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Hillside of Roses

by Susan Irvine

Takes the reader to the author's garden and her plants. This book includes a section on the Australian roses of Alister Clark. ...

ISBN: 9781864470871

Binding: Paperback


History of Landscape Design in 100 Gardens


An illustrated history of garden design as told through iconic gardens from around the world. The History of Landscape Design in 100 Gardens explores the key moments in garden design. Through profiles of 100 of the most influential gardens, ...

ISBN: 9781604695298

Binding: Hardback


Home Gardeners Pruning

by David Squire

In order to be a successful gardener you have to know how to prune -whether to improve growth, increase fruiting qualities or to enable the plant to grow in space-restricted areas or cold environments. Included is detailed advice on renovating ...

ISBN: 9781580117739

Binding: Paperback


Home Herbal

Cultivating Herbs for Your Health, Home and Wellbeing

by Maureen Little

ISBN: 9781845285425

Binding: Paperback


Homebrewer's Garden, 2nd Edition


If you have a backyard, or even a sunny porch or balcony, you can grow your own hops, brewing herbs, and malt grains to enhance the flavor, aroma, and uniqueness of your home-brewed beer and ensure that you have the freshest, purest, best ...

ISBN: 9781612126869

Binding: Paperback



The Complete Guide to Choosing, Growing, and Caring for Indoor Plants

by Lisa Eldred Steinkopf

A comprehensive guide to choosing, growing, and troubleshooting houseplants, includes how-to-plant information; growing tips; soil, watering, location, and light information; and species recommendations.<br> ...

ISBN: 9781591866909

Binding: Paperback


Houses and Gardens of Kyoto

by Thomas Daniell

<p><b>Revised with a new foreword by Matthew Stavros.</b><br></p><p><i>Houses and Gardens of Kyoto </i>presents over 500 photos of the finest examples of traditional Japanese architecture from every major historical period in this new edition of

ISBN: 9784805314715

Binding: Hardback


How Do Worms Work?

A Gardener's Collection of Curious Questions and Astonishing Answers

by Guy Barter

ISBN: 9780733638886

Binding: Hardback


How Not To Kill Your House Plant

by DK

<i>How Not to Kill Your Houseplant </i>is your guide to every stage of plant parenting for beginners, from identifying exactly what's in the pot, to helping it flourish and grow. <BR>If you wonder what the crispy bits at the leaf edges are, why ...

ISBN: 9780241302170

Binding: Hardback


How Not To Kill Your Plants

by Nik Southern

ISBN: 9781473651128

Binding: Hardback


How to Grow

A guide for gardeners who can't garden yet

by Hollie Newton

ISBN: 9781409169321

Binding: Hardback


How to Raise a Plant:(and Make it Love You Back)

(and Make it Love You Back)

by Doane Morgan

ISBN: 9781786273017

Binding: Paperback


Hydroponics for Everyone

A Practical Guide to Gardening in the 21st Century

by Susan Sutherland

A simple guide to hydroponic gardening for the beginner as well as the most accomplished hydroponic gardener. This completely revised and updated fourth edition is the most up-to-date and simple guide to hydroponic gardening. ...

ISBN: 9781864470697

Binding: Paperback



The Art of Arranging Flowers

by Shozo Sato

<i>Ikebana: The Art of Arranging Flowers</i> presents the first comprehensive introduction to the timeless art of Japanese flower arrangement. The book begins with a fascinating overview of the history of Ikebana from the earliest times up to ...

ISBN: 9784805312667

Binding: Paperback


Illustrated Book of Edible Plants

by Jack E. Staub

Histories, medicinal uses, and recipe ideas for food plants from A to Z. Focusing on the most growable vegetables, herbs, and fruits for the greatest number of people, Staub tells the stories of their origins and apprises the home gardener on ...

ISBN: 9781423646747

Binding: Hardback




The genus Impatiens is enormous, comprising over a thousand species - many of which, although highly desirable, remain little known to Western gardeners. Ray Morgan examines Impatiens through a botanical lens, describing their physiology, ...

ISBN: 9780881928525

Binding: Hardback


In & out of Paris

Gardens of Secrets Delights

by Zahid Sardar

Gardens of Secret Delights Among the more than 30 great and small projects within In & Out of Paris are Vaux-le-Vicomte, Versailles, and Courances-all classic Andre Le Notre-style French gardens. Also discover the Paris gardens of celebrated ...

ISBN: 9781423632702

Binding: Hardback



The making of my native garden

by Don Burke

Practical advice blended with memoir, in an inspirational tribute to our native flora from Australia's favourite gardener, Don Burke. ...

ISBN: 9781743311080

Binding: Paperback


Indoor Green:Living with Plants

Living with Plants

by Claffey

ISBN: 9780500500538

Binding: Hardback


Indoor Green:Living with Plants

Living with Plants

by Bree Claffey from Mr Kitl

ISBN: 9780500501061

Binding: Paperback