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American Revolutions

A Continental History, 1750 - 1804

by Alan Taylor

<p>The American Revolution is often portrayed as a high-minded, orderly event whose capstone, the Constitution, provided the nation its democratic framework. Alan Taylor, a two-time Pulitzer Prize winner, gives us a different creation story in ...

ISBN: 9780393354768

Binding: Paperback


American Scoundrel

The Life of the Notorious Civil War General Dan Sickles

by Tom Keneally

On the last, cold Sunday of February 1859, Daniel Sickles shot his wife's lover in Washington's Lafayette Square, just across from the White House. This is the story of that killing and its repercussions. Thomas Keneally brilliantly recreates ...

ISBN: 9781740946766

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American Strategy in Vietnam


""A masterful analysis of the strategy, or lack thereof, in the Vietnam War ... a book that every policy maker in Washington should absorb."" - Max Cleland, Atlanta Journal ConstitutionRequired reading at The National, Naval, and Air War ...

ISBN: 9780486454542

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American Yesterday


A compilation of engrossing facts and anecdotes vitalized by author Eric Sloane's own pen, this book captures the living legacy of America as seen in ""the things that were."" According to Sloane, American Yesterday explores ""our national attic

ISBN: 9780486427607

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A History of the World's Most Liberal City

by Russell Shorto

ISBN: 9780349000022

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An African American And Latinx History Of The United States

by Paul Ortiz

Spanning more than two hundred years, <i>An African American and Latinx History of the United States</i> is a revolutionary, politically charged narrative history arguing that the oGlobal Southo was crucial to the development of America as we ...

ISBN: 9780807005934

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An Angel In Australia

by Tom Keneally

Sydney, 1942 – the year of the fall of Singapore, the bombing of Darwin and the surprise attack on Sydney Harbour by Japanese midget submarines. Australia is surely doomed to fall to the Japanese ... Through the eyes of a naive young priest we ...

ISBN: 9781489469922

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An Army At Dawn

The War in North Africa, 1942-1943

by Rick Atkinson

ISBN: 9780349116365

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An Edible History of Humanity

by Tom Standage

Wheat, maize, rice, bread, spices, sugar and potatoes - our food has helped in all sorts of unexpected ways to create the world in which we live today. Tom Standage's new book tells a history of humanity charted by the foods we eat. ...

ISBN: 9781843546351

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Anarchism and Other Essays


12 essays by the influential radical include "Marriage and Love," "The Hypocrisy of Puritanism," "The Traffic in Women," Anarchism," and "The Psychology of Political Violence." In the 1890s and for years thereafter, America reverberated with ...

ISBN: 9780486224848

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Anatomy of a Traitor

A history of espionage and betrayal

by Michael Smith

What makes someone betray their country, their friends, everything they have been brought up to value? ...

ISBN: 9781781316573

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Ancestors in the Attic


Michael Holroyd, perhaps the most distinguished of contemporary biographers, has in recent years turned his attention to the stories hidden within his own fascinating (not to say eccentric) family. In Ancestors in the Attic he teases out two ...

ISBN: 9781910258842

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Ancien Regime And The French Revolution, The

by Alexis De Tocqueville

With this book, Alexis de Tocqueville envisioned a multi-volume philosophic study of the origins of modern France that would examine the implications of French history on the nature and development of democratic society. Tocqueville worried that

ISBN: 9780141441641

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Ancient City


With this influential study, French historian Numa Denis Fustel de Coulanges initiated a new approach to Greek and Roman city organisation. Fustel de Coulanges' 1864 masterpiece, La Cité antique, drew upon physical evidence as well as ancient ...

ISBN: 9780486447308

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Ancient Civilizations of Mexico and Central America


From the archaic period, through the great Mayan civilization and the ""Middle"" civilizations of Olmecs, Toltecs and others, to the glory of the Aztecs, this classic study offers a comprehensive survey of the extent and variety of pre-Columbian

ISBN: 9780486409023

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Ancient Egyptian Designs for Artists and Craftspeople


The timeless simplicity, elegance, and clarity of Egyptian design are clearly evident in this album of over 400 copyright-free illustrations. Spanning more than 3,000 years of arts and crafts in the land of the Pharaohs, the designs have been ...

ISBN: 9780486253398

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Ancient Egyptian Imperialism

by Ellen Morris

ISBN: 9781405136785

Binding: Paperback


Ancient Egyptian, Mesopotamian and Persian Costume


Clothing was hardly a practical necessity in North Africa and what is today the Middle East. Often a luxury item in these warm, humid climates, it became more essential as people's lives improved socially and economically. But even then, the ...

ISBN: 9780486425627

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Ancient Greece from Homer to Alexander

The Evidence

by Joseph Roisman

With fresh, new translations and extensive introductions and annotations, this sourcebook provides an inclusive and integrated view of Greek history, from Homer to Alexander the Great. <ul> <li>New translations of original sources are ...

ISBN: 9781405127752

Binding: Hardback


Ancient Greek and Roman Slavery

by Peter Hunt

ISBN: 9781405188067

Binding: Paperback