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Pop Manga Mermaids And Other Sea Creatures: A Coloring Book

by Camilla D'Errico

Following the success of her first colouring book, <i>Pop Manga Coloring Book</i>, artist Camilla d'Errico takes fans beneath the waves with 70 black-and-white images of beloved characters from undersea fairy tales and myths in this stunning ...

ISBN: 9780399582257

Binding: Paperback


Presidential Trivia

The Feats, Fates, Families, Foibles, and Firsts of Our American Preseidents

by Richard Lederer

A freshly updated look at everything you never knew you wanted to know about our country's illustrious line of commanders in chief-updated to include fascinating facts on our brand new 45th president. You'll find more than 1,000 fun and ...

ISBN: 9781423646631

Binding: Paperback


Previously, On :Guess the TV Series

Guess the TV Series

by Cajsa Holgersson

ISBN: 9781780678429

Binding: Hardback


Pride & Prejudice & Puzzles

by Richard Wolfrick Galland

&quot;Really, Mr. Collins,&quot; cried Elizabeth with some warmth, &quot;you puzzle me exceedingly&hellip;&quot;<BR /><BR /> Pride and Prejudice Enter the world of <B>Pride &amp; Prejudice &amp; Puzzles</B>, a beautifully realised puzzle ...

ISBN: 9781787391109

Binding: Hardback


Punderdome: A Card Game for Pun Lovers

by Fred Firestone

One part game, one part conversation starter, you don't need to be a pun master to master Punderdome- the goal is to make bad jokes and have fun in the process. A player (the prompter for that round) draws two prompt cards from the deck, reading

ISBN: 9781101905654

Binding: Hardback


Puzzle Baron Cryptograms

600 Brain-Challenging Puzzles--From Easy to Hard!

by DK

You'll need to solve quotations from writers, actors, athletes, politicians, and many others, covering topics from the profound to the curious.<BR><BR>Puzzle Baron's Cryptograms offers these features-<BR>- 600 encryptions with scrambled ...

ISBN: 9781465483829

Binding: Paperback


Puzzle Cards: How Do You Get An Egg Into a Bottle

by Erwin Brecher

<DIV>This fun puzzle pack contains 60 fascinating science puzzles. Challenge your friends or solve them yourself with this beautifully illustrated set of cards. The answer to each problem &ndash; on the reverse of each card &ndash; explains a ...

ISBN: 9781787390270

Binding: Cards


Puzzle Cards: Lateral Thinking Puzzles

by Erwin Brecher

<DIV>This fun puzzle pack contains 60 fascinating science puzzles. Challenge your friends or solve them yourself with this beautifully illustrated set of cards. The answer to each problem &ndash; on the reverse of each card &ndash; explains a ...

ISBN: 9781787390140

Binding: Cards


Qube: Puzzles

More than 50 ways to fool your brain and tease your senses!

by Carlton Books

<DIV>This innovative box contains all you need for a cerebral challenge to your cortex! There are riddles, conundrums, games and puzzles to test your thinking power and bedazzle your brain! There are simple puzzles, strenuous but fun games, and ...

ISBN: 9781780977768

Binding: Mixed media product


Rock, Scissors, Paper, Bomb:Card Game for Two

Card Game for Two

by No Author Provided

ISBN: 9781780678948

Binding: Hardback


Same Diff: A Very Australian Spot The Difference

by Michael Weldon

Can you spot the cross-eyed Dame Edna? The Tim Tam that's been nibbled? A Big Pineapple that's missing a spike? Ned Kelly with a cheeky wink? Get lost in this bonzer spot-the-difference book, perfect for puzzlers young and old. Filled with ...

ISBN: 9781925870596

Binding: Paperback


Sci-Fi:Movie Trump Cards

Movie Trump Cards

by Poloni Giordano

ISBN: 9781786270115

Binding: Cards


Secret Service Brainteasers

Do you have what it takes to be a spy?

by Sinclair McKay

ISBN: 9781472258311

Binding: Paperback


Shadow World, The:A Sci-Fi Storytelling Card Game

A Sci-Fi Storytelling Card Game

by Jiang Shan

ISBN: 9781786273147

Binding: Cards


Sharks:A Trump Card Game

A Trump Card Game

by Oseid Kelsey

ISBN: 9781786271990

Binding: Cards


Simon & Schuster Mega Crossword Puzzle Book #19

by John M. Samson

Simon & Schuster celebrates ninety-five years of crossword puzzle excellence with 300 new, never-before-published Thursday to Sunday-sized brain breakers. Sharpen your pencils-unless you dare to use a pen. In 1924, Simon & Schuster published ...

ISBN: 9781982109646

Binding: Paperback


Snap Cards in French

by Jo Litchfield

A great game for all the family which helps young children develop word and picture matching skills 3 years + .Every child loves playing traditional card games such as Snap and these Usborne Card games will delight very young children. .the ...

ISBN: 9780746062579

Binding: Novelty book


Solve It Like Sherlock

by Stewart Ross

<DIV><P>If you&rsquo;ve always fancied yourself a bit of a Sherlock Holmes, there&rsquo;s no better way to test yourself than against these ingenious puzzles.</P><P>In this intriguing book, Stewart Ross presents over twenty engrossing ...

ISBN: 9781782438793

Binding: Hardback


Speedsolving the Cube

Easy-to-Follow, Step-by-Step Instructions for Many Popular 3-D Puzzles

by Dan Harris

<p>They call it “speedcubing”—a mind-bending blur of quick twists and turns that solves Rubik’s Cube in times that have been clocked at less than 20 seconds! Today, thanks to the 2003 revival of the Rubik’s World Championships, speedcubing is ...

ISBN: 9781402753138

Binding: Paperback


Story Box:Animal Adventures

Animal Adventures

by Bolt Claudia

ISBN: 9781786272041

Binding: Cards