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Cook Slow

by Dean Edwards

ISBN: 9781784724306

Binding: Paperback


Cook Thai

by Sebby Holmes

ISBN: 9780857833945

Binding: Hardback


Cook The Week in 2 Hours

Batch cook a whole week s meals to save time and money

by Caroline Pessin

ISBN: 9780600636199

Binding: Paperback


Cook With Jamie

by Jamie Oliver

ISBN: 9780141019703

Binding: Paperback


Cook's Atelier, The

by Marjorie Taylor

ISBN: 9781419728952

Binding: Hardback


Cook's Table, The

by Stephanie Alexander

<i>'These menus are intended to give pleasure to those who love to cook and love to share. I like to imagine that this book will lead to many wonderful parties around a table.' </i>Stephanie Alexander<BR><BR> If you love to bring family and ...

ISBN: 9781921384455

Binding: Hardback


Cook's Tour

by Anthony Bourdain

Inspired by <i>Apocalypse Now</i>, Bourdain heads out to Saigon where he eats the still-beating heart of a live cobra (washed down with its blood), and then into Cambodia, the Heart of Darkness, where he travels deep into landmined Khmer Rouge ...

ISBN: 9780747558217

Binding: Paperback


Cook. Nourish. Glow.

by Amelia Freer

Following the phenomenal success of her first book, <i>Eat. Nourish. Glow.</i>, Amelia is back with a much-awaited cookbook. Containing over 100 delicious and easy-to-prepare recipes, <i>Cook. Nourish. Glow. </i>will equip readers with the ...

ISBN: 9780718183486

Binding: Paperback


Cookbook Book

by Florian Bohm

ISBN: 9780714867502

Binding: Hardback


Cookie Decorating

Easy-to-follow recipes and decorating tips for sweet cookie creations

by Autumn Carpenter

With richly illustrated and photographed steps and examples, <i>Cookie Decorating</i> is an inviting way to give children the confidence to explore the art of cookie decorating. ...

ISBN: 9781633220362

Binding: Paperback


Cookie Doughlicious

50 Cookie Dough Recipes for Candies, Cakes, and More

by Lara Ferroni

ISBN: 9780762445387

Binding: Hardback


Cookie Love

Over 30 delicious cookie recipes

by Jean Hwang Carrant

In <B>Cookie Love</B>, Jean Hwang Carrant reveals the secrets of how to make the ultimate cookies. Owner of a cookie shop in Paris, Jean is an expert cookie-maker and has all the best flavours up her sleeves. Try classics, such as Snickerdoodle ...

ISBN: 9781784882587

Binding: Hardback


Cookie Shots

Over 30 exciting edible shot recipes

by Sabrina Fauda-Rôle

<DIV><B>Cookie Shots </B>showcases a collection of edible bite-sized treats. The cookie cups are filled with a variation of exciting fillings to create eye-catching&#160;little mouthfuls.<BR /> &#160;<BR /> Sabrina Fauda-R&ocirc;le demonstrates ...

ISBN: 9781784881689

Binding: Hardback


Cookies in a Pan

Over 30 indulgent giant cookie recipes

by Sabrina Fauda-Rôle

<DIV><B>Cookies in a Pan</B> is a collection of one-pan cookie recipes &ndash; a new take on how to create your favourite treat in a matter of minutes. Quick and easy, skillet cookies are the perfect go-to sweet.<BR /><BR /> From classic ...

ISBN: 9781784881429

Binding: Hardback


Cooking Basics For Dummies

by Marie Rama

<b>Get started cooking now <i>with Cooking Basics For Dummies, 5<sup>th</sup> Edition!</i></b> <p>Are you looking to dig yourself out of microwave dinners and learn the ropes of home cooking? <i>Cooking Basics For Dummies, 5<sup>th</sup> ...

ISBN: 9781118922316

Binding: Paperback


Cooking for Busy Mums

Fast, fresh and family-friendly meals

by Amanda Voisey

Fast, easy, affordable food for families - the most popular recipes from the enormously popular Facebook group and blog Cooking For Busy Mums. ...

ISBN: 9781760292249

Binding: Paperback


Cooking For Dummies

by Margaret Fulton

If you can't boil an egg or make toast without burning it, or just want to expand your culinary skills and knowledge, you need this inspiring book that makes cooking fun and easy. Cooking for Dummies, Australian & New Zealand Edition gives you ...

ISBN: 9781740310109

Binding: Paperback


Cooking from Frozen in Your Instant Pot

100 Brilliant, Foolproof Recipes Made Fast with No Thawing

by Kristy Bernardo

There is one question that everyone wants to know on Instant Pot forums: "How do I cook frozen meat in my cooker?" Don’t experiment at home; let Kristy Bernardo do the hard work for you! Each of the 100 delicious dinner recipes shared in these ...

ISBN: 9781624146824

Binding: Paperback


Cooking in Color

Vibrant Plant-Forward Recipes from the Food Gays

by Adrian Harris

Fresh, plant-forward recipes, plus colorful photography with camera and styling tips for enviable food photos. Today's food is about much more than nutrition-it's about presentation. The Food Gays, Adrian and Jeremy, have found growing ...

ISBN: 9781423648802

Binding: Hardback


Cooking Sous Vide

by Thomas England

Cooking Sous Vide is an approachable guide to the techniques involved in cooking sous vide. Sous Vide (which is French for "under vacuum") is the process of cooking foods, like meats and vegetables, in sealed bags submerged in a water bath that ...

ISBN: 9781465453495

Binding: Paperback