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Guerrilla Kindness and Other Acts of Creative Resistance

Making A Better World Through Craftivism

by Sayraphim Lothian

<h3><strong>#1 Amazon Best Seller! - Resistance Crafts</strong></h3> <p><strong>Craftivism can be your voice of resistance:</strong> Craftivism is a non-threatening form of activism that gives people a voice when they feel voiceless and power ...

ISBN: 9781633537415

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Theorem Painting

Tips, Tools, and Techniques for Learning the Craft

by Linda E. Brubaker

<p>Traditional theorem painting involves making multiple-overlay stencils and using them to paint primitive, three-dimensional pictures on velvet. In this book, acclaimed painter Linda E. Brubaker offers expert advice on selecting tools and ...

ISBN: 9780811741835

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