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Blessed in the Darkness

by Joel Osteen

ISBN: 9781455534326

Binding: Hardback


Bob Ross Bobblehead

With Sound!

by Bob Ross

ISBN: 9780762490417

Binding: Novelty book


Bob's Burgers Talking Burger Button

by Robb Pearlman

ISBN: 9780762462766

Binding: Novelty book


Bomp It!

by T. Bonaddio

ISBN: 9780762450206

Binding: Novelty book


Book of Dad


ISBN: 9781909732445

Binding: Hardback


Book of Do-ness

"2,415 Ideas to Help you Beat your Daily Laziness"

by Sarah van de Ven

ISBN: 9789063694517

Binding: Hardback


Book Of Extraordinary Deaths: True Accounts of Ill-Fated Lives, The

by Cecilia Ruiz

A welcome dose of dark humor for these dark times, <i>The Book of Extraordinary Deaths </i>introduces readers to the bizarre demises of thinkers, writers, monarchs, artists, and notable nobodies throughout history. Beginning in the fifth century

ISBN: 9780399184048

Binding: Hardback


Book of Onions

Comics to Make You Cry Laughing and Cry Crying

by Jake Thompson

<DIV>Ranging from the relatable to the utterly nonsensical and bizarre, <B>The Book of Onions</B> focuses on themes of loneliness, desperation, and failure. And misplaced optimism. And perverted talking fruit. Sort of like Gary Larson&rsquo;s ...

ISBN: 9781449489885

Binding: Paperback


Brain Dump

Doodles, Activities, and Journaling for the John

by Running Press

ISBN: 9780762459773

Binding: Hardback


Brain Fart

A Stress Ball for Mental Recall

by Sarah Royal

ISBN: 9780762463787

Binding: Novelty book


Break Up Journal, The

Break Up Without the Breakdown

by Tom Devonald

<DIV><P>Down in the dumps because your relationship&#39;s over? You needn&#39;t be, with <B>The Break-up Journal </B>&ndash; your Interactive Solution to Surviving a Split. This highly original and humorous but practical book has been conceived ...

ISBN: 9781780978291

Binding: Paperback


Bridge Burning And Other Hobbies

by Kitty Flanagan

Kitty Flanagan has been locked in an industrial freezer in Western Australia, insulted about the size of her lady parts in Singapore and borne witness to the world?s most successful wife swap in suburban Sydney. It?s these valuable lessons from ...

ISBN: 9781489450081

Binding: CD-Audio

Audio Book

Bridge Burning and Other Hobbies

by Kitty Flanagan

One of Australia's favourite and most multi-talented entertainers, Kitty Flanagan, provides hilarious and honest life advice in this candid collection of cautionary tales. ...

ISBN: 9781760632052

Binding: Paperback


Build Your Own Stonehenge (Mega Mini Kit)

by Press Running

ISBN: 9780762443352

Binding: Novelty book



Happiness Is a State of Mind

by Ryan Pagelow

<DIV><P>Always positive, Buni doesn&rsquo;t understand that the cute world he lives in is usually out to get him. The girl he loves loves someone else. And his best intentions never seem to work. Yet he wakes up each day hopeful.<BR /><BR /> ...

ISBN: 9781449489960

Binding: Paperback


Calvin And Hobbes Volume 3: In the Shadow of the Night

The Calvin & Hobbes Series

by Bill Watterson

ISBN: 9780751505108

Binding: Paperback


Camp David


ISBN: 9781851491629

Binding: Hardback


Can I Say No?

One Woman's Battle with a Small Word

by Stefanie Preissner

ISBN: 9781473687899

Binding: Paperback


Can I Sit on Your Lap While You're Pooping?

Actual Quotes from an Actual Toddler to Her Actual Dad

by Matthew Carroll

ISBN: 9781419720246

Binding: Hardback


Can I Speak to Someone in Charge?

by Emily Clarkson

&#8216;JUST IMAGINE IF WE, THE NORMAL GIRLS, STOOD UNITED AS AN ENORMOUS, HYSTERICAL AND PROUD ARMY. WE WOULD BE UNSTOPPABLE.' &#8216;A fresh, modern take on feminism and life from one of the most compelling voices of her generation' JANE MOORE

ISBN: 9781471156908

Binding: Paperback