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Allied Fighters 1939-45

by Chris Chant

ISBN: 9780760334515

Binding: Paperback


Altered Pasts

Counterfactuals in History

by Richard J. Evans

ISBN: 9780349140179

Binding: Paperback


Amazing and Extraordinary Facts: James Bond


Suitable for the James Bond fan, this title helps you in unearthing various facts about the much-loved fictional spy, and the books and films that he has starred in. It also includes strange and amusing stories about the Bond actors, from Sean ...

ISBN: 9781446301951

Binding: Hardback


Amazing and Extraordinary Facts: Royal Family Life


Unearths a wealth of intriguing truths about British royal domestic life, royal celebrations, royal etiquette, wisdom and sayings, and how they have shaped history. Covering the period from Henry VIII to Queen Elizabeth II, this book presents ...

ISBN: 9781446302491

Binding: Hardback


America a Narrative History Brief 9E

by George Brown Tindall

A book students love, in a more concise format. America has sold more than 1.8 million copies over the past eight editions because it?s a book that students enjoy reading. Effective storytelling, colorful anecdotes, and biographical sketches ...

ISBN: 9780393920727

Binding: Paperback


America As Seen by Its First Explorers


ISBN: 9780486260310

Binding: Paperback


America's Fighting Admirals

Winning the War at Sea in World War II

by William Tuohy

ISBN: 9780760329856

Binding: Hardback


America's Special Forces

Weapons, Missions, Training

by David Bohrer

ISBN: 9780760313480

Binding: Paperback


American Barns and Covered Bridges


When this book was first published in the mid-1950s, the author was concerned that such functional structures as the American barn and the covered bridge would soon give way to progress and be replaced by ""modern"" elements. Today, a number of ...

ISBN: 9780486425610

Binding: Paperback


American Dance

The Complete Illustrated History

by Margaret Fuhrer

ISBN: 9780760345993

Binding: Hardback


American Family in the Colonial Period


First published in the early 20th century, this book contributed significantly to an understanding of the forces at work in the evolution of family institutions in the United States. The first of a three-volume series, the text describes the ...

ISBN: 9780486433660

Binding: Paperback


American Hot Rod

How to Build a Hot Rod with Boyd Coddington

by Dennis W. Parks

ISBN: 9780760321652

Binding: Paperback


American Indian Design and Decoration


The most original and most powerful design art produced in the Western Hemisphere is also its most indigenous: that of the Indian, in innumerable cultures existing from prehistory to the arrival of the white man, reaching from the Arctic Circle ...

ISBN: 9780486227047

Binding: Paperback


American Knights: The Untold Story of the Men of the Legendary 601st Tank Destroyer Battalion

by Victor Tory Failmezger

As the war swung in the favor of the Allies, it became clear that no final defeat of the Third Reich would be possible until the armored monsters of the Panzerwaffe were defeated. But who would, or even could, take on the mighty Tigers and ...

ISBN: 9781472809353

Binding: Hardback


American Military History - a Documenatary Reader

by Brad D. Lookingbill

American Military History: A Documentary Reader presents a comprehensive collection of primary documents relating to America's armed forces from the colonial period to the present. Features documents which introduce key people, events, and ...

ISBN: 9781405190510

Binding: Paperback


American Muscle Cars

A Full-Throttle History

by Randy Leffingwell

ISBN: 9780760350133

Binding: Hardback


American Muscle Supercars

Ultimate Street Performance from Shelby, Baldwin-Motion, Mr. Norm and Other Legendary Tuners

by David Newhardt

ISBN: 9780760332948

Binding: Hardback


American Passenger Trains and Locomotives Illustrated

by Mark Wegman

ISBN: 9780760334751

Binding: Hardback


American Presidents and First Ladies CD-ROM and Book


Forty-two presidents of the United States, along with their wives or other White House hostesses, are featured in this unique archive. From George and Martha Washington to George W. Bush and his wife, Laura, each chief executive and First Lady ...

ISBN: 9780486995717

Binding: Paperback


American Revolution


This book of over 400 illustrations is a vast pictorial sourcebook and informal history of the American Revolution. Chosen from contemporary sources and the best material of the last two hundred years, these illustrations include major battles ...

ISBN: 9780486232263

Binding: Paperback