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Find My Piglet!

The Animal Family Memory Game

by Oscar Bolton Green

Will every cub, pup or kitten find its parent? From seals to seahorses, camels to pandas, all kinds of happy animal families feature in this memory game, in which players reunite animal mothers and fathers with their babies. Find My Piglet! ...

ISBN: 9781856699105

Binding: Paperback


Flower Families

A Happy Families Game

by Christine Berrie

Collect cards of 52 well-known garden flowers in this beautifully illustrated game. From sweet peas and stocks, to freesias and fuchsias, group the individual flowers into their botanical families to form ‘sets’ and lay them before your opponent

ISBN: 9781786270078

Binding: Paperback


Game Inventor's Guidebook

How to Invent and Sell Board Games, Card Games, Role-Playing Games, & Everything in Between!

by Brian Tinsman

The definitive guide for anyone with a game idea who wants to know how to get it published from a Game Design Manager at Wizards of the Coast, the world's largest tabletop hobby game company. Do you have an idea for a board game, card game, ...

ISBN: 9781600374470

Binding: Paperback


Game Of Mah Jong, The

by Max Robertson

For nearly 40 years, Max Robertson's <i>The Game of Mah Jong</i> has been accepted as the foremost authoritative guide to the rules and scoring of this fascinating game. Using specimen hands to illustrate techniques, it outlines the most correct

ISBN: 9780143006596

Binding: Paperback


Game Query

The Mind-Stretching Economist Quiz

by Philip Coggan

The non-trivial trivia quiz that asks how well you really know your world.<br> ...

ISBN: 9781788160100

Binding: Paperback


Gardens And Flowers: 100 Pocket Puzzles

by National Trust

100 quick and fun word puzzles based on the botanical wonders of Britain in a cute pocket-sized package. Whether you are a wordsearch wizard or a brainteaser buff, this is the perfect book to help exercise your brain!There are wordsearches, ...

ISBN: 9781911358282

Binding: Paperback


GCHQ Puzzle Book II The


If FT=GD and SD=SR,then what is TD?Arrange in a different logical order-FIX, JIVE, NIFTY, NIGHT, PEN, PINE, SHIRTY, SOURYou don't need to be a quiz champion, a member of Mensa, or even in the secret service - unravelling these puzzles requires ...

ISBN: 9780241365434

Binding: Paperback


Gchq Puzzle Book, The

by Farnsworth

"If 3=T, 4=S, 5=P, 6=H, 7=H . . . what is 8? What is the next letter in the sequence M, V, E, M, J, S, U, ? Which of the following words is the odd one out- Chat, Comment, Elf, Manger, Pain, Pour? GCHQ is a top-secret intelligence and ...

ISBN: 9780718185541

Binding: Paperback


Giant Book of Sudoku

by Will Shortz

<p>From puzzlemaster and <em>New York Times</em> crossword editor Will Shortz comes sudoku, the new "wordless crossword" puzzle that's taking the world by storm! Once you start, you won't want to stop. </p><p>These addictive puzzles are easy to ...

ISBN: 9780312357641

Binding: Paperback


Giant Logic Puzzles for Geniuses

by Nikoli

<DIV>Are you a genius? This book features 96 full-page Japanese logic puzzles, eight each of 12 different types, to test your solving skills. Even seasoned sudoku experts will take a satisfyingly long time to complete these oversize and ...

ISBN: 9781454918899

Binding: Paperback



A Football Trump Game

by Ruben Errejon

<p>Who scored the most goals for his country, Bobby Moore or Cristiano Ronaldo? Who was the most skilled, Pele or Johan Cruyff? Who had the most decadent lifestyle, Diego Maradona or George Best? This fun trump game pits the 32 all-time greatest

ISBN: 9781786271815

Binding: Cards


Golden Girls Playing Cards

by Chantel de Sousa

Synopsis coming soon....... ...

ISBN: 9781925418958

Binding: Novelty book


Good Job, Brain!

Trivia, Quizzes and More Fun From the Popular Pub Quiz Podcast

by Karen Chu

<p><b>Mind-effing factoids and quirky commentaries give the traditional trivia book a fun reboot</b><br><br>Anyone who’s ever gone to a bar trivia night has had their soul crushed by that one team that always wins. Its members spout off the most

ISBN: 9781612436005

Binding: Paperback


Granddad's Puzzles

Mixed Puzzles to Give Your Brain a Workout

by Gareth Moore

<DIV><P>A book of mixed puzzles to challenge and entertain.</P><P>The mixed puzzles found in this book provide the perfect workout for the brain, whether you are seeking mental stimulation or like puzzles to wind down with. From sudoku to ...

ISBN: 9781782438366

Binding: Paperback


Great Word Search Puzzles For Kids

by Mark Danna

<div><div>Every puzzle has a theme and includes a series of related words hidden among a grid of letters. All you have to do is look for them. Are the words spelled vertically, horizontally, or diagonally? Don&#8217;t forget to check backward as

ISBN: 9781454909729

Binding: Paperback


Green Belt Word Search Puzzles

by Patrick Blindauer

These grids are still basic&#8212;but the word lists have gotten a little trickier, from the advanced-beginner to intermediate solver. ...

ISBN: 9781454912125

Binding: Paperback


Guess the Artist

The Art Quiz Game

by Craig & Karl

Moustache + Lobster + Flying Cat = which artist? Can you identify a famous artist from just three visual clues? Test your knowledge of art history by puzzling out the answer from Craig & Karl's entertaining illustrations (... the answer is of ...

ISBN: 9781786270214

Binding: Hardback


Guide To Better Acol Bridge

by Ron Klinger

ISBN: 9780297608431

Binding: Paperback


Guide To Better Duplicate Bridge

by Ron Klinger

ISBN: 9781474600699

Binding: Paperback


Hollow Woods

Story-Telling Card Game

by Rohan Daniel Eason

ISBN: 9781786270221

Binding: Hardback