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Coyote Summer

by Mimi Thebo

ISBN: 9780192759436

Binding: Paperback


Crabs and Crustaceans

by Marsh Nigel

Crabs are one of those common critters we often encounter at the beach or local jetty. Most people don t pay any attention to them, especially as they are quick to scuttle away and hide if you get too close. But did you know that the world s ...

ISBN: 9781921580314

Binding: Hardback


Criminalizing Children

Welfare and the State in Australia

by David McCallum

<p>Incarceration of children is rising rapidly throughout of Australia, with indigenous children most at risk of imprisonment. Indigenous and non-indigenous children have been subject to detention in both welfare and justice systems in ...

ISBN: 9781108506960

Binding: Kobo eBook



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Curious Guide to Things that Aren't

Things you can't always touch, see, or hear. Can you guess what they are?

by Abby Carter

<i>The Curious Guide to Things That Aren't</i> features 26 thoughtful riddles, one for each letter of the alphabet, with clues to solve about intangible items such as air, breath, and jokes. ...

ISBN: 9781633221765

Binding: Hardback


Curious Jane

Science + Design + Engineering for Inquisitive Girls

by Curious Jane

<DIV><B>Calling all creative, curious, confident girls everywhere</B>!<BR /> If you&rsquo;re a girl who loves to get hands-on and tinker, here&rsquo;s your chance to create to your heart&rsquo;s content. Full of imaginative stuff to do and make,

ISBN: 9781454922353

Binding: Paperback


Dance Is for Everyone

by Andrea Zuill

<p><b>Age range 3 &amp; up</b></p><p><i>An alligator dancing ballet?</i> When the reptile takes her place at the barre, Mrs. Iraina and her dancers are surprised. But they name her Tanya and let her stay. Mrs. Iraina even creates a ballet to ...

ISBN: 9781454921141

Binding: Hardback


Day the Costumes Stuck


A delightfully quirky tale that will stimulate the imagination, and will leave a fun and lasting impression on children. Filled with striking and colourful illustrations by Toby Morris, this book will bring a smile to adults and children alike. ...

ISBN: 9780994138309

Binding: Paperback


Demon Prince of Momochi House, Vol. 5

by Aya Shouoto

On her sixteenth birthday, orphan Himari Momochi inherits her ancestral estate that she's never seen. Momochi House exists on the barrier between the human and spiritual realms, and Himari is meant to act as guardian between the two worlds. But ...

ISBN: 9781421586304

Binding: Paperback


Developing Critical Readers in the Classroom

by Maureen Hoey

In this book, an in-depth insight into an Irish fifth class classroom is provided to reveal the behaviour, development, advancement and critical thinking of pupils as readers based on the research, theories and pedagogies of Frank Serafini. This

ISBN: 9781785541377

Binding: Kobo eBook



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Dino Domino

by Selmes Caroline

ISBN: 9781786273581

Binding: Cards


Dinosaur Number Crunch

by Kevin Pettman

<B>Dinosaur Number Crunch! </B>is a snappily written, fact-packed overview of the world of dinosaurs, bursting with colourful, punchy data graphics and high-impact artworks. It contains all the essential info that dinosaur fans aged 8 and up ...

ISBN: 9781783123636

Binding: Paperback


Dinosaurs (Jumbo Stickers for Little Hands)

by Jomike Tejido

Dinosaurs is an ever-popular subject for activity books. Everyone adores dinosaurs! ...

ISBN: 9781633222311

Binding: Paperback


Dinosaurs (Shine-a-Light)

A Shine-a-Light Book

by Quarto UK

Explore an amazing world that existed millions of years ago, when extraordinary animals, such as the fierce Tynrannosaurus Rex and the speedy Compsognathus, roamed the land ...

ISBN: 9781782405924

Binding: Hardback


Doctor Academy

by Steve Martin

Fun-filled activity book introducing the basic skills needed to become a doctor, packed with extras including stickers, a pull-out poster, a game and a press-out model. ...

ISBN: 9781782405221

Binding: Paperback


Don't Kiss Girls And Other Silly Stories

by Pat Flynn

Tony Ross is an ordinary 13-year-old boy with big dreams- he wants to prove he's as good as his best mate Kane and he wants to kiss Ashleigh Simpkin - the love of his life. But plans don't always go the way we dream them in our head. Tony ...

ISBN: 9780702253300

Binding: Paperback


Dork Diaries: Drama Queen

by Rachel Renee Russell

TOTAL DISASTER!!! Mean girl MacKenzie has stolen Nikki's diary! What if she tells everyone Nikki's totally secret thoughts?! But reading Nikki's diary isn't the only thing MacKenzie's interested in. Get ready for Dork Diaries with a twist as ...

ISBN: 9781471117718

Binding: Paperback


Dr Daphne and Nurse Moira Stories

by Suzanne Quest

Something unexpected happens every day in the village of Puddington Vale. The local school has an outbreak of chicken pox, Holly has slipped on the ice and banged her head, and Peter has sprained his ankle playing football. But Dr Daphne and ...

ISBN: 9781784550875

Binding: Kobo eBook



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Dreams of Freedom

by Amnesty International

This inspirational book, following <i>We Are All Born Free</i>, contains 17 quotations about many different aspects of Freedom, from the freedom to have an education to the freedom not to be hurt or tortured, the freedom to have a home and the ...

ISBN: 9781847804532

Binding: Hardback


Early Reader: I Am A Woolly Hat

by Vivian French

ISBN: 9781444008449

Binding: Paperback


Elastic Island Rainbow Cove


The third in an exciting series of books for children, a fantasy action-adventure set in the South Pacific! Four children, Kiri, Jed, and twins Emma and Ethan, discover an 'elastic' island that can send them pinging across the ocean to a ...

ISBN: 9780473466596

Binding: Paperback