by Michael Head

<p><b style="line-height: 1.45em;">This expanded new edition of <i>Law in Perspective </i>focuses on a range of powerful critical thinking tools drawn from logic, science, ethics, and political and social theory.&nbsp;</b><br></p> <p>Information

ISBN: 9781742234540

Binding: Paperback


Law School: Legal Education in America from the 1850s to the 1980s

by Robert Stevens

ISBN: 9780807841754

Binding: Paperback


Liberal Democracies and the Torture of t

by Cynthia Banham

This book analyses and compares how the USA's liberal allies responded to the use of torture against their citizens after 9/11. Did they resist, tolerate or support the Bush Administration's policies concerning the mistreatment of detainees when

ISBN: 9781509906840

Binding: Hardback


Military Law under the Uniform Code of Military Justice

by William B. Aycock & Seymour W. Wurfel

ISBN: 9780807878156

Binding: Paperback


Private Power, Online Information Flows: Mind The Gap

by Angela Daly

ISBN: 9781509900633

Binding: Hardback


Queensland Criminal Law

by Andreas Schloenhardt

Queensland Criminal Law is a comprehensive examination of the principles of criminal law as they relate to the Criminal Code (Qld). It provides a thorough analysis of contemporary criminal justice in Queensland and draws comparisons between ...

ISBN: 9780190311544

Binding: Paperback


Reasoning Rights: Comparative Judicial Engagement

by Christopher McCrudden edited by Nigel

This book is about judicial reasoning in human rights cases. The aim is to explore the question- how is it that notionally universal norms are reasoned by courts in such significantly different ways? What is the shape of this reasoning; which ...

ISBN: 9781509908431

Binding: Paperback


Resulting Trusts

by John Mee

Interest in resulting trusts has greatly increased in recent years, spurred by academic arguments that such trusts should be seen as a response to unjust enrichment and, therefore, as capable of arising in a wider range of situations than ...

ISBN: 9781849465489

Binding: Hardback


Revenue Law: Principles and Practice

by Natalie Lee

Now in its 34th edition, this highly respected work is a leading textbook for students and an invaluable first point of reference for practitioners. Its impressive list of contributors provide a clear and detailed explanation of the law, with a ...

ISBN: 9781784513788

Binding: Paperback


School Law for Public, Private, and Parochial Educators 2ed

by Leo H. Bradley

ISBN: 9781475837926

Binding: Hardback


Sexual Injustice: Supreme Court Decisions from Griswold to Roe

by Marc Robert Stein

ISBN: 9781469600888

Binding: Paperback


Surveillance, Privacy and Trans-Atlantic

by by Federico Fabbrini edited by Stephen

Recent revelations, by Edward Snowden and others, of the vast network of government spying enabled by modern technology have raised major concerns both in the European Union and the United States on how to protect privacy in the face of ...

ISBN: 9781509905416

Binding: Hardback