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Management Information Systems

by James O'Brien

ISBN: 9780073376813

Binding: Hardback


Management Information Systems For The Information Age

by Stephen Haag

ISBN: 9780073376851

Binding: Paperback


Mobile Web Designer's Idea Book


Quick inspiration from mobile designers! Featuring more than 700 examples, Mobile Web Designer's Idea Book is packed with visual inspiration for creating top-notch mobile web designs. Web design expert Patrick McNeil, author of the popular Web ...

ISBN: 9781440330087

Binding: Paperback


Project Code: Create Music with Scratch

by Kevin Wood

ISBN: 9781445156446

Binding: Hardback


Reinventing Jobs

A 4-step Approach for Applying Automation to Work

by Ravin Jesuthasan

<p><p>Once the decision has been made to adopt automation and artificial intelligence technologies, leaders face difficult and stubborn questions about how to implement that decision: How, when, and where should we apply automation in our ...

ISBN: 9781633694071

Binding: Hardback


The Tech Diet for your Child & Teen: The 7-Step Plan to Unplug & ReclaimYour Kid's Childhood (And Your Family's Sanity)

by Brad Marshall

Are you a parent struggling to set healthy, effective rules around technology in your house? Or have you already set clear parameters but find yourself outsmarted by your tech-savvy kids? Are you sick of hearing technology experts throw ...

ISBN: 9781460758014

Binding: Paperback


Virtually Human

by Martine Rothblatt, PhD

<i><b>Virtually Human</b></i> explores how cyber consciousness will manifest in our lives, and what we need to consider when a new, high-tech population of mind clones awakens to the rights, privileges, and obligations humans take for granted. ...

ISBN: 9781250046918

Binding: Paperback