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Bon, Appetit Bitches! Tea Towels

by Calligraphuck

Combining hand-drawn calligraphy with profane phrases about kitchen duties (cooking and cleaning), this set of dish towels is funny, stylish, and functional-and will appeal to folks looking for a refreshing and humorous ...

ISBN: 9781452148304

Binding: Novelty book



The Life of the World's Cutest Dog

by J H Lee

<DIV>Everyone loves Boo His fluffy head, shaved body, and teddy bear-like persona are irresistibly adorable. With nearly a million Facebook fans, Boo is poised to make it big. This book features photographs of Boo doing all his favourite things:

ISBN: 9781452103068

Binding: Hardback


Break Up Journal, The

Break Up Without the Breakdown

by Tom Devonald

<DIV><P>Down in the dumps because your relationship&#39;s over? You needn&#39;t be, with <B>The Break-up Journal </B>&ndash; your Interactive Solution to Surviving a Split. This highly original and humorous but practical book has been conceived ...

ISBN: 9781780978291

Binding: Paperback


Breaking Cat News

Cats Reporting on the News that Matters to Cats

by Georgia Dunn

<DIV>This just in: Three adorable house cats are reporting the most hilarious breaking news! Based on&#160;author/illustrator Georgia Dunn&rsquo;s real life pets, Elvis, Lupin, and Puck strap on neckties and pick up&#160;microphones to provide ...

ISBN: 9781449474133

Binding: Paperback


Brief History Of Vice A

by Robert Evans

"History has never been more fun-or more intoxicating. Guns, germs, and steel might have transformed us from hunter-gatherers into modern man, but booze, sex, trash talk, and tripping built our civilization. Cracked editor Robert Evans ...

ISBN: 9780147517609

Binding: Paperback



by Boris Starling

Written by bestselling author Boris Starling, The British is one of the new titles for 2017 in the Haynes Explains series. A light-hearted and entertaining take on the classic workshop manual, it contains everything you'd expect to see including

ISBN: 9781785211508

Binding: Hardback


Britty Britty Bang Bang

One Man's Attempt to Understand His Country

by Hugh Dennis

ISBN: 9780755364329

Binding: Paperback


Brooding YA Hero

Becoming a Main Character (Almost) as Awesome as Me

by Carrie DiRisio

<p><b>Ages 12 to 18</b></p><p>From Twitter sensation @broodingYAhero, a hilarious parody "how to" (told as a fiction/non-fiction hybrid) on the world of YA books, writing, and finding your inner main character.<br></p><p>Have you ever wished you

ISBN: 9781510726666

Binding: Hardback


Business Baby

Getting Things Done, One Tantrum at a Time

by Alex Beckerman

<DIV>Inspired by one of the hottest baby memes, <B>Business Baby </B>features adorable images of babies and toddlers reimagined as high-level business executives with &#39;business&#39; on their minds. This collection reimagines the meme with ...

ISBN: 9781452142593

Binding: Hardback


Business Cat: Money, Power, Treats

by Tom Fonder

<DIV><P>The only big-business tycoon boasting his own private executive litter box and luxury mega cat condo, the dashing Business Cat misses meetings because he&rsquo;s stuck in trees, sends emails while napping on keyboards, and demands to be ...

ISBN: 9781449474140

Binding: Hardback


Camp David


ISBN: 9781851491629

Binding: Hardback


Can I Sit on Your Lap While You're Pooping?

Actual Quotes from an Actual Toddler to Her Actual Dad

by Matthew Carroll

ISBN: 9781419720246

Binding: Hardback


Can I Speak to Someone in Charge?

by Emily Clarkson

Synopsis coming soon....... ...

ISBN: 9781471156908

Binding: Paperback


Can't Be Arsed: 101 Things Not To Do Before You Die

by Richard Wilson

Books, television shows and websites are forever ordering us around - 100 things to do before you're 30; 50 albums you must own; this year's must-have handbag; change your life in two weeks. Why- is this an increasingly desperate search for ...

ISBN: 9781906032371

Binding: Hardback


Canadian Wit, Wisdom & Humour

by Gerd De Ley

<i>Canadian Wit, Wisdom & Humour </i>collects the very best of humorous quotes, witty observations and funny one-liners from famous--and not-so-famous--Canadians.<br><br> Collecting over 1000 of the wittiest remarks, deepest thoughts and ...

ISBN: 9781578267200

Binding: Hardback



by Afonso Cruz

<p>Award-winning Portuguese artist Afonso Cruz brings us this satirical, wordless, cautionary tale about the power of capital. A boy is given a piggy bank, and grows up feeding it coins as it sits on his bedside table. The piggy bank begins to ...

ISBN: 9781772290059

Binding: Hardback


Carry This Book

by Abbi Jacobson

"With bright, quirky, and colourful line drawings, Jacobson brings to life actual and imagined items found in the pockets and purses, bags and glove compartments of real and fantastical people-whether it's the contents of Oprah's favorite purse,

ISBN: 9780735221598

Binding: Hardback


Cat Butts

by Q Blue

ISBN: 9780762422173

Binding: Novelty book


Cat Zodiac

An Astrological Guide to the Feline Mystique

by Maeva Considine

<DIV>Even the most seasoned cat owner has found herself wondering why her cat meows for hours at the door to be let outside, only to turn around moments later and scratch at the door again to be let back in. Whether you&rsquo;re a brand-new cat ...

ISBN: 9781452148281

Binding: Hardback



A Get Fuzzy Collection

by Darby Conley

<DIV>Our tough-as-nails crew has been assembled. Bucky Katt has a plan to take out the ferrets next door, and it will require all of his powers of disguise and stealth to get the job done. Satchel Pooch is going on the offense and channeling his

ISBN: 9781449487102

Binding: Paperback