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Pentridge - Behind the Bluestone Walls

by Don Osborne

Pentridgetells of prison life and events during the troubled 1970s when rebellion was in the air, and when Pentridge housed some of the most notorious prisoners in Australian criminal history. ...

ISBN: 9781760681029

Binding: Paperback



Echoes of a Distant Battle

by Christopher Wray

<p>From July to September 1916, some 23,000 Australians were killed or wounded in the Battle of Pozières. It was the first strategically important engagement by Australian soldiers on the Western Front and its casualties exceeded those of any ...

ISBN: 9781316235447

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Preachers, Prophets and Heretics

Anglican Women's Ministry

by Elaine Lindsay

As the Anglican Church tied itself in legal and theological knots over the ordination of women in the 1980s and early 1990s, the Australian public watched in amazement. The spectacle spilled out of church synods into ecclesiastical tribunals and

ISBN: 9781742233376

Binding: Paperback


Protest, Land Rights and Riots

by Barry Morris

The 1970s was a period of unprecedented political agency and legislative change in Aboriginal peoples struggles for the recognition of postcolonial rights. What is significant is that they didnt just seek rights to be granted to them, but for ...

ISBN: 9781922059369

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Quest For Origins

by Kerry Howe

A fascinating book that re-examines countless theories about who discovered and first settled in NZ and the Pacific Islands.Media speculation about who 'discovered' NZ (Spanish? Phoenician? Portuguese?) has provided continuing evidence of New ...

ISBN: 9780143008453

Binding: Paperback


Race, Tea and Colonial Resettlement

Imperial Families, Interrupted

by Dr Jane McCabe

<p><strong>WINNER OF THE IAN WARDS PRIZE 2018</strong></p> <p>By the early 20th century, the ideology of racial distance predominated in British India. This simultaneously threw a spotlight on the 'Anglo-Indian problem' and sent intimate ...

ISBN: 9781474299510

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Re-visiting World War I

Interpretations and Perspectives of the Great Conflict

by Jaroslaw Suchoples & Stephanie James

<p>This book discusses various aspects of World War I. It focuses on topics proposed by contributors resulting from their own research interests. Nevertheless, as a result of common efforts, re-visiting those chosen aspects of the Great War of ...

ISBN: 9783653958768

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Redefining Asia Pacific Higher Education in Contexts of Globalization: Private Markets and the Public Good

by Deane E. Neubauer & Christopher S. Collins

<p>This edited volume addresses the dynamic global contexts redefining Asia Pacific higher education, including cross-border education, capacity and national birthrate profiles, pressures created within ranking/status systems, and complex shifts

ISBN: 9781137559203

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by New Holland Publishers

Throughout history, refugees have moved between countries and continents in search of freedom and a better life. Australia, being an island continent, is not immune to people from around the world seeking refugee status. This was the case ...

ISBN: 9781921580420

Binding: Hardback


Return to Kahiki

Native Hawaiians in Oceania

by Kealani Cook

<p>Between 1850 and 1907, Native Hawaiians sought to develop relationships with other Pacific Islanders, reflecting how they viewed not only themselves as a people but their wider connections to Oceania and the globe. Kealani Cook analyzes the ...

ISBN: 9781108169141

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Richard Seddon: King Of God's Own

by Tom Brooking

ISBN: 9780143569671

Binding: Paperback


Roads, Tourism and Cultural History

On the Road in Australia

by Rosemary Kerr

<p>Roads and road tourism loom large in the Australian imagination as distance and mobility have shaped the nation’s history and culture, but roads are more than simply transport routes; they embody multiple layers of history, mythology and ...

ISBN: 9781845416706

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Russian Anzacs in Australian History

by Elena Govor

Elena Govor has given voice to a part of Australian cultural history that until now has been silent. Extraordinarily, it was men born in the former Russian Empire that constituted the most numerous group in the First Australian Imperial Force, ...

ISBN: 9780868408569

Binding: Paperback



Selected Stories and Essays

by Bruce Pascoe

<p><strong>A collection of stories and essays by the award-winning author of <em>Dark Emu</em>, showcasing his shimmering genius across a lifetime of work.</strong></p> <p>Bruce Pascoe has been described as a ‘living national treasure’ and his ...

ISBN: 9781743821053

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Sand In Our Souls

by Leone Huntsman

<p>Images of 'the beach' pervade Australian popular culture. However the deeper significance of the experience of 'the beach', and its influence on Australian culture generally, have not yet been seriously explored. How, why and when did the ...

ISBN: 9780522863451

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The untold story of the Sandakan death marches

by Paul Ham

This is the story of the three-year ordeal of the Sandakan prisoners of war – a barely known episode of unimaginable horror. After the fall of Singapore in February 1942, the Japanese conquerors transferred 2700 British and Australian prisoners ...

ISBN: 9781743136157

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Scorched Earth

Australia's secret plan for total war under Japanese invasion in World War II

by Sue Rosen

Hidden for 75 years, the top secret government documents outlining preparations for the event of a Japanese invasion of Australia in 1942 have finally been discovered. They reveal an extraordinarily comprehensive plan to thwart Japanese troops, ...

ISBN: 9781925575149

Binding: Paperback


Sea People: In Search of the Ancient Navigators of the Pacific

by Christina Thompson

<p>‘Wonderfully researched and beautifully written’ Philip Hoare, author of Leviathan ‘Succeeds in conjuring a lost world’ Dava Sobel, author of Longitude ‘Fascinating and satisfying’ Simon Winchester, author of The Map that Changed the World ...

ISBN: 9780008339036

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Sea People: The Puzzle of Polynesia

by Christina Thompson

&#8216;Wonderfully researched and beautifully written' Philip Hoare, author of Leviathan&#8216;Succeeds in conjuring a lost world' Dava Sobel, author of Longitude&#8216;Fascinating and satisfying' Simon Winchester, author of The Map that Changed

ISBN: 9780008339029

Binding: Paperback


Serving our Country

Indigenous Australians, war, defence and citizenship

by Joan Beaumont

<p>After decades of silence, <i>Serving Our Country</i> is the first comprehensive history of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people’s participation in the Australian defence forces.<br></p> <p>While Indigenous Australians have enlisted ...

ISBN: 9781742235394

Binding: Paperback