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Catherine McMahon

by Damien King

This meticulously researched story of Catherine McMahon covers her life before and after she became a convict in Van Diemen?s Land. The lives of her two husbands are also covered. First John Copley, a Yorkshire man convicted of sheep stealing, ...

ISBN: 9781921719509

Binding: Paperback


Cavan Station

by Nicola Crichton-Brown

A history of Cavan Station and the Riley legacy Cavan Station near Yass, now owned by Rupert Murdoch, is one of the most important grazing properties in the history of the Australian wool industry. The cradle of early innovation in the growing ...

ISBN: 9781460757420

Binding: Hardback


Censor's Library, The

by Moore Nicole

<b>AN ABSORBING EXPOS OF THE BOOKS WE COULDN'T READ, DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT, AND THE REASONS WHY.</b>When Nicole Moore discovered the secret 'censor's library' in the National Archives - 793 boxes prohibited from the 1920s to the 1980s - so began a ...

ISBN: 9780702239168

Binding: Paperback


Charles Ulm

The untold story of one of Australia's greatest aviation pioneers

by Rick Searle

The untold story of one of Australia's greatest aviation pioneers. ...

ISBN: 9781760294274

Binding: Paperback


Chinese Market Gardening in Australia and New Zealand

Gardens of Prosperity

by Joanna Boileau

<p>This book offers a fresh perspective on the Chinese diaspora. It is about the mobilisation of knowledge across time and space, exploring the history of Chinese market gardening in Australia and New Zealand. It enlarges our understanding of ...

ISBN: 9783319518718

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Citizen Labillardire

by Edward Duyker

"Jacques-Julien Houtou de Labillardi re was one of the great traveller-naturalists of the eighteenth century. He is most famous for his account of his voyage to the South Seas with Bruny d'Entrecasteaux in search of La Perouse in 1791 93. <br> ...

ISBN: 9780522851601

Binding: Paperback


Cleared Out

First contact in the Western Desert

by Sue Davenport

In 1964, a group of 20 Aboriginal women and children in the Western Desert made their first contact with European Australians ? patrol officers from the Woomera Rocket Range, clearing an area into which rockets were to be fired. They had been ...

ISBN: 9780855754570

Binding: Paperback


Closing Hell's Gates

The death of a convict station

by Hamish Maxwell-Stewart

Based on an elaborate reconstruction of day-to-day life at Macquarie Harbour, one of Australia's most notorious sites of convict punishment, this is the true story of how, in 1827, nine convicts opted for 'state-assisted' escape (the death ...

ISBN: 9781741751499

Binding: Paperback



A history of the New South Wales Edge

by Ian Hoskins

<p><span style="line-height: 1.45em;">From Eden to Byron Bay, the New South Wales coast is more than 2000 kilometres long, with 130 estuaries, 100 coastal lakes, and a rich history.</span><br></p> <p>This, the first history written of the New ...

ISBN: 9781742232706

Binding: Hardback


Committed to Learning: A History of Education at the University of Melbourne

by Juliet Flesch

Consistently ranking in the top five educational faculties in the world, the Melbourne Graduate School of Education has achieved a status few would have predicted. This history of the first hundred and ten years of the discipline of Education at

ISBN: 9780522872101

Binding: Hardback


Commonwealth Of Thieves, The

by Tom Keneally

A brilliant recreation of the first four years of white settlement in Australia by Booker Prize-winning author Tom Keneally.<br><br>In 1787, Britain banished its unwanted citizens - uneducated petty thieves, streetwalkers, orphan chimneysweeps ...

ISBN: 9780143790839

Binding: Paperback


Conspiracy of Silence

Queensland's frontier killing times

by Timothy Bottoms

As Europeans moved into new lands in Queensland in the 19th century, violent encounters with local Aboriginals mostly followed. Drawing on extensive original research, Timothy Bottoms tells the story of the most violent frontier in Australian ...

ISBN: 9781743313824

Binding: Paperback


Constructing National Identity in Canadian and Australian Classrooms

The Crown of Education

by Stephen Jackson

<p>This book explores the evolution of Canadian and Australian national identities in the era of decolonization by evaluating educational policies in Ontario, Canada, and Victoria, Australia. Drawing on sources such as textbooks and ...

ISBN: 9783319894027

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Consuming ANZAC

The History of Australia's Most Powerful Brand

by Jo Hawkins

<p>In the years after the Great War, Australian memorials were often engraved with a simple request, ?Let silent contemplation be your offering?. Today, remembrance is fuelled by a booming Anzac industry. Luxury cruises to far-flung ...

ISBN: 9781760800000

Binding: Paperback


Convict Tattoos

by Simon Barnard

At least thirty-seven per cent of male convicts and fifteen per cent of female convicts were tattooed by the time they arrived in the penal colonies, making Australians quite possibly the world's most heavily tattooed English-speaking people of ...

ISBN: 9781925240399

Binding: Hardback


Cook and the Pacific

Essays by John Maynard, Susannah Helman and Martin Woods

by John Maynard

<p>Cook led a scientific expedition to observe the transit of Venus in Tahiti, circumnavigated New Zealand and established that it was two separate islands, and nearly perished when the <i>Endeavour</i> ran aground on the world?s largest coral ...

ISBN: 9780642279231

Binding: Paperback



We will show the country

by Giordano Nanni

<p>The battle for Coranderrk was one of the first sustained campaigns for justice, land rights and self-determination. Proud of their culture, their community and their award-winning farm, the Kulin people (led by William Barak) lobbied against ...

ISBN: 9781922059390

Binding: Paperback


Country Women and the Colour Bar

Grassroots Activism and the Country Women’s Association

by Jones & Jennifer

Country women and the colour bar is a timely corrective to established ideas about race relations in rural New South Wales by revealing the untold story of grassroots efforts by Aboriginal and white women, working together.In the 1950s and ...

ISBN: 9781925302929

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Country Women and the Colour Bar

Grassroots Activism and the Country Women?s Association

by Jennifer Jones

<p>Country women and the colour bar is a timely corrective to established ideas about race relations in rural New South Wales by revealing the untold story of grassroots efforts by Aboriginal and white women, working together.</p> <p>In the ...

ISBN: 9781925302967

Binding: Paperback


Courage in the Skies

The untold story of Qantas, its brave men and women and their extraordinary role in World War II

by Jim Eames

This is the extraordinary and little known story of Qantas' significant role during World War II, particularly in its campaigns against the Japanese. ...

ISBN: 9781760293932

Binding: Paperback