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Core Tax Annual: Corporation Tax 2016/17

by P;Chanda, S;Drysdale, D Miller

This annual guide to corporation tax meets the every-day needs of the busy tax adviser. Corporation Tax examines the rules, regulations and tax issues affecting companies in the UK. With its practical and concise style and straightforward ...

ISBN: 9781784512811

Binding: Paperback


Core Tax Annual: Trusts and Estates 2016/17

by Iris;Erwood, Chris Wünschmann-Lyall

Based on Matthew Hutton's original popular reference guide, Trusts and Estates is now under the expert authorship of Iris W?nschmann-Lyall and Chris Erwood. It remains as practical and accessible as before whilst providing clear guidance on ...

ISBN: 9781784513030

Binding: Paperback


Core Tax Annual: VAT 2016/17

by Andrew Needham

This accessible guide to VAT provides clear and simple coverage, enabling both professionals and non-professionals confidently to grasp current VAT law. With a wealth of practical examples and written in non-technical English, this book is an ...

ISBN: 9781784512934

Binding: Paperback


Cornerstone on Social Housing Fraud

by Cornerstone Barristers

No Marketing Blurb ...

ISBN: 9781526502032

Binding: Paperback


Crime & Punishment: Offenders And Victims In A Broken Justice System: Redbacks

by Marks Russell

If the goal of our justice system is to reduce crime and create a safer society, then we must do better. According to conventional wisdom, severely punishing offenders reduces the likelihood that they'll offend again. Why, then, do so many who

ISBN: 9781863957175

Binding: Paperback


Criminal Disclosure Referencer

by Tom,Fenn, Emma,Begum, Shahid Wainwright

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ISBN: 9781784518790

Binding: Paperback


Domestic Secrets: Women and Property in Sweden, 1600-1857

by Maria Agren

ISBN: 9781469614533

Binding: Paperback


Drugs Law and Legal Practice in Southeas: Indonesia, Singapore and Vietnam

by Tim;Nicholson, Pip Lindsey

<i>Drugs Law and Legal Practice in Southeast Asia</i> investigates criminal law and practice relevant to drugs regulation in three Southeast Asian jurisdictions- Indonesia, Singapore and Vietnam. <br>These jurisdictions represent a spectrum of ...

ISBN: 9781782258315

Binding: Hardback


English Common Law in the Age of Mansfield

by James Oldham

ISBN: 9780807855324

Binding: Paperback



Environmental Crime in Europe

by Andrew, Faure, Michael, Vagliasi Farmer

"Environmental crime is a growing challenge for policy makers and law enforcers. This is an important and timely study which examines in depth how environmental crime is treated at national level within the European Union and the impact of the ...

ISBN: 9781509914012

Binding: Hardback


Environmental Law: Text, Cases & Materials

by Elizabeth Fisher

This new title in the popular Text, Cases, and Materials series provides students with a deep understanding of environmental law while also encouraging critical reflection and pointing out areas of controversy and debate. The authors present an ...

ISBN: 9780199270880

Binding: Paperback


Exploiting Intellectual Property To Promote Innovation and Create Value

by Joe Tidd

ISBN: 9781786343505

Binding: Hardback



Fall of the Priests and the Rise of the

by Philip Wood

This fast-paced, inspiring and original work proposes that, if religions fade, then secular law provides a much more comprehensive moral regime to govern our lives. Backed by potent and haunting images, it argues that the rule of law is the one ...

ISBN: 9781509905546

Binding: Hardback


Family Law: A Very Short Introduction

by Jonathan Herring

What is a family? What makes someone a parent? What rights should children have? Family Law: A Very Short Introduction gives the reader an insight not only into what the law is, but why it is the way it is. It examines how laws have had to ...

ISBN: 9780199668526

Binding: Paperback


Governing the Hearth: Law and the Family in Nineteenth-Century America

by Michael Grossberg

ISBN: 9780807842256

Binding: Paperback


Handbook of Intelligent Policing

Consilience, Crime Control, and Community Safety

by Clive Harfield

ISBN: 9780199533121

Binding: Paperback


Homo Juridicus: On the Anthropological Function of the Law

by Alain" "Supiot

Homo Juridicus ...

ISBN: 9781786630605

Binding: Paperback