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Macmillan Masterclass Teaching for Sustainability

by Jillian and Smith, Syd Cupitt

ISBN: 9781420293470

Binding: Paperback


Macquarie Pocket Dictionary

by Alison Moore

ISBN: 9781742460710

Binding: Hardback


Macquarie Pocket Thesaurus

by Macquarie

<p>This distinctively Australian thesaurus is derived from the Macquarie Thesaurus database. It encourages students to consider many colloquialisms and a wide range of phrases within its entries.<br /> This comprehensive thesaurus with extensive

ISBN: 9780701620691

Binding: Hardback


Macquarie Primary Dictionary

by Alison Moore

ISBN: 9781742460727

Binding: Paperback


Make It Real : Strategies for Success with Informational Texts

by Linda Hoyt

Feeding students a steady diet of fiction is all too common in the classroom. Yet informational literacy is critical to success in school and beyond. In <b>Make It Real</b>, Linda Hoyt provides a practical, classroom-friendly guide to unlocking ...

ISBN: 9780325005379

Binding: Paperback


Maker-Centered Learning

Empowering Young People to Shape Their Worlds

by Edward P. Clapp

<b>The Agency by Design guide to implementing maker-centered teaching and learning</b> <p><i>Maker-Centered Learning </i>provides both a theoretical framework and practical resources for the educators, curriculum developers, librarians, ...

ISBN: 9781119259701

Binding: Paperback


Makerspaces in School

A Month-By-Month Schoolwide Model for Building Meaningful Makerspaces

by Lacy Brejcha

ISBN: 9781618217806

Binding: Paperback


Making Classrooms Better

Lessons from the Cognitive Revolution that Transform Our Teaching

by Tracey Tokuhama-Espinosa

ISBN: 9780393708134

Binding: Paperback


Making Learning Whole

How Seven Principles of Teaching Can Transform Education

by David Perkins

<b>New in Paperback! Make learning more meaningful by teaching the "whole game"</b> <p>David Perkins, a noted authority on teaching and learning and co-director of Harvard's Project Zero, introduces a practical and research-based framework for ...

ISBN: 9780470633717

Binding: Paperback


Making Shapely Fiction

by Jerome Stern

Here is a book about the craft of writing fiction that is thoroughly useful from the first to the last page?hether the reader is a beginner, a seasoned writer, or a teacher of writing. Jerome Stern maintains that learning to write spontaneously ...

ISBN: 9780393321241

Binding: Paperback


Making the Grade

A guide to successful communication and study

by Iain Hay

This book is a practical guide for students, full of the essential communication and study skills that will help them 'make the grade'. Covering all the skills that will be used across a degree, the book begins with listening skills, efficient ...

ISBN: 9780195576085

Binding: Paperback


Making Thinking Visible

How to Promote Engagement, Understanding, and Independence for All Learners

by Ron Ritchhart

<b>A proven program for enhancing students' thinking and comprehension abilities</b> <p>Visible Thinking is a research-based approach to teaching thinking, begun at Harvard's Project Zero, that develops students' thinking dispositions, while at ...

ISBN: 9780470915516

Binding: Paperback


Mark. Plan. Teach.

by Ross Morrison McGill

There are three things that every teacher must do- mark work, plan lessons and teach students well. This brand new book from Ross Morrison McGill, bestselling author of <i>100 Ideas for Secondary Teachers- Outstanding Lessons</i> and <i>Teacher ...

ISBN: 9781472910875

Binding: Paperback


Mascot Madness!

by Andy Griffiths

The Mascot Madness! Test: 1. Northwest Southeast Central School have never beaten Northwest West Academy at their annual track and field challenge because: A: they're better at knitting than they are at sport. B: they are losers. C: Northwest ...

ISBN: 9781742330839

Binding: CD-Audio

Audio Book

MasterClass in Science Education

by Keith S. Taber

Worried about teaching natural selection, submicroscopic particle models or circuits? Keith S. Taber explores a range of issues faced in secondary science teaching and discusses strategies for teaching the nature of scientific knowledge, making ...

ISBN: 9781474289412

Binding: Paperback


Mastering Primary Design and Technology

by Gill Hope

<i>Mastering Primary Design and Technology </i>introduces the primary design and technology curriculum and helps trainees and teachers learn how to plan and teach inspiring lessons that make design and technology learning irresistible.<br> <br> ...

ISBN: 9781474295376

Binding: Paperback


Mastering Primary English

by Wendy, Waugh, David Jolliffe

<i>Mastering Primary English </i>introduces the primary English curriculum and helps trainees and teachers learn how to plan and teach inspiring lessons that make English learning irresistible.<br> <br> Topics covered include-<br> e Current ...

ISBN: 9781474295451

Binding: Paperback


Mastering Primary History

by Karin,Russell, Christopher,Hales Doull

<i>Mastering Primary History </i>introduces the primary history curriculum and helps trainees and teachers learn how to plan and teach inspiring lessons that make learning history irresistible.<br>Topics covered include-<br>e Current ...

ISBN: 9781474295550

Binding: Paperback


Mastering Primary Religious Education

by Maria,Stern, Julian James

<i>Mastering Primary Religious Education</i> introduces the primary religious education curriculum and helps trainees and teachers learn how to plan and teach inspiring lessons that make religious education irresistible.<br>Topics covered ...

ISBN: 9781474296984

Binding: Paperback


Mastering Primary Science

by Amanda, Worthington, Kenna McCrory

<i>Mastering Primary Science</i> introduces the primary science curriculum and helps trainees and teachers learn how to plan and teach inspiring lessons that make science learning irresistible.<br>Topics covered include-<br>e Current ...

ISBN: 9781474277433

Binding: Paperback