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Bonsai Basics

by Colin Lewis

ISBN: 9780600619109

Binding: Paperback


Botanist's Vocabulary


An up-to-date, concise, and accurate glossary of botanical terms frequently used by gardeners and nature enthusiasts. Perfect for advanced gardeners; for students; for horticulturists and nursery professionals 'A Botanist's Vocabulary' gives ...

ISBN: 9781604695632

Binding: Hardback


Botany for Gardeners


A bestseller since its debut in 1990, this indispensable and handy reference has now been expanded and updated to include an appendix on plant taxonomy and a comprehensive index. Two dozen new photos and illustrations make this new edition even

ISBN: 9781604690958

Binding: Paperback


Bringing the Mediterranean into your Garden


Mediterranean garrigue landscapes are extraordinarily beautiful: alternating mounds of silver and green, textured leaves, flashes of colour and intoxicating scents combine to delight the senses and rival any cultivated garden with half the work.

ISBN: 9781999734510

Binding: Hardback


Bunny Williams On Garden Style

by Bunny Williams

ISBN: 9781617691539

Binding: Hardback


Cacti And Succulents Handbook

by Gideon F. Smith

Cacti and Succulents Handbook is your guide to the selection and cultivation of these diverse and fascinating plants. Appealing to both the novice and experienced gardener, this book provides comprehensive information on more than 140 common ...

ISBN: 9781620082782

Binding: Paperback


Capability Brown

Designing English Landscapes and Gardens

by John Phibbs

<DIV>Unique in scope &mdash; encompassing every major Brown landscape in the UK, as well as some lesser known and formative locations. Written by the leading expert in Brown&#39;s landscape work &mdash; unique in that he is an academic expert on

ISBN: 9780847848836

Binding: Hardback


Charles Dowding's Veg Journal

Expert no-dig advice, month by month

by Charles Dowding

The book uses the seasonal checklists, advice and hard-won experience of the UK' s best-known no-dig gardener to plan a year' s veg growing. ...

ISBN: 9780711239289

Binding: Paperback


Chicken Fact or Chicken Poop

The Chicken Whisperer's Guide to the Facts and Fictions you Need to Know to Keep your Flock Healthy and Happy

by Andy Schneider

Chicken keepers have access to more information than ever these days, which makes it harder than ever to determine whether what youre reading is a chicken fact or just plain chicken poop.<br> ...

ISBN: 9781631593154

Binding: Paperback


Citizen Farmers:The Biodynamic Way to Grow Healthy Food, Build Th

"The Biodynamic Way to Grow Healthy Food, Build Thriving Communities, and Give Back to the Earth"

by Daron Joffe

ISBN: 9781617691010

Binding: Paperback


Climbers and Creepers

by Allen Gilbert

Clear descriptions of the best climbers and creepers, all shown in full colour, and accompanied by detailed, Australia-wide cultivation notes. ...

ISBN: 9781864470734

Binding: Paperback


Community Gardens

A Celebration of the People, Recipes and Plants

by Penny Woodward

<div>Portrays the richness and diversity of the inner-city community gardens. This title contains tips for successful gardening like pine needles for strawberries and chicken manure to warm the soil in winter.</div><div>Revel in the richness and

ISBN: 9781864470963

Binding: Paperback


Companion Gardening in Australia

by Judith Collins

ISBN: 9780733623349

Binding: Paperback


Companion Planting in Australi

by Little Brenda

In this age of increasing hostility towards chemical control of the food we eat, Companion Planting is the ideal guide to working with nature.Companion Planting is a notebook of gardening tips compiled from Brenda Little's observations as well ...

ISBN: 9781864366273

Binding: Paperback


Complete Kitchen Garden, The:An Inspired Collection of Garden Des

An Inspired Collection of Garden Designs and 100 Seasonal Recipes

by Ellen Ecker Ogden

ISBN: 9781584798569

Binding: Paperback


Compost Book

by Taylor David

In this completely new and updated version of 'The Compost Book', David Taylor divulges the secrets of good compost making.Did you know that charcoal makes a great slow-release plant food? Or that yoghurt speeds up compost activity and that ...

ISBN: 9781877069741

Binding: Paperback


Composting for a New Generation

Latest Techniques for the Bin and Beyond

by Michelle Balz

Covers the modern composting techniques, traditional bin composting, vermicomposting, composting with nature, keyhole gardens, organic composting, and using compost. ...

ISBN: 9781591866923

Binding: Paperback


Container Vegetable Gardening: Growing Crops in Pots in Every Space


Big Flavor from Small Spaces! This book will show you how to use the latest practices of high-density patio gardening to grow delicious vegetables, herbs and fruits in containers, window boxes, and hanging baskets. Imagine the satisfaction of ...

ISBN: 9781620083208

Binding: Paperback


Country Brocante Style

A Decorative Country Life

by Lucy Haywood

Lucy Haywood is the creator of The Country Brocantes &ndash; home and lifestyle fairs held in idyllic rural surroundings. In <B>Country Brocante Style</B>, she introduces her pretty and accessible signature look into the home, fusing two classic

ISBN: 9781788790789

Binding: Hardback


Crafting Wood Logic Puzzles

18 Three-dimensional Games for the Hands and Mind

by Charlie Self

ISBN: 9781589232471

Binding: Paperback