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Hydroponics for Everyone

A Practical Guide to Gardening in the 21st Century

by Susan Sutherland

A simple guide to hydroponic gardening for the beginner as well as the most accomplished hydroponic gardener. This completely revised and updated fourth edition is the most up-to-date and simple guide to hydroponic gardening. ...

ISBN: 9781864470697

Binding: Paperback



The Art of Arranging Flowers

by Shozo Sato

<i>Ikebana: The Art of Arranging Flowers</i> presents the first comprehensive introduction to the timeless art of Japanese flower arrangement. The book begins with a fascinating overview of the history of Ikebana from the earliest times up to ...

ISBN: 9784805312667

Binding: Paperback


Illustrated Book of Edible Plants

by Jack E. Staub

Histories, medicinal uses, and recipe ideas for food plants from A to Z. Focusing on the most growable vegetables, herbs, and fruits for the greatest number of people, Staub tells the stories of their origins and apprises the home gardener on ...

ISBN: 9781423646747

Binding: Hardback




The genus Impatiens is enormous, comprising over a thousand species - many of which, although highly desirable, remain little known to Western gardeners. Ray Morgan examines Impatiens through a botanical lens, describing their physiology, ...

ISBN: 9780881928525

Binding: Hardback


In & out of Paris

Gardens of Secrets Delights

by Zahid Sardar

Gardens of Secret Delights Among the more than 30 great and small projects within In & Out of Paris are Vaux-le-Vicomte, Versailles, and Courances-all classic Andre Le Notre-style French gardens. Also discover the Paris gardens of celebrated ...

ISBN: 9781423632702

Binding: Hardback



The making of my native garden

by Don Burke

Practical advice blended with memoir, in an inspirational tribute to our native flora from Australia's favourite gardener, Don Burke. ...

ISBN: 9781743311080

Binding: Paperback


Indoor Green:Living with Plants

Living with Plants

by Claffey

ISBN: 9780500500538

Binding: Hardback


Indoor Green:Living with Plants

Living with Plants

by Bree Claffey from Mr Kitl

ISBN: 9780500501061

Binding: Paperback


James Wong's Homegrown Revolution

by James Wong

ISBN: 9780297867128

Binding: Hardback


Japanese Gardens

a journey

by Monty Don

ISBN: 9781473692299

Binding: Hardback


Jekka's Complete Herb Book

by Jekka Mcvicar

ISBN: 9781856267809

Binding: Paperback


Kitchen Garden A to Z

by Mike McGrath

ISBN: 9780810955806

Binding: Hardback


Kitchen Garden:A Beginner's Guide

by No Author Provided

ISBN: 9780980702125

Binding: Paperback


Kitchen Gardens Of Australia

by Kate Herd

Whether you want to reduce your carbon footprint, save money, become more self-sufficient or just enjoy the unique taste of fresh produce, there has never been a better time to create a kitchen garden. Join passionate designer and ...

ISBN: 9781921383427

Binding: Paperback


Knit Cute and Cuddly Hats and Booties

Complete Instructions for 6 Sets

by Edie Eckman

ISBN: 9781589237544

Binding: Paperback


Land Gardeners, The:Cut Flowers

Cut Flowers

by Henriet Bridget Elworthy

This is the story of The Land Gardeners, creators of productive gardens and stunning bundles of cut flowers. Based in the original walled garden at Wardington Manor, The Land Gardeners have revived the tradition of working with the land to ...

ISBN: 9781760760380

Binding: Hardback


Landscapes of Anne of Green Gables: The Enchanting Island that Inspired L. M. Montgomery


Discover the extraordinary landscapes of Anne of Green Gables. Anne of Green Gables is a worldwide phenomenon that has sold over fifty million copies and inspired numerous films, plays, musicals, and television series. It has turned Prince ...

ISBN: 9781604697896

Binding: Hardback


Landscaping For Dummies

by Phillip Giroux

A beautiful landscape reflects well on your house, making it a  welcome part of a  neighborhood or native terrain. And it  dramatically increases your home?s value. Landscaping also makes your house and yard more useful and better able to ...

ISBN: 9780764551284

Binding: Paperback


Lazy Gardener

by Burke Don

Creating the perfect garden should be simple and fun and, with a little know how, it can be. In The Lazy Gardener, Don Burke has created a fuss-free guide to low-maintenance gardening. With a sense of humour Australians have come to know and ...

ISBN: 9781877069628

Binding: Paperback


Less is More Garden: Big Ideas For Designing Your Small Yard


With useful tips and design ideas anyone can use, The Less is More Garden helps design-savvy homeowners turn their small backyards into a unique space that is lovely to look at, family-friendly, and low maintenance. When it comes to gardens, ...

ISBN: 9781604697919

Binding: Hardback