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Alone Britain, Churchill, and Dunkirk

Defeat Into Victory

by Michael Korda

<p><b>Combining epic history with rich family stories, Michael Korda chronicles the outbreak of World War II and the great events that led to Dunkirk.</b></p> <p>In an absorbing work peopled with world leaders, generals, and ordinary citizens ...

ISBN: 9781631491320

Binding: Hardback


Altered Pasts

Counterfactuals in History

by Richard J. Evans

ISBN: 9780349140179

Binding: Paperback


Amatory Pleasures: Explorations in Eighteenth-Century Sexual Culture

by Julie Peakman

Encompassing the long 18th century, <i>Amatory Pleasures</i> examines a broad and enticing variety of topics in the history of sexuality in Georgian times. It includes discussion of sexual perversion, criminal conversation, erotic gardens, ...

ISBN: 9781474226448

Binding: Paperback


America and the Pill

A History of Promise, Peril, and Liberation

by Elaine May

ISBN: 9780465024599

Binding: Paperback


America's Great Game

The CIA's Secret Arabists and the Shaping of the Modern Middle East

by Hugh Wilford

ISBN: 9780465096282

Binding: Paperback


American Knights

by Victor oToryo Failmezger

As the war began to swing in favour of the Allies, it became clear that no final defeat of the Third Reich would be possible until the armoured monsters of the Panzerwaffe were defeated. But who would, or even could, take on the mighty Tigers ...

ISBN: 9781472824875

Binding: Paperback


American Revolutions a Continental History, 1750-1804

by Alan Taylor

<p>The American Revolution is often portrayed as a high-minded, orderly event whose capstone, the Constitution, provided the nation its democratic framework. Alan Taylor, a two-time Pulitzer Prize winner, gives us a different creation story in ...

ISBN: 9780393354768

Binding: Paperback



A History of the World's Most Liberal City

by Russell Shorto

ISBN: 9780349000022

Binding: Paperback


An Army At Dawn

The War in North Africa, 1942-1943

by Rick Atkinson

ISBN: 9780349116365

Binding: Paperback


Ancestors in the Attic


Michael Holroyd, perhaps the most distinguished of contemporary biographers, has in recent years turned his attention to the stories hidden within his own fascinating (not to say eccentric) family. In Ancestors in the Attic he teases out two ...

ISBN: 9781910258842

Binding: Hardback


Ancien Regime And The French Revolution, The

by Alexis De Tocqueville

With this book, Alexis de Tocqueville envisioned a multi-volume philosophic study of the origins of modern France that would examine the implications of French history on the nature and development of democratic society. Tocqueville worried that

ISBN: 9780141441641

Binding: Paperback


Ancient Egyptian Imperialism

by Morris

ISBN: 9781405136785

Binding: Paperback


Ancient Greek and Roman Slavery

by P. Hunt

ISBN: 9781405188067

Binding: Paperback


Ancient Greek Civilization, Third Edition

by David Sansone

<p>The third edition of <i>Ancient Greek Civilization</i> is a concise, engaging introduction to the history and culture of ancient Greece from the Minoan civilization to the age of the Roman Empire.</p> <ul> <li>Explores the evolution and ...

ISBN: 9781119098157

Binding: Paperback


Anzac Girls

The Extraordinary Story of our World War I Nurses

by Peter Rees

By the end of the Great War, forty-five Australian and New Zealand nurses had died on overseas service and over two hundred had been decorated. These were the women who left for war looking for adventure and romance but were soon confronted with

ISBN: 9781489029492

Binding: CD-Extra

Audio Book

ANZAC Infantryman 1914-15: From New Guinea to Gallipoli

by Ian;Turner, Graham Sumner

This title explores the recruitment, training, and combat experiences of the famous ANZAC infantry in the opening years of World War I. When war broke out in 1914, men rushed to the colours even before their governments had formally offered ...

ISBN: 9781849083287

Binding: Paperback


Anzacs on the Western Front

The Australian War Memorial Battlefield Guide

by P Pedersen

ISBN: 9780730337393

Binding: Paperback


Area 51

An Uncensored History of America's Top Secret Military Base

by Annie Jacobsen

ISBN: 9781409136866

Binding: Paperback


Art of Time Travel: Historians and Their Craft, The

by Tom Griffiths

In this landmark, critically acclaimed book, eminent historian and award-winning author Tom Griffiths explores the craft of history. <br><br>Through portraits of fourteen historians, including Inga Clendinnen, Judith Wright, Geoffrey Blainey and

ISBN: 9781863959407

Binding: Paperback


Arthur & Sherlock

by Michael Sims

No Marketing Blurb ...

ISBN: 9781408858554

Binding: Paperback