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Tricky Sudoku

by Will Shortz

The first book of a new three-book series has puzzles that anyone can enjoy.Features: -200 easy to hard puzzles-Edited by puzzlemaster Will Shortz-Portable, afforable package ...

ISBN: 9780312588380

Binding: Paperback


True Love: A Romantic Coloring Adventure

by Inko Kotoriyama

Color your way through a romantic journey with a cow named Lulu as she searches for her true love.Lulu the cow knows there is a special someone out there waiting for her. With her curious parrot, Nina, at her side, Lulu hits the road to find Mr.

ISBN: 9780062471130

Binding: Paperback


Ultimate Book of Trivia

The Essential Collection of over 1,000 Curious Facts to Impress Your Friends and Expand Your Mind

by Scott McNeely

This ultimate book for the ultimate trivia fan is brimming with wide-ranging facts that will interest all knowledge seekers. The content is presented in various engaging formats, such as Q&A, true/false, multiple choice, and pop quiz. ...

ISBN: 9781452136615

Binding: Hardback


Ultimate Jewish Trivia Book

500 Questions to Test Your Oy Q

by Signe Bergstrom

Think you know everything there is to know about being Jewish? Oy vey, let me tell you, that's a lot of "drek" to keep in one's "Yiddisher kop"! But why be in the dark? Covering information on everything from religious history to the fashion ...

ISBN: 9781435127418

Binding: Hardback


Welcome to Dotville

80 Great Dot-to-Dot Puzzles

by Conceptis Puzzles

ISBN: 9781402783920

Binding: Spiral bound


Where in the World Is Koneko Cat?

by Asuka Satow

From the Eiffel Tower to Machu Pichu, Easter Island to the Pyramids at Giza, see the world with Koneko Cat! Join Koneko Cat on a fantastical journey around the world... to the Pyramids, Taj Mahal, Easter Island, the Colosseum, and beyond! Colour

ISBN: 9781449466220

Binding: Paperback


Where's Karl?

A Fashion Forward Parody

by Stacey Caldwell

Find Karl Lagerfeld in 15 fashion-filled illustrated scenes! Always on the go, Karl Lagerfeld is everywhere and nowhere all at once. Now, fictional fashion blogger Florence de la Sabine (you can call her Fleur) must find him - surely an ...

ISBN: 9780752265773

Binding: Hardback


White Belt Word Search Puzzles

by Patrick Blindauer

The very basic grids and simple word lists make these searches just right for beginners. ...

ISBN: 9781454912118

Binding: Paperback


Who Knew? Revised & Updated

by David Hoffman

Who Knew? collects tidbits and trivia about well-known personalities and products that we are all familiar with - or at least think we are familiar with. From food and film to fashion and famous landmarks, these offbeat informational ...

ISBN: 9781627950619

Binding: Hardback


Whographica: An infographic guide to space and time

by Steve;Guerrier, Simon;Morris, Ben; O'Brien

"JUST HOW TALL IS THE MASTER? WHO WAS KILLED BY PSYCHIC SPIDER ELECTRICITY? WHAT CAN'T A SONIC SCREWDRIVER DO? More colourful than Tom Baker's scarf, and more clever than Osgood, Whographica explores the rich and peculiar history of Doctor Who ...

ISBN: 9781785940620

Binding: Hardback


Why Everything You Know is WRONG!

by Tom Jackson

This book starts from the jaw-dropping premise that everything you know could be wrong! Part science, part discovery and part fun, this book encourages kids to really think about science and the world around them, rather than just learning ...

ISBN: 9781627950367

Binding: Paperback


Wild Cards

A Year Counting Cards with a Professional Blackjack Player, a Priest, and a $30,000 Bankroll

by Philip Reed

ISBN: 9781634503402

Binding: Hardback


Will Shortz Presents Double Shot Sudoku

by Will Shortz

Hardest book in the new coffee series It's time to jump start your mind with this shot of Sudoku! Features: - 200 hard puzzles - Big grids for easy solving - Introduction by legendary puzzlemaster, Will Shortz! ...

ISBN: 9781250093776

Binding: Paperback


Will Shortz Presents Sudoku While You Wait

by Will Shortz

200 puzzles to pass the time! Have some time to kill? Grab a pencil and get lost in America's favorite puzzle. This portable omnibus is perfect for slipping in your purse or pocket and is a great way to pass the time. Features: 200 ...

ISBN: 9781250082107

Binding: Paperback


Word Play

A cornucopia of puns, anagrams and other contortions and curiosities of the English language

by Gyles Brandreth

ISBN: 9781473620308

Binding: Hardback


Wordsearch Genius

by Various

Wordsearch is packed with over 280 wonderful puzzles, with hundreds of different themes to tackle. ...

ISBN: 9781785574337

Binding: Paperback


Zesty Sudoku

by Will Shortz

Need a bit more spice in your sudoku? Here's a challenging collection for more skilled sudoku solvers.Features:-200 hard sudoku puzzles-Edited by puzzlemaster Will Shortz-Portable, affordable package ...

ISBN: 9780312565435

Binding: Paperback