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10 Futures

by Michael Pryor

"Ten possible futures. Two lives. One enduring friendship. Sam and Tara. Best friends in a future when artificial intelligence organises our lives, and micropets are the latest craze. Best friends when rationing means cold showers and no ...

ISBN: 9781742753768

Binding: Paperback


101 Things That Piss Me Off

by Rachel Ballinger

Most people might not get angry at someone for going the speed limit. Or for liking coleslaw or cantaloupe. Or for someone not responding to a ridiculously hilarious text message. Or reality show recaps. But lucky for you, Rachel Ballinger is ...

ISBN: 9781250129307

Binding: Hardback


101 Ways to Be a Good Granny

by Harriet Ziefert

Age Range: Up to 5How good is your grandma? Let Us Count the Ways...This charming ode makes a good dent in the list, o Are the ways of good grandmothers endless? Perhaps! But tfering 101, and counting, examples of what makes a grandmother a ...

ISBN: 9781609055141

Binding: Hardback


5 Steps to a 5 500 AP Physics 1 Questions to Know by Test Day

by Johnson

ISBN: 9780071849104

Binding: Paperback


A Blind Guide to Stinkville

by Beth Vrabel

ISBN: 9781510703827

Binding: Paperback


A Book About What Autism Can Be Like

by Sue Adams

Chris and Andrew are very good friends, but sometimes Chris does things that Andrew doesn't understand. Chris can hear a fly buzzing when it's a mile away! But he doesn't like bright flashing lights like the ones on Andrew's favourite arcade ...

ISBN: 9781846428685

Binding: Kobo eBook



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A Boy Called Bat

by Elana K. Arnold

For Bixby Alexander Tam (nicknamed Bat), life tends to be full of surprises-some of them good, some not so good. Today, though, is a good-surprise day. Bat's mom, a veterinarian, has brought home a stray baby skunk, which she needs to take care ...

ISBN: 9780062445827

Binding: Hardback


A Different Kind of Teacher: A practical guide to understanding and resolving difficulties within the school

by Tony Humphreys

<p><p><b>Recognising many of the difficulties facing teachers today, bestselling author and clinical psychologist Dr Tony Humphreys provides innovative and practical ways to bring about a more positive climate within staffrooms and ...

ISBN: 9780717166091

Binding: Kobo eBook



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A Guide to Sisters

by Suzanne Barton

Sisters. That special bond. Your sister is always there when you need her. And sometimes when you don't. ...

ISBN: 9781910277164

Binding: Paperback


A History of US: The First Americans


by Joy Hakim

<strong>Recommended by the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts and Literacy as an exemplary informational text.</strong> Thousands of years--way before Christopher Columbus set sail--wandering tribes of hunters made their way ...

ISBN: 9780199989027

Binding: Kobo eBook



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A Library of Lemons

by Jo Cotterill

A poignant story about dealing with grief through the magic of reading and friendship.<br><br>Calypso's mum died a few years ago and her emotionally incompetent Dad can't, or won't, talk about Mum at all. Instead he throws himself into writing ...

ISBN: 9781848125391

Binding: Kobo eBook



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A Message to the Sea

by Alex Shearer

There's no telling who might write back . . .<br><br>It's been a year since Tom Pellow's dad was lost at sea. He was a sailor and Tom also finds himself drawn to the vast ocean; it holds so many possibilities, dangers and secrets. After hearing ...

ISBN: 9781471405396

Binding: Kobo eBook



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A Million Times Goodnight

by Kristina McBride

Age range 14 &amp; upOn the night of the big spring break party, seventeen-year-old Hadley borrows her boyfriend Bens car without telling him. As payback, he posts a naked picture of her online for the entire senior class to see.Now she has a ...

ISBN: 9781510704015

Binding: Hardback


A Name Unbroken

by Michael Mason

When Germany occupied Hungary in 1944, fifteen-year-old Miklos Friedman drew on his wits to survive. Recruited into forced labour, sent to a ghetto and, ultimately, to the Nazi camps of Auschwitz and Mühldorf, Miklos never stopped fighting to ...

ISBN: 9781897470961

Binding: Kobo eBook



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A Parent's Guide to Children's Medicines

by Edward A. Bell

<P>In <I>A Parent's Guide to Children's Medicines</I>, an experienced pediatric pharmacist answers questions about how to give safe and effective medications to children. Whether medicine is used to treat asthma or ear infections, medicine is ...

ISBN: 9781421406732

Binding: Kobo eBook



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A Swift Pure Cry

by Siobhan Dowd

"After Shell's mother dies, her obsessively religious father descends into alcoholic mourning and Shell is left to care for her younger brother and sister. Her only release from the harshness of everyday life comes from her budding spiritual ...

ISBN: 9781909531185

Binding: Paperback


A Teen Guide To: Being Eco in Your Community

by Cath Senker

In this book readers learn how to work with community groups on ecoprojects and are inspired to be part of ecoclasses or ecoschools ...

ISBN: 9781406249880

Binding: Paperback


A Teen Guide To: Eco-Fashion

by Liz Gogerly

We all know that human activities can have a huge impact on our environmentampltBRampgt We all know that every one of us can make a differenceampltBRampgt So how easy is it to think ampquotecoampquot What can we doampltBRampgt In this book ...

ISBN: 9781406249897

Binding: Paperback


A Teen Guide To: Eco-Leisure

by Neil Morris

In this book readers learn some of the easy habits and behaviours they can adopt to save energy and waste and still have a good time doing it from gadget use and ecofriendly parties to shopping travel and ecoholidays ...

ISBN: 9781406249910

Binding: Paperback


A Tragic Kind of Wonderful

by Eric Lindstrom

The heart-rending and inspiring novel from the critically acclaimed author of NOT IF I SEE YOU FIRST. How can you have a future if you can’t accept your past? Mel Hannigan doesn’t have it easy. Mourning the death of her firework of a brother, ...

ISBN: 9780008147488

Binding: Kobo eBook

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