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Easy as Pi

Maths Made Simple

by Liz Strachan

ISBN: 9781472137289

Binding: Hardback


Eats, Shoots And Leaves

by Lynne Truss

'If Lynne Truss were Roman Catholic I'd nominate her for sainthood.' Frank McCourt The international bestseller, reissued and with a new introduction. A witty, entertaining, impassioned guide to perfect punctuation, for everyone who cares about

ISBN: 9780007329069

Binding: Paperback


Ednapedia: A History of Australia in 101 Objects

by Dame Edna Everage

Dame Edna Everage, Australia's most famous – and funniest - export, tells the history of her homeland in 100 objects. It's very rare that we see the emergence of a completely original idea in the world of books. Dame Edna Everage's ...

ISBN: 9781784975609

Binding: Hardback


Edumacation Book: Amazing Cocktail-Party Science to Impress Your Friends

by Andy McElfresh

Synopsis coming soon....... ...

ISBN: 9781681883014

Binding: Paperback



Or, You Can't Survive on Ideas Alone

by Bo Burnham

ISBN: 9781409144328

Binding: Hardback


Elf Snow Globe

by Press Running

ISBN: 9780762454839

Binding: Novelty book


Elf Talking Buddy-in-a-Box

"Does somebody need a hug?"

by Press Running

ISBN: 9780762460946

Binding: Novelty book


Embarrassing Ways to Die

The Ultimate Collection of 1001 Daft and Undignified Ways You Can Exit the Stage of Life

by David Southwell

<DIV>A massive and hilarious collection of true stories chronicling the most bizarre, amazing and absurd ways to die ever brought together. Awe-inspiring examples of stupidity and lack of combine to give you the most incredible cautionary tales ...

ISBN: 9781853759864

Binding: Hardback


Emoji Puzzles

by Malcolm Croft

<DIV>Emojis have captured our hearts, just as we have acquired theirs at the end of many of our texts and emails. These little colourful characters and icons of the small screen have - like it or not - become part of the very fabric of our ...

ISBN: 9781853759680

Binding: Hardback


Emotions Explained with Buff Dudes

Owlturd Comics

by Shen

<DIV>In a casually weird, super relatable, pop-culture-inflected observational style perfectly attuned to the adulting generation, Owlturd Comics is full of heart. Life is often personified as a buff dude that Shen combats on a day-to-day basis.

ISBN: 9781449486938

Binding: Paperback


Enemies Of The People

by Sam Jordison

Something has gone wrong. We're living in an age of celebratory racism, extreme inequality, uncertainty and fear. We're governed by people who claim to be populist but who seem to hate everyone. There are idiots at the wheel and we're heading ...

ISBN: 9780008256418

Binding: Hardback


English: A Story of Marmite, Queuing and Weather

by Ben Fogle

What makes the English English? Is it their eccentricity, their passionate love (or, indeed, hatred) of Marmite &#8211; or is it something less easily defined? Beginning at the top of a muddy Gloucestershire slope at the Coopers Hill ...

ISBN: 9780008222253

Binding: Paperback


Error Australis

by Ben Pobjie

ISBN: 9781925344462

Binding: Paperback


Even More Complete Book Of Australian Verse: Text Classics,The

by John Clarke

<i>For many years it was assumed that poetry came from England. Research now clearly demonstrates, however, that a great many of the world's most famous poets were actually Australians. </i> Possibly the most important anthology ever ...

ISBN: 9781921922152

Binding: Paperback


Every Mother's Son is Guilty

Policing the Kimberley Frontier of Western Australia 1882 - 1905

by Chris Owen

<p><span style="line-height: 1.45em;">In </span><i style="line-height: 1.45em;">Every Mother?s Son is Guilty, </i><span style="line-height: 1.45em;">Chris Owen provides a compelling account of policing in the Kimberley district from 1882, when ...

ISBN: 9781742586687

Binding: Paperback


Everything I Need to Know I Learned from Peanuts (Revised Ed.)

by Charles Schulz

ISBN: 9780762456864

Binding: Hardback


Everything Is The Worst

by Workman Publishing

<DIV><P>Sometimes you just don&rsquo;t feel like going to work. Or making any effort at all, really. Or hearing one more person tell you to &ldquo;Have a great day!&rdquo; &mdash; seriously, what&rsquo;s so great about it?</P><P><B>Everything Is

ISBN: 9781523503537

Binding: Hardback


Expecting Jeeves


"Good Lord, Jeeves! Is there anything you don't know?" "I could not say, sir." That, in brief, is the essence of the relationship between aristocrat Bertie Wooster and his dryly superior valet, Jeeves. Originally published in The Strand ...

ISBN: 9780486806143

Binding: Paperback


F You, Box

And Other Observations of My Cat's Inner Dialogue

by Katie Cook

<div>He&#39;s codependent, potty-mouthed, and pissed off . . . with the litter box, the couch, and YOU! This cranky kitty&#39;s bad attitude and existential woes&mdash;captured in hysterical postcards&mdash;will ring true to anyone who&#39;s ...

ISBN: 9781454917199

Binding: Paperback


F**k Cupcakes and F**k Baking

by Malcom Croft

Are you sick of baking blogs? Had enough of cupcakes Once upon a time, human beings existed solely on a diet of raw meat, fruit and vegetables. those days are over. Now we are a nation of sweet tooths, sugar fiends and muffin tops hell bent on ...

ISBN: 9781909397194

Binding: Hardback