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Grow, Cook, Nourish

by Darina Allen

ISBN: 9780857832269

Binding: Hardback


Grow. Food. Anywhere.

The New Guide to Small-Space Gardening

by Mat Pember

<DIV><I><B>Grow. Food. Anywhere.</B></I> is the must-have guide for anyone who has ever had a desire to grow their own food. Authors Mat and Dillon, of the Little Veggie Patch Co. provide a comprehensive and authoritative guide to gardening in ...

ISBN: 9781743793190

Binding: Paperback


Growing Vegetables

by O'Neil Sarah

Many people feel the urge to grow their own food, yet donrsquo;t know where to start. Gone are the days where this life skill is passed down through the generations. So the keen gardener is left to find their own way through a mine field of ...

ISBN: 9781869664572

Binding: Paperback


Growing Vegetables in Straw Bales


Straw bale gardening is an inexpensive, low-maintenance way to grow a bounty of food in a small space. All you need is a bale of straw, some fertilizer, and your favourite vegetable seeds! Craig LeHoullier's step-by-step instructions show you ...

ISBN: 9781612126142

Binding: Paperback


Growing Your Own Fruit and Veg

by Chivers Alison ; Canning Mary

Growing your Own Fruit and Vegetables guides you through the process of creating and nurturing your fruit and vegetable garden. All you need to start growing your own food is right here. With a little preparation and enthusiasm even the beginner

ISBN: 9781877069918

Binding: Paperback


Grown & Gathered

by Lentil Purbrick

In <b><i>Grown &amp; Gathered</i></b>, Matt and Lentil Pubrick's first book, they tell you all that they know about growing, gathering, nurturing and cooking your own food. The first part of the book is Matt and Lentil's guide to producing ...

ISBN: 9781743547410

Binding: Paperback


Hakeas: a Field Garden Guide

by Ivan Holliday

Hakeas A Field And Garden Guide is the first fully comrehensive book on this plant group.Most Hakeas are shrubs. Many bear beautiful flower spikes, followed by large, unusual fruits which are popular in dried flower arrangements. Hakeas A Field ...

ISBN: 9781877069147

Binding: Paperback


Handmade for the Garden:75 Ingenious Ways to Enhance Your Outdoor

"75 Ingenious Ways to Enhance Your Outdoor Space with DIY Tools, Pots, Supports, Embellishments, and More"

by Susan Guagliumi

ISBN: 9781617690976

Binding: Paperback


Hanging Kokedama

Creating Potless Plants for the Home

by Coraleigh Parker

Learn all about the Japanese art of creating pot-less suspended plants, known as kokedama. ...

ISBN: 9781911127390

Binding: Hardback


Happy Cactus

by DK

Have you just joined the cactus craze? Do you want to know how to make your little bundle of spikes thrive, flower and breed? This quirky pocket-sized book is your essential guide to pleasing your prickly pet.<br><br>Your cactus may be ...

ISBN: 9780241341094

Binding: Hardback


Happy Houseplants

30 Lovely Varieties to Brighten Up Your Home

by Angela Staehling

<DIV>A fun and visually delightful introductory guide to growing 30 varieties of houseplants. Featuring lovely watercolour illustrations of each variety along with step-by-step care instructions for soil, light, water, and fertilizer, this is a ...

ISBN: 9781452161464

Binding: Hardback


Happy Orchid: Help it Flower, Watch it Flourish

by DK

Proud new owner of a gorgeous orchid? Learn the essentials of buying orchids, orchid care and how to keep it flowering beautifully, year after year, with this bite-sized beginner's guide.<BR><BR>Did you know that many orchids hate being in ...

ISBN: 9780241349229

Binding: Hardback


Herb Garden For Cooks, The

by Jeff Cox

<i>The practical, plot-to-plate guide to growing and cooking with herbs </i> From basil to vervain, <i>The Herd Harden for Cooks</i> will teach you everything you need to know about nurturing, harvesting and cooking with ...

ISBN: 9781409386551

Binding: Paperback


Herbs and Spices

by Burke Don

Another great book from Don Burke, Herbs and Spices has a wonderful collection of herbs and spices that can be grown in your own garden, and used in everyday cooking.Herbs and Spices by Don Burke has a wonderful collection of herbs, and spices, ...

ISBN: 9781921517303

Binding: Hardback



A Garden Celebrated

by HRH The Prince of Wales

ISBN: 9780297869351

Binding: Hardback


Hillside of Roses

by Susan Irvine

Takes the reader to the author's garden and her plants. This book includes a section on the Australian roses of Alister Clark. ...

ISBN: 9781864470871

Binding: Paperback


History of Landscape Design in 100 Gardens


An illustrated history of garden design as told through iconic gardens from around the world. The History of Landscape Design in 100 Gardens explores the key moments in garden design. Through profiles of 100 of the most influential gardens, ...

ISBN: 9781604695298

Binding: Hardback


Home Gardeners Pruning

by David Squire

In order to be a successful gardener you have to know how to prune -whether to improve growth, increase fruiting qualities or to enable the plant to grow in space-restricted areas or cold environments. Included is detailed advice on renovating ...

ISBN: 9781580117739

Binding: Paperback


Home Herbal

Cultivating Herbs for Your Health, Home and Wellbeing

by Maureen Little

ISBN: 9781845285425

Binding: Paperback


Homebrewer's Garden, 2nd Edition


If you have a backyard, or even a sunny porch or balcony, you can grow your own hops, brewing herbs, and malt grains to enhance the flavor, aroma, and uniqueness of your home-brewed beer and ensure that you have the freshest, purest, best ...

ISBN: 9781612126869

Binding: Paperback