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Damages and Compensation Culture: Comparative Perspectives

by Eoin;Friel, Raymond J Quill

This collection of essays analyses the relationships between compensation culture, social values and tort damages for personal injuries. The essays will clarify the relationship between tort damages for personal injuries and the social values ...

ISBN: 9781849467971

Binding: Hardback


Divergences in Private Law


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ISBN: 9781782256601

Binding: Hardback


Environmental Law: Text, Cases & Materials

by Elizabeth Fisher

This new title in the popular Text, Cases, and Materials series provides students with a deep understanding of environmental law while also encouraging critical reflection and pointing out areas of controversy and debate. The authors present an ...

ISBN: 9780199270880

Binding: Paperback


Fall of the Priests and the Rise of the

by Philip Wood

This fast-paced, inspiring and original work proposes that, if religions fade, then secular law provides a much more comprehensive moral regime to govern our lives. Backed by potent and haunting images, it argues that the rule of law is the one ...

ISBN: 9781509905546

Binding: Hardback


Family Law: A Very Short Introduction

A Very Short Introduction

by Jonathan Herring

What is a family? What makes someone a parent? What rights should children have? Family Law: A Very Short Introduction gives the reader an insight not only into what the law is, but why it is the way it is. It examines how laws have had to ...

ISBN: 9780199668526

Binding: Paperback


Five Ideas to Fight For

by Anthony Lester

Five Ideas to Fight For ...

ISBN: 9781786070883

Binding: Paperback


Forensic Science

by Rodney Gardiner

The most remarkable weapon in the fight against crime, forensic science turns bullet trajectories, bodily fluids, and the very structure of our DNA into damning witnesses of our every act. Packed with examples from real-life cases, this Beginner

ISBN: 9781743104880

Binding: CD-Extra

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Handbook of Intelligent Policing

Consilience, Crime Control, and Community Safety

by Clive Harfield

ISBN: 9780199533121

Binding: Paperback


Homo Juridicus

On the Anthropological Function of the Law

by Alain Supiot

A provocative investigation of how law shapes everyday life. ...

ISBN: 9781786630605

Binding: Paperback


Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights: International and Regional Jurisprudence

by Ben Saul

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ISBN: 9781901362404

Binding: Paperback


International Law Theories

An Inquiry into Different Ways of Thinking

by Andrea Bianchi

ISBN: 9780198725114

Binding: Hardback


Introduction to Competition Law

by Piet Jan Slot and Martin Farley

This book is intended to serve as a first acquaintance with competition law. It aims to reach a broad range of readers- students, teachers in further and higher education, officials and practising lawyers who are not usually faced with ...

ISBN: 9781849461801

Binding: Paperback


Justice: A Beginner's Guide

by Raymond Wacks

When it comes to justice, humanity is in a state of flux. On the upside, world poverty and malnutrition have fallen since the turn of the century, and average life expectancies and literacy rates have risen. On the downside, extremes of wealth ...

ISBN: 9781786070456

Binding: Paperback


Law Alive

The New Zealand Legal System in Context

by Grant Morris

Law Alive: The New Zealand Legal System in Context 3rd edition is an innovative introduction to the New Zealand legal system, adopting a law in context approach that will encourage students to see the law as a living part of the political, ...

ISBN: 9780195585247

Binding: Paperback


Law in Perspective

Ethics, critical thinking and research

by Michael Head

This expanded new edition of Law in Perspective focuses on a range of powerful critical thinking tools drawn from logic, science, ethics, and political and social theory.  Information on terrorism and refugee law has been fully updated, ...

ISBN: 9781742234540

Binding: Paperback


Letters to a Young Lawyer

by Alan Dershowitz

ISBN: 9780465016334

Binding: Paperback



A History of Civil Liberties in Australia

by James Waghorne

Civil liberties are central to the freedoms that Australians value. They affirm the rights of all to protection from arbitrary authority and enable minorities to flourish; but they have also frequently been disputed. From arguments over ...

ISBN: 9781742232652

Binding: Hardback


Nationalism and Globalisation

by Stephen Tierney

This book addresses a seemingly paradoxical situation. On the one hand, nationalism from Scotland to the Ukraine remains a resilient political dynamic, fostering secessionist movements below the level of the state. On the other, the competence ...

ISBN: 9781849466745

Binding: Hardback


Nature and Value of Vagueness in the Law

by Hrafn Asgeirsson

Lawmaking is - paradigmatically - a type of speech act- people make law by saying things. It is natural to think, therefore, that the content of the law is determined by what lawmakers communicate. However, it is sometimes vague what content ...

ISBN: 9781849466066

Binding: Hardback


One Law For All? Aboriginal people and criminal law in early South Australia

by Alan Pope

In the planned colony of South Australia, Aboriginal people were to be British subjects, held accountable for their actions by English law, but fully entitled to its protection. However, the reality failed to meet the high expectations of ...

ISBN: 9780855757489

Binding: Paperback