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Brain Power

Train Your Brain and Improve Your Memory

by Parragon Books Ltd

Broken into sections focusing on specific skills, Brain Power is a guide to your brain, full of fun exercises. ...

ISBN: 9781474841566

Binding: Paperback


Brain-Busting Kenken

by Will Shortz

<p>KenKen is a crafty game; change a few numbers around and what was once a quick and easy puzzle is now a mind-melting challenge! And that challenge is what puzzle fans love best. And it&#39;s also a great way to keep your mind sharp. So Will ...

ISBN: 9780312681432

Binding: Paperback


Brain-Sharpening Memory Puzzles

Test Your Recall with 80 Photo Games

by Luke Sharpe

<DIV>The clock is ticking! Take three minutes to stare at these elaborate color photos before time&#39;s up and you have to turn the page. On the flip side, you&#39;ll find questions about the various details in the picture. Can you remember ...

ISBN: 9781454916536

Binding: Paperback


Brain-Teasing Puzzles & Captivating Games

Over 250 Engrossing Activities & Testing Interactions to Vex & Perplex

by Parragon Books Ltd

Brain-Teasing Puzzles & Captivating Games has 250 engrossing activities and testing interactions to vex and perplex friends and family. ...

ISBN: 9781474880831

Binding: Paperback


Breaking Codes

Unravel 100 Cryptograms

by Pierre Berloquin

<div>For anyone interested in the science of secrecy and clandestine codes, renowned puzzle whiz Pierre Berloquin has created a collection of colorful exercises that gives amateurs an opportunity to test their deciphering skills. Berloquin ...

ISBN: 9781454910657

Binding: Paperback


Bridge Conventions, Defences and Countermeasures

by Ron Klinger

ISBN: 9781474605632

Binding: Paperback


Brown Belt Word Search Puzzles

by Samuel A. Donaldson

<div>With fun twists like partial word lists and answers that turn, these Brown Belt puzzles offer a harder challenge for the more seasoned solver.&#160;</div> ...

ISBN: 9781454912088

Binding: Paperback


Can Holding in a Fart Kill You?

Over 150 Curious Questions and Intriguing Answers

by Andrew Thompson

<p><span style="line-height: 1.45em;">More than 100 fun facts—from baffling and bizarre to entertaining and enlightening.&nbsp;This curious, captivating collection of trivia will surprise and intrigue readers with amazing answers to ...

ISBN: 9781612434759

Binding: Paperback


Canterbury Puzzles The

by Henry Dudeney

<i>"Regular exercise is supposed to be as necessary for the brain as for the body. Many of us are very apt to suffer from mental cobwebs, and there is nothing equal to the solving of puzzles for sweeping them away." - Henry Dudeney ...

ISBN: 9780718187088

Binding: Paperback


Cat Gurus: Wisdom from the World's Most Celebrated Felines:Wisdom

by Peebles Mister

ISBN: 9781786272577

Binding: Cards


Cats Are Capable of Mind Control: And 1,000+ UberFacts You Never Knew You Needed to Know

by Kris Sanchez

From the topical to the bizarre, some facts need more than 140 charactersYou hold within your hands the cure to boredom and the key to wisdom. UberFacts-the Internet's most widely followed and wildly popular source of ferociously fun ...

ISBN: 9780062441164

Binding: Hardback


Challenge Your Brain Math & Logic Puzzles

by Dave Tuller

ISBN: 9781402714498

Binding: Paperback


Christmas Cornucopia, A

by Mark Forsyth

For something that happens every year of our lives, we really don't know much about Christmas. We don't know that the date we celebrate was chosen by a madman, or that Christmas, etymologically speaking, means 'Go away, Christ'. Nor do we know ...

ISBN: 9780241267738

Binding: Hardback


Clash of the Titians: Old Masters Trump Game

by Mikkel Somme Christensen

ISBN: 9781780678467

Binding: Hardback


Classic Brainteasers

by Martin Gardner

<DIV><DIV>&#8220;From math, science, and logic puzzlers to word games to what&#8217;s-wrong-with-this-picture challenges. Cartoon illustrations give the book pick-me-up appeal, but it&#8217;s the games themselves that will keep readers going as ...

ISBN: 9780806912615

Binding: Paperback



Over 600 Teasing Puzzles

by Parragon Books Ltd

Challenge yourself with these fun and educational codeword puzzles! With over 600 puzzles you will never get bored! ...

ISBN: 9781474817301

Binding: Spiral bound


Coffee Break Wordsearches Book 1: 200 Puzzles

by Collins

Keep your mind alert with 200 new word search puzzles, arranged in themes, and presented in a handy format. Relax and give your brain a workout at the same time. Ideal for whiling away those long commutes, travelling on holiday or relaxing at ...

ISBN: 9780008279745

Binding: Paperback


Collins Little Books - Bridge Secrets [Second Edition]

by Collins

When you open this little book, the state secrets of the game of bridge lie in your hands. They cover everything you need to know to go from being a bridge beginner to an international mastermind! The book is split into short, concise and ...

ISBN: 9780008250478

Binding: Paperback


Collins Little Books - Card Games: Games For All Ages

by Author TBC

An introduction to over 40 popular card games, with clear instructions and guidance on how to master each one. Easy to follow helpful advice on learning over 40 of the most popular card games. This beautifully presented edition will offer all ...

ISBN: 9780008306533

Binding: Paperback


Collins Pub Quiz

by .

Q: What's inside this book?A: More than 200 brand new quizzes covering everything from pop stars to death stars . The rounds are a mixture of themed and potluck and the questions go from friendly teasers to ones that will scramble even an ...

ISBN: 9780007479979

Binding: Paperback