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Best. Gags. Ever!

Over 1,000 of the World's Funniest Jokes and One-liners

by Alan Buxton

From Groucho to Gervais - this is the ultimate collection of over 1,000 of the world's funniest jokes, one-liners and zingers from stand-up, film and television. Best. Gags. Ever! is filled with the funniest quotes from the greatest ...

ISBN: 9781853759192

Binding: Hardback


Best. State. Ever.

by Dave Barry

We never know what will happen next in Florida. We know only that, any minute now, something will. Every few months, Dave Barry gets a call from some media person wanting to know, "What the hell is wrong with Florida?" Somehow, the state's ...

ISBN: 9781101982617

Binding: Paperback


Big Bad-Ass Bar Tricks

by Jordana Tusman

ISBN: 9780762439560

Binding: Novelty book


Big Book of Autocorrects

by Tim Dedopulos

The Big Book of Autocorrects is a hilarious compilation of over 350 of the very best nightmare texts ever sent. Crammed full of genuine belly-laughs, it's guaranteed to have you looking at your phone in a whole new light. In fact, you may ...

ISBN: 9781853759208

Binding: Paperback


Bill Bailey's Remarkable Guide to British Birds

by Bill Bailey

ISBN: 9781786483768

Binding: Hardback


Biography for Beginners


The Art of BiographyIs different from Geography.Geography is about Maps, But Biography is about Chaps.With these rhyming lines, English novelist and humorist Edmund Clerihew Bentley introduces this book and an unusual form of verse of his own ...

ISBN: 9780486780566

Binding: Paperback


Blank Cards for Empty Lives

46 Postcards to Help You See the World Through Half-Empty Glasses

by David S.E. Zapanta

Down with uplift! Want to send a message of doom and gloom to loved ones? Or turn your room into a den of despair? These 46 darkly hilarious postcards are 100% guaranteed to produce a state of malaise in even the sunniest optimist. From sullen ...

ISBN: 9781454920816

Binding: Paperback


Bloom County Brand Spanking New Day

by Berkeley Breathed

Berkeley Breathed's Bloom County is back, with all-new, never before printed comic strips featuring everyone's favorite penguin and the rest of the quirky and endearing denizens of the magical land called Bloom County.This second volume from the

ISBN: 9781684050970

Binding: Paperback


Bob's Burgers Talking Burger Button

by Robb Pearlman

ISBN: 9780762462766

Binding: Novelty book


Bomp It!

by T. Bonaddio

ISBN: 9780762450206

Binding: Novelty book


Bon, Appetit Bitches! Tea Towels

by Calligraphuck

Combining hand-drawn calligraphy with profane phrases aboutkitchen duties (cooking and cleaning), this set of dish towels isfunny, stylish, and functional-and will appeal to folks looking fora refreshing and humorous alternative to the tea ...

ISBN: 9781452148304

Binding: Novelty book


Bored at Work Doodle Book

by Rose Adders

If you are the sort of person who has ever had a spare moment at work (and let's face it who isn't) then this is the book for you. A neat little pocket format means you will never be without access to its stress-relieving pages. Finish ...

ISBN: 9781853759338

Binding: Paperback


Brain Dump

Doodles, Activities, and Journaling for the John

by Running Press

ISBN: 9780762459773

Binding: Hardback


Break Up Journal, The

Break Up Without the Breakdown

by Tom Devonald

Down in the dumps because your relationship's over? You needn't be, with The Break-up Journal – your Interactive Solution to Surviving a Split. This highly original and humorous but practical book has been conceived by ...

ISBN: 9781780978291

Binding: Paperback


Breaking Cat News

Cats Reporting on the News that Matters to Cats

by Georgia Dunn

This just in: Three adorable house cats are reporting the most hilarious breaking news! Based onauthor/illustrator Georgia Dunn’s real life pets, Elvis, Lupin, and Puck strap on neckties and pick upmicrophones to provide the most ...

ISBN: 9781449474133

Binding: Paperback


Brief History Of Vice A

by Robert Evans

"History has never been more fun-or more intoxicating. Guns, germs, and steel might have transformed us from hunter-gatherers into modern man, but booze, sex, trash talk, and tripping built our civilization. Cracked editor Robert Evans brings ...

ISBN: 9780147517609

Binding: Paperback



by Boris Starling

Written by bestselling author Boris Starling, The British is one of the new titles for 2017 in the Haynes Explains series. A light-hearted and entertaining take on the classic workshop manual, it contains everything you'd expect to see including

ISBN: 9781785211508

Binding: Hardback


Bum Fodder

An Absorbing History of Toilet Paper

by Richard Smyth

Humans are, along with other primates, the only animals to wipe their bottoms after defecating. Richard Smyth provides the definitive history of how we have wiped over the centuries. From the Romans and ancient China to the modern day, drawing ...

ISBN: 9780285641143

Binding: Hardback


Business Cat: Money, Power, Treats

by Tom Fonder

The only big-business tycoon boasting his own private executive litter box and luxury mega cat condo, the dashing Business Cat misses meetings because he’s stuck in trees, sends emails while napping on keyboards, and demands to be let out,

ISBN: 9781449474140

Binding: Hardback


Camp David


ISBN: 9781851491629

Binding: Hardback