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Brooding YA Hero

Becoming a Main Character (Almost) as Awesome as Me

by Skyhorse Publishing, Inc.

<p><b>Ages 12 to 18</b></p><p>From Twitter sensation @broodingYAhero, a hilarious parody "how to" (told as a fiction/non-fiction hybrid) on the world of YA books, writing, and finding your inner main character.<br></p><p>Have you ever wished you

ISBN: 9781510726666

Binding: Hardback


Build Your Own Stonehenge (Mega Mini Kit)

by Press Running

ISBN: 9780762443352

Binding: Novelty book



Happiness Is a State of Mind

by Ryan Pagelow

<DIV><P>Always positive, Buni doesn&rsquo;t understand that the cute world he lives in is usually out to get him. The girl he loves loves someone else. And his best intentions never seem to work. Yet he wakes up each day hopeful.<BR /><BR /> ...

ISBN: 9781449489960

Binding: Paperback


Cable Vol. 2

The Newer Mutants

by Zeb Wells

ISBN: 9781302904838

Binding: Paperback


Camp David


ISBN: 9781851491629

Binding: Hardback


Can I Sit on Your Lap While You're Pooping?

Actual Quotes from an Actual Toddler to Her Actual Dad

by Matthew Carroll

As a single dad, Matthew Carroll didn't always have someone to share in his frequent laughter and incredulity at the various things his daughter, Morgan, said. Hoping to docu&shy;ment some of her best commentary, Carroll took to recording her ...

ISBN: 9781419720246

Binding: Hardback


Can I Speak to Someone in Charge?

by Emily Clarkson

Synopsis coming soon....... ...

ISBN: 9781471156908

Binding: Paperback


Can't Be Arsed: 101 Things Not To Do Before You Die

by Richard Wilson

Books, television shows and websites are forever ordering us around - 100 things to do before you're 30; 50 albums you must own; this year's must-have handbag; change your life in two weeks. Why- is this an increasingly desperate search for ...

ISBN: 9781906032371

Binding: Hardback



by Afonso Cruz

<p>Award-winning Portuguese artist Afonso Cruz brings us this satirical, wordless, cautionary tale about the power of capital. A boy is given a piggy bank, and grows up feeding it coins as it sits on his bedside table. The piggy bank begins to ...

ISBN: 9781772290059

Binding: Hardback



A Humorous Purr-spective on Humankind’s Obsession with Cats

by Jeff Lazarus

<p>Does your cat own you? What has caused us to enthrone cats as the most popular pet on the planet? Why do we devote so much of our time and income to grooming, feeding, coddling, photographing, praising, providing laps for, and 'entertaining' ...

ISBN: 9781510726451

Binding: Hardback


Catastrophe Continues: Selected Interviews The

by Clarke John

For twenty years, Bryan Dawe has been trying to get some sense out of John Clarke. In 1987, John and Bryan began to broadcast on radio a series of weekly interviews in which prominent and newsworthy figures spoke openly about issues of the day. ...

ISBN: 9781921520815

Binding: Paperback



A cat's guide to achieving mindfulness

by Cat A

ISBN: 9781786486325

Binding: Hardback


Cath Tate: Older But Not Wiser

by Cath Tate

Based on her bestselling range of greetings cards, Cath Tate brings you her unique take on something that happens to us all: getting older. In the realm of amusing, deadpan greetings cards, Cath tate is the original and best. In her thirty-year

ISBN: 9781909396388

Binding: Hardback


Cats, Dogs, Men, Women, Ninnies & Clowns

The Lost Art of William Steig

by Jeanne Steig

<p>Children, octogenarians, and everyone in between know the work of William Steig, the beloved cartoonist and award-winning children's book author whose work graced the covers and pages of the New Yorker for more than 70 years. In Cats, Dogs, ...

ISBN: 9780810995772

Binding: Hardback


Charles Dickens

The Complete Novels in One Sitting

by Joelle Herr

ISBN: 9780762445714

Binding: Novelty book


Chaser and Shovel Annual 2018 The

by The Chaser

It was the year that our Deputy Prime Minister confessed he?d been drunk for the past three years, our biggest bank admitted it was collecting fees from dead people, and a jogging businessman did an actual poo on a Brisbane suburban street. ...

ISBN: 9781760640811

Binding: Paperback


Chaser Quarterly: Issue 11: Earth: All the best places in the worldto stare at your phone The

by The Chaser

Tons of travel guides will tell you about the Sydney Harbour Bridge or Federation Square, but how many will give you directions to the very spot where the Cronulla race riots began, or the place where Tony Abbott stood proudly in front of a ...

ISBN: 9781760640484

Binding: Paperback


Chaser Quarterly: Issue 12: The Completely True History of Australia The

by The Chaser

On 26 January 1788 a bunch of old white men arrived in Australia and started ruining it for everyone. 240 years later, Australia is a completely different country, still being ruined by old white men. The Chaser Quarterly has compiled a diverse ...

ISBN: 9781760640620

Binding: Paperback


Chaser Quarterly: Issue 13: The Art of the Steal: How to be A Complete Banker The

by The Chaser

The Chaser's Art of the Streal is the only book about management theory that comes with a free MBA (from The Chaser Institute). Divided into seven sections, readers will be fully appraised of everything it takes to become a successful manager, ...

ISBN: 9781760640699

Binding: Paperback


Chaser Quarterly: Issue 5: Summer 2017, The

by James Schloeffel

"The Chaser Quarterly 5 is a special bumper two-books-in-one, providing the perfect summer reading for anyone who's smart phone has run out of batteries. In this issue, The Chaser looks forward to the trends and events of 2017. We take a look at

ISBN: 9781863958929

Binding: Paperback