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A Comprehensive Guide to Classroom Management

Facilitating engagement and learning in schools

by Louise Porter

A comprehensive and authoritative handbook on proactively managing students' behaviour in primary and secondary schools. ...

ISBN: 9781743311745

Binding: Paperback


A Critique of Pure Teaching Methods and

by Andrew Davis

<i>A Critique of Pure Teaching Methods and the Case of Synthetic Phonics</i> examines how research into the effectiveness of teaching methods can and should relate to what takes place in the classroom. The discussion brings to light some ...

ISBN: 9781474270670

Binding: Hardback


A Guide to Clinical Skills for Health Students

by Susan Shaw

ISBN: 9780190304263

Binding: Paperback


A Guide to University Assessment 1E Black and White Print on Demand

by Gregory J. Nash

ISBN: 9780730335573

Binding: Paperback


A History of Australian Schooling

by Craig Campbell

A social history of school education in Australia, from dame schools and one teacher classrooms in the bush, to the growth of private schools under public funding in recent years. The first systematic history of education published in thirty ...

ISBN: 9781742371825

Binding: Paperback


A History of the Arab Peoples

by J. A. O. C. Brown

<P>Few works of history make as well-structured a case for the importance of studying continuity, rather than change, than Albert Hourani's A <EM>History of the Arab Peoples</EM>. </P> <P>Hourani’s work had three major aims: to refute the idea ...

ISBN: 9781912127696

Binding: Paperback


A Language as Social Semiotic-based Approach to Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

by Caroline Coffin

ISBN: 9781118923825

Binding: Paperback


A Reason to Teach: Creating Classrooms of Dignity and Hope

by James A. Beane

<i>A Reason to Teach</i> is written for teachers who want to bring democratic teaching to their classrooms and schools. The book not only explains <i>why</i> teachers should choose this point of view, but tells <i>how</i>, offering a wide range ...

ISBN: 9780325008349

Binding: Paperback


A Survival Guide for New Special Educators

by Bonnie S. Billingsley

<b>What every special education teacher needs to know to survive and thrive</b> <p><i>A Survival Guide for New Special Educators</i> provides relevant, practical information for new special education teachers across a broad range of topic ...

ISBN: 9781118095683

Binding: Paperback


A Teacher's Guide To Classroom

by Hopkins

ISBN: 9780335264681

Binding: Paperback


A-Z Of Inclusion In Early Childhood

by Mary Dickins

ISBN: 9780335246786

Binding: Paperback


A-Z Of Lifelong Learning

by Tummons

ISBN: 9780335263240

Binding: Paperback


A-Z Of Play In Early Childhood

by Janet Moyles

ISBN: 9780335246380

Binding: Paperback


A-Z Of Teaching

by Jonathan Savage

ISBN: 9780335247004

Binding: Paperback


Above and beyond the bottom line

by Karen Starr

Education is BIG BUSINESS! Stakeholders are many – governments and governors, parents and students, employers and corporations, communities and nations – all with their own agendas, demands and expectations. The business surrounding education is

ISBN: 9780864318398

Binding: Paperback


Achievement for All in International Classrooms

by Sonia Blandford

The organisation Achievement for All engaged in international projects in England, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, South Korea, the United States of America and Wales with the aim of raising the aspirations, access and achievements of vulnerable and ...

ISBN: 9781474254335

Binding: Paperback


Achieving New Post-Compulsory Certificat

by Browne

ISBN: 9780335264360

Binding: Paperback


Action and reflection tools for busy school leaders

by Pam Ryan

<p><i>Action and reflection tools for busy school leaders </i>is a suite of practical <i>action </i>and <i>reflection tools </i>(ART) intended to support professional development and school development. Each tool offers activities and processes ...

ISBN: 9781742864365

Binding: Paperback


Addressing Diversity in Literacy Instruction

by Evan Ortlieb

ISBN: 9781787140493

Binding: Paperback


Adult Teaching And Learning

by Sue Cross

ISBN: 9780335234660

Binding: Paperback