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It's a Punderful Life

A Fun Collection of Puns and Wordplay

by Gemma Correll

Hot off the back of her incredibly popular Monday Punday online series, Gemma Correll has surveyed her army of punning fans to create this hilarious collection of her best illustrated puns, as well as loads of new ones. ...

ISBN: 9781909313286

Binding: Hardback


Jumbo Print Easy Crosswords #7

by Matt Gaffney

These 125 crosswords are small, fun, and extremely doable—but the print is nice and large so they’re easy to read, too. Even the numbers on the top-notch clues are giant! Solvers who want to challenge their brains and not their eyes ...

ISBN: 9781454919001

Binding: Spiral bound


Large Print Cryptograms #2

by Helen Nash

Hard on the brain, easy on the eyes! Challenging, baffling, and absorbing, these cryptograms are easy to read in large-size print. The strings of seemingly meaningless letters are actually carefully coded messages that will test and stimulate ...

ISBN: 9781454916307

Binding: Spiral bound


Large Print KenKen

by Tetsuya Miyamoto

ISBN: 9781454916284

Binding: Spiral bound


Legendary Logic Puzzles

by Kurt Smith

With 400 pages of puzzles, this collection is big, mind-bending fun! Each conundrum is perfectly constructed to perplex and mystify: Some are stories that provide only slight information to guide you; others resemble a poker game, played in ...

ISBN: 9781454910947

Binding: Paperback


Logic Games for Wannabe Lawyers

by Mark Zegarelli

What's the verdict? These challenging conundrums give wannabe attorneys the edge they need to succeed! Every game contains a scenario plus several related questions that help prospective legal eagles sharpen their reasoning skills and powers of ...

ISBN: 9781454912026

Binding: Paperback


Logic Puzzles

by Rosie Dickins

Puzzles help to improve logic skills such as analysing facts, spatial awareness, verbal and non-verbal reasoning Ages:8+ .Addition to already successful series of puzzle activity cards .Enjoyable way to reinforce vital learning skills .the cards

ISBN: 9781409537052

Binding: Novelty book


Mah Jong Handbook

by Eleanor Noss Whitney

ISBN: 9780804838740

Binding: Paperback


Mandala Mazes

by Dave Phillips

Solving a maze can be a meditative act, as you ponder the various routes to completion. And that’s especially true for these 72 beautiful mandala-shaped mazes. In each one, a single path connects the outside to the center, or vice-versa, ...

ISBN: 9781454919827

Binding: Spiral bound


Mandala Sudoku

by Frank Rubin

When you focus on solving a puzzle, the problems of the world seem to slip away. It’s a meditative, Zen process—and these 272 elegant, intricate sudoku, designed to resemble mandalas, engage both the eye and the mind in new ways. ...

ISBN: 9781454919858

Binding: Spiral bound


Meditative Garden Mandala Coloring Book

Serene Nature

by Delyth Angharad

The natural world soothes and refreshes our soul—and so does the process of focusing on, and coloring, mandalas. This follow-up to our successful Mandala Meditation Coloring Book features beautiful, fine-lined nature-themed patterns by ...

ISBN: 9781454710288

Binding: Paperback


Memory-Aids and Useful Rules Flipper

by Ron Klinger

ISBN: 9780304368174

Binding: Paperback


mental_floss Extra-Strength Logic Puzzles

by Mark Zegarelli

Enjoy a top-notch book of classic, brain-bending logic puzzles, mental_floss-style. The fun begins when you're given a situation plus a list of clues. Try to unravel the specifics of each scenario—even though nothing is what it seems at ...

ISBN: 9781454912453

Binding: Spiral bound


Mind = Blown: Amazing Facts About this Weird, Hilarious, Insane World

by Matthew Santoro

"Warning- This book will blow your mind. Matthew Santoro is a fact-filled YouTube sensation. Mind Blown is his first ever book, packed full of hilarious, astounding facts that seem too brain-melting to be true. From video-game characters that ...

ISBN: 9780241281468

Binding: Paperback


Modern Losing Trick Count Flipper

by Ron Klinger

ISBN: 9780297855576

Binding: Paperback


Montague Island Mysteries and Other Logic Puzzles

by R. Wayne Schmittberger

Solve logic puzzles AND play sleuth at the same time! This thoroughly unique bookwritten by the former editor of Games magazineoffers the immersive pleasure of a novel as it follows a group of friends who meet regularly to play murder-mystery ...

ISBN: 9781454918110

Binding: Spiral bound


Movie Night Trivia

by Robb; Carley, Shane M. Pearlman

ISBN: 9781604336108

Binding: Paperback


Never a Dull Moment

Parlour games for young and old

by Sarah Baker

Packed with more than 200 ingenious games and entertainments, Never a Dull Moment will take you back to a time before computers and television, when families devised innovative ways to entertain each other. ...

ISBN: 9781741967838

Binding: Hardback


Numbers Flashcards

by Parish Steve

ISBN: 9781740214445

Binding: Paperback


One-Minute Brainteasers

by Alan Stillson

These short, no-pencil puzzles demand that you shift into high gear because 60 seconds is all you have to solve them. And what a mix: vowel exchanges, rhyme time, hard-letter hangpersons, flowery show song titles, repeaters—or words ...

ISBN: 9780806901879

Binding: Paperback