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Basics Film-Making 02: Screenwriting

by Robert Edgar, John Marland & Mr James Richards

<p><em>Basics Film-Making: Screenwriting</em> is the second in the Basics Film-Making series and is aimed both at students on film production courses, as well as those wishing to write a short film. The book teaches the key elements of ...

ISBN: 9781350034709

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Be the Best Bad Presenter Ever

Break the Rules, Make Mistakes, and Win Them Over

by Karen Hough

<p>Karen Hough doesn’t want you to be “perfect.” People fear public speaking because they worry about having to conform to all sorts of handed-down rules that tie them up in knots and put their audiences to sleep. It’s authenticity and passion ...

ISBN: 9781626560499

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Beat by Beat

A Cheat Sheet for Screenwriters

by Todd Klick

<p>This groundbreaking guide describes six seemingly different popular movies and genres (Skyfall, The Avengers, The Hangover, A Beautiful Mind, The Conjuring, Gone Girl) and shows screenwriters how they all follow the exact same 120 Universal ...

ISBN: 9781615932467

Binding: Paperback


Being A Playwright

A Career Guide for Writers

by Chris Foxon & George Turvey

<p>The essential guide to a career in playwriting, from the team behind the multi-award-winning Papatango, one of the UK’s leading new-writing companies.</p> <p>Writing a good play is only the first step towards becoming a successful ...

ISBN: 9781788501149

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Being a Writer

Advice, Musings, Essays and Experiences From the World's Greatest Authors

by Travis Elborough

An inspiring assemblage of wit, wisdom and hard-won practical advice from some of the world's greatest authors musing on the art of writing and how they came to define themselves as writers. ...

ISBN: 9780711238206

Binding: Hardback


Being Professional

A Master Guide to the Do's and Don'ts of Screenwriting

by Adam Coplan

<div>Being Professional teaches the ABCs of screenwriting from a practical perspective, rather than theoretical or academic. The author highlights the many traps, mistakes, and pitfalls that frequently plague writers of all experience levels and

ISBN: 9781615932498

Binding: Paperback


Biography: A Very Short Introduction

by Hermione Lee

<p>Biography is one of the most popular, best-selling, and widely-read of literary genres. But why do certain people and historical events arouse so much interest? How can biographies be compared with history and works of fiction? Does a ...

ISBN: 9780191623011

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Black Queer Identity Matrix

Towards An Integrated Queer of Color Framework

by Sheena C. Howard

<p>This volume launches the first sustained discussion of the need for a queer of color conceptual framework around Black, lesbian female identity. Specifically, this volume addresses the necessity for a more integrated framework within queer ...

ISBN: 9781454199571

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Blogging and Tweeting without Getting Sued

A global guide to the law for anyone writing online

by Mark Pearson

What you post on a blog or tweet to your followers can get you arrested or cost you a lot of money in legal battles. This practical guide shows you how to stay out of trouble when you write online. ...

ISBN: 9781742378770

Binding: Paperback


Book You Were Born To Write: Everything You Need to (Finally) Get Your Wisdom onto the Page and Into the World, The

by Kelly Notaras

"I know I have a book in me."<BR>"I've always wanted to be an author."<BR>"People always ask me when I'm going to write my book."<BR>"I have a story to tell, but I never seem to make time to write."<BR><BR>These are just a sampling of the ...

ISBN: 9781401955625

Binding: Paperback


Bourdieu's Theory of the State

A Critical Introduction

by Steven Loyal

<p>This book critically examines Pierre Bourdieu's theory of the state by assessing its theoretical and empirical value. Steven Loyal expertly situates Bourdieu's work within the context of both classical and modern theories of the state, ...

ISBN: 9781137583505

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The Art of Making Theatre Drawn From Life

by Alana Valentine

<span style ="font family: 'Arial';font style:italic;" >&lsquo;Mostly it feels like you don&rsquo;t know&mdash;like you&rsquo;re reaching for something that you can&rsquo;t quite grab. Some writers talk about their fear of the blank page, but ...

ISBN: 9781925005677

Binding: Paperback


Building Bridges for Multimodal Research

International Perspectives on Theories and Practices of Multimodal Analysis

by Janina Wildfeuer

<p>While multimodality is one of the most influential semiotic theories for analysing media artefacts, the concepts of this theory are heterogeneous and widespread. The book takes the differences between approaches in Germany and those in ...

ISBN: 9783653967722

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Can Creative Writing Really Be Taught?

Resisting Lore in Creative Writing Pedagogy (10th anniversary edition)

by Professor Stephanie Vanderslice & Dr Rebecca Manery

<p>Revised and updated throughout, this 10th-anniversary edition of Can Creative Writing Really Be Taught? is a significantly expanded guide to key issues and practices in creative writing teaching today.</p> <p>Challenging the myths of ...

ISBN: 9781474285063

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Ceaseless Music

Sounding Wordsworth’s The Prelude

by Steven Matthews

<p>Through a series of poetic responses and critical reflections, <em>Ceaseless Music</em> explores the afterlives of Wordsworth's landmark autobiographical poem <em>The Prelude</em> in literature, philosophy and life writing, together with the ...

ISBN: 9781474232814

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Chance Particulars

A Writer's Field Notebook for Travelers, Bloggers, Essayists, Memoirists, Novelists, Journalists, Adventurers, Naturalists, Sketchers, and Other Note-Takers and Recorders of Life

by Sara Mansfield Taber

<p>The goal of the writer is to live with the keenness of the foreigner. To experience, wide-eyed, the sensations aroused and the events offered up by peculiar surrounds and then to evoke them so brightly on the page that the reader, too, ...

ISBN: 9781421425092

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Changing Creative Writing in America

Strengths, Weaknesses, Possibilities

by Prof. Graeme Harper

<p>In this compelling collection of essays contributors critically examine Creative Writing in American Higher Education. Considering Creative Writing teaching, learning and knowledge, the book recognizes historical strengths and weaknesses. The

ISBN: 9781783098835

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Characters & Viewpoint


ISBN: 9781599632124

Binding: Paperback


Child Writes

A step-by-step guide to writing and illustrating a children's picturebook.

by Emma Mactaggart

For everyone who has been enchanted by childrens picture books and is inspired to create their own, this step-by-step guide to writing, illustrating and publishing a childrens picture book provides everything you ever needed to know in a ...

ISBN: 9781921926006

Binding: Paperback


Children's Writer's Notebook

20 great authors and 70 writing exercises

by Wes Magee

A guided journal for aspiring authors in need of a creative workout. ...

ISBN: 9781760295080

Binding: Hardback