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Designing with Succulents


Lavishly illustrated with over 300 photographs, Designing with Succulents gives design and cultivation basics for paths, borders, slopes, and containers; hundreds of succulent plant recommendations; and descriptions of 90 easy-care, ...

ISBN: 9780881928167

Binding: Hardback


Dictionary of Science for Gardeners


A Library Journal Best Reference Pick of 2015! Every gardener is a scientist. Pollination, native plants, ecology, climatologythese are just a few of the scientific concepts that play a key role in a successful garden. While the ideas are ...

ISBN: 9781604694833

Binding: Hardback



Seasonal Gardening - A rich source of innovation and inspiration, season by season, from the respected Australian garden designer, writer and broadcaster.

by Meredith Kirton

A treasure-trove of gardening information from bestselling author Meredith Kirton. Perfect for those beginning to garden as well as the more advanced. ...

ISBN: 9781741965605

Binding: Paperback


Dig Deeper

Seasonal, sustainable, Australian gardening

by Meredith Kirton

This comprehensive and practical guide is the definitive gardening manual for the seasonal gardener. ...

ISBN: 9781742660998

Binding: Hardback


Dirr's Encyclopedia of Trees and Shrubs


3500 photographs. Over 380 genera. More than 3700 species and cultivars. With Dirr's Hardy Trees and Shrubs and Dirr's Trees and Shrubs for Warm Climates, Michael Dirr set the gold standard for horticultural reference. This season, Timber Press ...

ISBN: 9780881929010

Binding: Hardback


Dirt-Cheap Green Thumb


Discover how frugal gardening can lead to fantastic results! Rhonda Massingham Hart provides practical, time-tested tips that stretch your dollar even as they yield beautiful, bountiful plants. From starting seeds to preserving produce, Hart's ...

ISBN: 9781603424417

Binding: Paperback


Discovering Australian Flora

An Australian National Botanic Gardens Experience

by Fanny Karouta-Manasse

Australias complex, beautiful and diverse flora is showcased in stunning botanic gardens across the continent. Through exquisite colour photographs taken at the Australian National Botanic Gardens (ANBG), Fanny Karouta-Manasse celebrates the ...

ISBN: 9781486307814

Binding: Paperback


Disobedient Gardens

Landscapes of contrast and contradiction

by Michael Cooke

Superbly photographed stories of five gardens of character and 'inner spirit' that have been shaped by the friendship between their owners and their designer. ...

ISBN: 9781743365830

Binding: Hardback



Creating the Perfect Backyard and Garden for You and Your Dog

by Thomas Barthel

For dog owners and garden lovers alike, Dogscaping presents a plan for the family dog to live in perfect harmony with a green, beautiful backyard. Whether the family dog is a demon digger like a terrier or a shade-seeking greyhound, Dogscaping ...

ISBN: 9781933958330

Binding: Paperback


Down and Dirty


Get outside and start digging! Designed for the novice gardener, Down & Dirty! provides clear instructions, simple strategies, helpful advice, and lots of encouragement for those looking to brighten a small yard, porch, or home. Build up your ...

ISBN: 9781580176415

Binding: Paperback


Down the Garden Path


Down the Garden Path has stood the test of time as one of the world's best-loved and most-quoted gardening books. From a disaster building a rock garden, to further adventures with greenhouses, woodland gardens, not to mention cats and treacle, ...

ISBN: 9780881927108

Binding: Hardback


Dry Gardening Australia

Sustainable drought proof gardening from the soil up

by Jonathan Garner

Written specifically for Australian gardens by leading landscape and horticulturist Jonathon Garner, Dry Gardening Australia gives you everything you need to know about sustainable drought proof gardening from the soil up. ...

ISBN: 9781741960648

Binding: Paperback


Dwarf Campanulas


ISBN: 9780881928105

Binding: Hardback


Easy Organic Gardening and Moon Planting: updated edition (with moon-planting dates from 2012-2017)

by Bagnall Lyn

An essential resource for all Australian and New Zealand gardeners who care about their family's health and the environment. Organic gardening leaves your patch of earth in a better condition than you found it by working with nature rather than ...

ISBN: 9781921844782

Binding: Paperback


Eat Your Greens

The Surprising Power of Homegrown Leaf Crops

by David Kennedy

Turn over a new leaf with these nutritional powerhouses for your kitchen garden ...

ISBN: 9780865717510

Binding: Paperback



Edible Front Yard


"Front lawns, beware: The Germinatrix has you in her crosshairs! Ivette Soler is a welcome voice urging us to mow less and grow some foodin her uniquely fun, infectious yet informative way."Susan Harris, Garden Rant People everywhere are turning

ISBN: 9781604691993

Binding: Paperback


Edible Garden Design: Delicious Designs From The Ground Up

by Jamie Durie

Practical and inspiring, Jamie Durie's Edible Garden Design is a book for our times. As more and more of us recognise the environmental, financial and health benefits of growing our own food, all over the country flower beds are being ...

ISBN: 9781921383083

Binding: Hardback


Edible Landscaping with a Permaculture Twist: How to Have Your Yard and Eat It Too

by Michael Judd

ISBN: 9780615873794

Binding: Paperback


Edible Spots and Pots

Small-Space Gardens for Growing Vegetables and Herbs in Containers, Raised Beds and More

by Stacey Hirvela

It's time for home gardeners to rethink the traditional garden and explore the wide variety of options for growing edibles in "anywhere" gardens - from decorative pots and raised beds to unusual growing bags, hanging pouches, and ...

ISBN: 9781609619596

Binding: Paperback