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Core Tax Annual: VAT 2016/17

by Andrew Needham

This accessible guide to VAT provides clear and simple coverage, enabling both professionals and non-professionals confidently to grasp current VAT law. With a wealth of practical examples and written in non-technical English, this book is an ...

ISBN: 9781784512934

Binding: Paperback


Crime & Punishment: Offenders and Victims in a Broken Justice System: Redbacks

by Marks Russell

ISBN: 9781863957175

Binding: Paperback


Damages and Compensation Culture: Comparative Perspectives

by Eoin;Friel, Raymond J Quill

This collection of essays analyses the relationships between compensation culture, social values and tort damages for personal injuries. The essays will clarify the relationship between tort damages for personal injuries and the social values ...

ISBN: 9781849467971

Binding: Hardback


Defences in Unjust Enrichment

by A;Goudkamp, J;Wilmot-Smith, F Dyson

This book is the second in a series of essay collections on defences in private law. It addresses defences to liability arising in unjust enrichment. The essays are written from a range of perspectives and methodologies. Some are doctrinal, ...

ISBN: 9781849467254

Binding: Hardback


Detention of Terrorism Suspects: Political Discourse and Fragmented Practices

by Maureen Duffy

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ISBN: 9781849468640

Binding: Hardback


Divergences in Private Law


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ISBN: 9781782256601

Binding: Hardback


Drafting and Negotiating Commercial Cont

by Mark;Warner, Victor Anderson

Drafting and Negotiating Commercial Contracts is a comprehensive guide to practical contractual matters acting as a 'one-stop' shop for everyone who wishes to understand, or has to negotiate or draft, a commercial contract. It includes a guide ...

ISBN: 9781784512668

Binding: Hardback


Drugs Law and Legal Practice in Southeas: Indonesia, Singapore and Vietnam

by Tim;Nicholson, Pip Lindsey

Drugs Law and Legal Practice in Southeast Asia investigates criminal law and practice relevant to drugs regulation in three Southeast Asian jurisdictions- Indonesia, Singapore and Vietnam. These jurisdictions represent a spectrum of approaches ...

ISBN: 9781782258315

Binding: Hardback


Enrichment at the Claimant's Expense: Attribution Rules in Unjust Enrichment

by Eli Ball

This book presents an account of attribution in unjust enrichment. Attribution refers to how and when two parties - a claimant and a defendant - are relevantly connected to each other for unjust enrichment purposes. It is reflected in the ...

ISBN: 9781782258391

Binding: Hardback


Environmental Law: Text, Cases & Materials

by Elizabeth Fisher

This new title in the popular Text, Cases, and Materials series provides students with a deep understanding of environmental law while also encouraging critical reflection and pointing out areas of controversy and debate. The authors present an ...

ISBN: 9780199270880

Binding: Paperback


EU Succession

by Haris Pamboukis

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ISBN: 9781509909957

Binding: Hardback


Family Law: A Very Short Introduction

A Very Short Introduction

by Jonathan Herring

What is a family? What makes someone a parent? What rights should children have? Family Law: A Very Short Introduction gives the reader an insight not only into what the law is, but why it is the way it is. It examines how laws have had to ...

ISBN: 9780199668526

Binding: Paperback


Financial Abuse of Older Clients: Law, Practice and Prevention

by Ann Stanyer

Financial Abuse of Older Clients- Law, Practice and Prevention is written in a practical, accessible style providing analysis, comment and in-depth analysis helping solicitors and others to be proactive in protecting their older clients.It ...

ISBN: 9781784515492

Binding: Paperback


Five Ideas to Fight For

by Anthony Lester

Five Ideas to Fight For ...

ISBN: 9781786070883

Binding: Paperback


Forensic Science

by Rodney Gardiner

The most remarkable weapon in the fight against crime, forensic science turns bullet trajectories, bodily fluids, and the very structure of our DNA into damning witnesses of our every act. Packed with examples from real-life cases, this Beginner

ISBN: 9781743104880

Binding: CD-Extra

Audio Book

Gender Justice and Legal Reform in Egypt: Negotiating Muslim Family Law

by Mulki al-Sharmani

ISBN: 9789774167751

Binding: Hardback


Handbook of Intelligent Policing

Consilience, Crime Control, and Community Safety

by Clive Harfield

ISBN: 9780199533121

Binding: Paperback


Homo Juridicus: On the Anthropological Function of the Law

by Alain Supiot

Homo Juridicus ...

ISBN: 9781786630605

Binding: Paperback


Human Rights and Drug Control: The False Dichotomy

by Saul Takahashi

It has become almost accepted knowledge within international policy circles that efforts against drug trafficking and drug abuse violate human rights, and that the entire international drug control regime needs to be changed (or even discarded ...

ISBN: 9781849467063

Binding: Hardback


Human Rights Encounter Legal Pluralism

by Eva Brems and Mark Good Giselle Corradi

This collection of essays interrogates how human rights law and practice acquire meaning in relation to legal pluralism, ie, the co-existence of more than one regulatory order in a same social field. As a social phenomenon, legal pluralism ...

ISBN: 9781849467612

Binding: Hardback